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SecondaryDark: #841
TertiaryPale: #eee
TertiaryLight: #ccc
TertiaryMid: #999
TertiaryDark: #666
Error: #f88
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<div macro='annotations'></div>
<div class='editor' macro='edit text'></div>
<div class='editor' macro='edit tags'></div><div class='editorFooter'><span macro='message views.editor.tagPrompt'></span><span macro='tagChooser excludeLists'></span></div>
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.wizard .gotFromServer {background:#80ffff;}

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StyleSheet for use when a translation requires any css style changes.
This StyleSheet can be used directly by languages such as Chinese, Japanese and Korean which need larger font sizes.
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!London Real interview met David Icke: "The Truth behind the Coronavirus Pandemic"
*Eind 2019 waren er al veel mensen met dezelfde symptomen als deze Çoronavirus'.
*80+% heeft milde symptomen en snelle genezing; 25+% 'ernstigere symptomen'.
*Alleen mensen met verzwakt immuunsysteem lopen risico van dit 'coronavirus'.
*Het corinaviris bestaat al heel lang, en werd vroeger bij influenza ook al gevonden.
*Bij 96+% van de zieken (Korea/U$A) wordt géén coronavirus gevonden (Debra, Blix, Whitehouse Corona Coordinator).
*Bij de 2017/2018 influenza griep epidemie werden 45 miljoen ziek en overleden 61.000 in de U$A.
*De variant van deze 'coronavirus' in China is anders dan in Italia die anders is dan in Iran.
*De Cytokine Storm die door het corinavirus wordt getriggerd tast de long aan; niet het virus.
"Wat mensen nu nodig hebben is dat ze hun imuunsysteem sterken: Vit_C, Vit_D, en meer.
*Hoe kan het zijn dat een griep ui China toevallig direct naar Iran gaat en mensen in het regiem' het eerst aantast.
*De film Contagion uit 2011 laat dit scenario al zien.
*de WHO werd opgezet door de Rotschild en jRockefellers organisaties en de leider Tedros was bekend door misleiding.
*In 2010 beschreef een Rickefeller een pandemie vanuit China met Global Lockdown.
*Event 201 was en simulatie van een Coronaviris uitbraak gekoppel aan de WEF and Gates Foundation (en elektronische inenting tracking) beschrijft hoe de overheidsmedia wordt gepropagerd en andere visies gecensureerd. Dat gebeurt nu.
*10.000 militairen waren in Wuham, China, voor de Military Games net voor de uitbraak.
*De 'griepbestrijdingsmaatregelen' zijn in feite alleen nodig voor degenen met verzwakts immuunsysteem.
*Alle anderd mensen hebben goed immuunsysteem en overleven dit; en kunnen doorgaan met hun leven.
*Lock-down is niet behulpzaam voor ziektebestrijding maar vernietigt de economie.
*De maatregelen die nu worden genomen kloppen niet met wat nu gebeurt.
*In principe gaat het om een griep epiemie; met (zie boven) 'normaal' verloop.
*Er is een groot gebrek aan werkelijke informatie over wat nu gebeurt.
*Er worden geen werkelijke metingen gedaan voor wie 'corona virus'heeft.
*Er is een enorme media hetze die voordoet alsof iets heel ongewoons gebeurt.
*Er wordt al jaren toegewerkt aan overnamen van landswetten door UN (WHO) 'ingeval van pandemie'.
*Het scenario wat nu wordt gepresenteerd is exact dat wat 'al [[werd voorbereid|BBC Documentary "Contagion!" (2020)]]'.
*Al jaren wordt toegewerkt naar het afschaffen van contact geld - dat wordt nu 'ingevoerd'.
*Al jaren wordt gesteld dat de samenleving verouderd, en dat ouderen 'te duur zijn'.
*Al jaren wordt gedaan alsof 'Iran" een 'bedreiging' zou zijn (omdat 'Israel' dat suggereert; lees "The Jewish Lobby"))
*Al jaren wordt gesteld dat een economische crisis in de maak is om alle kleine bedijven over te nemen.
*Deze 'corona aanval' vernietigt alle kleine, middel en zelfs grotere bedrijven; Corporaties worden groter en rijker.
*Massaal 'huisarrest' maakt het moeilijk voor gezonden om immuniteit te ontwikkelen voor de bevolking.
*'Massaal 'huisarrest' 'beschermt' menssn niet, maar stelt besmetting dus imminiteit uit en verlengt de ziekte.
*"Qui Bono?" - wie is gebqat bij de 'oplossingen die 'worden geboden'?'
*Degenen die hier direct aan verdienen zijn de banken die enorme grote leningen-schulden uitschrijven.
*'israel' zegt al sinds 2016 bezig te zijn met een inenting tegen corona virus.
*'Denemarken' stelt nu al dat een vaccinatie verplicht zal zijn
*95% van de mensen die nu 'de griep' ('corona') kregen zijn spontaan genezen.
*In de U$A mogen bedrijven die vaccins maken niet aangeklaagd worden 'omdat vaccins altijd risico zullen hebben'.
*Sinds het invoeren van die wet in de U$A is het aantal 'vaccinatieproblemen' enirm toegenomen.
*De schadeclaims voor vacinatieschade, wordt in de U$A nu door belastingbetalers betaald; enorme bedragen.
*Achter de wisselende 'regeringen' is er in elk land een permanent (onzichtbaar) bestuur/beleid '"Deep State".
*(In de EU is dat expliciet te zien; in de raad van prinsen en het bestuur van de EU 'boven' de 'vertegenwoordiging'.)
*Angst is het meest directe 'bestuursysteem'; het maakt dat mensen niet denken en 'volgzaam gehoorzamen'.
*Het begrip "Pandemie" conditioneert angst wat mensen 'dwingt' tot gehoorzaamheid'.
*In Asis wordt mobiele telefoon gebruikt om contact/besmetting te volgen.
*Dat is exact wat in het Rockefeller scenario in 2011 al werd beschreven.
*'Dat wat in China gebeurt is wat in Europa verwacht kan worden".
*Silicon Valley ontwerpt detechnoloie die in China gemaakt wordt.
*In Asie krijgen/verliezen mensen Sociale Krediet Punten op basis van 'gefilmd gedrag op straat'.
*Miljoenen mensen  mogen in China niet vliegen omdat ze Socisle Kredidt Punten verloren.
*Deze computer 'spionage systemen' zijn de basis van en 'politie staat' onder 'totale controle' van AI.
*'Israel' maakte al een wet dat mobiele  telefoons mogen worden gebruikt om mensen te 'volgen' (=bespioneren).
*[[BBC maakte al een programma|BBC Documentary "Contagion!" (2020)]] dat specifiek op het 'volgen van mensen via mobiele telefoon'gebaseerd is.
*'De regering geeft geld aan getroffen bedrijfen'; hoe betalen ze dat ooit terug? De regering maakte ze failliet.
*vervang angst door vertrouwen.
"The Silent Majority must speak up".
Wat wordt aangezet:
*economische instorting
*casless soiety
*Testen van iedereen
*totalitaire controle
*computer gestuurde economie in 2030
Een meerderheid hoeft niet mee te doen aan wat een minderheid wil.
Zojuist het nieuws dat de maatregelen aangescherpt en verlengd worden tot 1 juni.

Interessant is om te kijken na asr de plaats van virussen in het eco-systeem aarde. Ik als onkundige dacht even wat zou er gebeuren als je alle virussen uitroeit, weg met die vervelende ziekmakers. Ik las dus een paar Wikipedia-pagina's over virussen. Die dingetjes blijken een belangrijke rol te spelen in de evolutie, in de vergroting van de diversiteit door uitwisseling van genen, maar bijvoorbeeld ook in de koolstofkringlooop in de oceanen. Dan heb ik het over virussen in het
algemeen en niet over dit specifieke corona virus. Vleermuizen hebben een bijzondere immuniteitsysteem waardoor vleermuizen permanent drager zijn van tientallen of meer verschillende virussen.

Ik zie een kans voor de mensheid om collectief tot rust te komen, nu velen gedwongen thuis zitten.

Zelf heb ik contact met een  arts in Bernhoven, een ziekenhuis in het epicentrum. Ze werken daar al twee weken met code rood. Ze hebben een nijpend tekort aan IC-bedden. De triagetent staat al voor de deur.

Mijn projectie is dst over een week alle nu beschikbare (1150) IC-bedden vol liggen met corona-patiënten, en dat de groei van het aantal benodigde IC-bedden nog wel een week of wat langer doorgaat.

De Commandant der Strijdkrachten liet me vrijdag weten dat hij nog geen veld- of noodhospitalen gaat inzetten, omdat ie daar nog geen vraag of opdracht van de crisis coördinatie voor had gehad. Sinds zaterdag zijn ze bezig de patiënten uit Brabant over de rest van het land te  verdelen.

Ik ben benieuwd of, hoe en wanneer er werkelijk in capaciteit opgeschaald wordt. 
Wat je schrijft over chloroquine etc, is nog niet bewezen. Wel loopt er een groot internationaal onderzoek.
((Ed: Zie het onderzoek in The Lancet; chloroquine is sinds 1934 bekend.))

Het menselijk lichaam is een wonderlijk mechanisme. Bij de een werkt het immunsysteem kennelijk dusdanig goed dat COVID-19 slechts een verkoudheidje is. Bij een klein deel zijn de klachten zeer ernstig, en flink dodelijk.
((Ed.: Hrt lijkt alsof al bestaande ziekte door het corona virus wordt ge(her)activeerd.))

Persoonlijk ben ik voor het ophokken van iedereen die niet een trap kan ophollen, de isolatie en quarantaine van de zwaksten. Dan kan de rest vrij leven. Uit solidariteit en met respect voor de collectieve afspraken werk ik thuis.
11 Feb, 14 Maart, 22 Maart 2020 zond BBC een documentaire uit "Contagion!".
De opnamen werden gemaakt in Seaptember en November 2017.
Het "BBC Pandemic" app dat daarvoor werd ontwikkeld werd na December 2018 niet meer gebruikt

'//Hoe toevallig dat dit juist nu,in de piek van de 'corona crisis' wordt uitgezonden.//'
The immune response is essential to control and eliminate CoV infections, however, maladjusted immune responses may result in immunopathology and impaired pulmonary gas exchange.
The Chinese central government has never imposed home isolation in infected areas (all of eastern China), except in Hubei province. This measure was not intended to fight the disease, but to politically retake control of an area where the local government had disregarded the epidemic causing further deaths, which had been interpreted by the population as the withdrawal of the "mandate of heaven”. [2]
''Mandate of Heaven'' betekent ''namens GOD''. ''Loss of Mandate of Heaven'' betekent ''door God verlaten'', oftewel (pre)revolutie.
[Editor’s note: This article was written 17 years ago about the SARS epidemic, but many passages are eerily relevant to the current COVID-19 situation.] Why does the mere mention of man-made disease bring up the spectre of “conspiracy theory” when, in fact, the production of genetically engineered infectious agents and the “introduction” of these agents into civilian populations are exactly what biowarfare programs are supposed to accomplish?

How are scientists and journalists convinced a new biological agent is some “mutant” from Nature, when these same people don’t seem to have a clue as to what has already been created in the arsenal of biowarfare researchers and bioterrorists, as well as in routine biomed laboratories.

How can any independent researcher of biowarfare secure information on the subject when all these programs are Top Secret, with workers who are sworn to secrecy under penalty of jail time, or worse. Because there is a blackout on secret biowarfare, it is necessary for the media to concoct all sorts of other explanations (most of which are eventually proven wrong) to explain the “origin” of these new diseases. Any conflicting theories are labeled “conspiracy theory.”One must assume medical journalists cannot conceive the possibility that some emerging viruses might be new biowarfare agents introduced into civilian populations for experimentation purposes, or for population control, or genocide, or for attacks against certain specific political, cultural, racial, or religious groups, or against so-called deviants in society, such as homosexuals.After 80 years of steady decline in infectious disease, the mortality rate in the US rose 58% between 1980 and 1992.

We blame this on increased global travel and globalisation, population growth and movements, deforestation and reforestation programs, human sexuality (in the case of HIV), and increased human contact with tropical mini-forests and other wilderness habitats that are reservoirs for insects and animals harbouring unknown infectious agents. But nowhere in the official list of causes is the fact that for years millions of animals and innumerable vials of infectious material have been shipped around the world for commercial and biological warfare purposes. In addition, we still have to deal with the “old” infectious agents, like anthrax bacteria, which are staples in all biowarfare laboratories.In 1971, President Richard Nixon transferred a major part of the Army’s Biological Warfare Unit at Ft. Detrick over to the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Thereafter, secret biowarfare experimentation continued under the cover of bona-fide cancer research.the government has a long and well-documented history of radiation and biowarfare experimentation against its own unsuspecting citizens.In the 1950s the US military planned a project to cripple the Soviet economy by killing horses, cattle, and swine with biological warfare weapons developed from exotic animal diseases. During the 1950s and 60s secret military biowarfare attacks on unsuspecting civilians took place in many parts of America.In other classified experiments, the military sprayed bacteria in New York City subways, in a Washington D.C. airport, and on highways in Pennsylvania. Biological warfare testing also took place in military bases in Virginia, in Key West (Florida), and off the coasts of Southern California and Hawaii.

In preparing America for nuclear attack during the Cold War years following World War II, thousands of US citizens were used as unsuspecting guinea pigs in over 4,000 secret and classified radiation experiments.The full extent of the US government’s experiments on unsuspecting people will probably never be known because many incriminating documents remain Top Secret or classified. Other documents are often declared as missing, destroyed, or “unavailable”, in an attempt to hide the truth from the public.

Not only is the public kept ignorant of biowarfare research, but biowarfare “accidents” are officially covered-up, downplayed, and frequently blamed on animals.Why are all these Man-Made Viruses Being Created?

The Human Genome Project has been heralded in science and in the media as a project to save mankind. By mapping and swapping our human genes, scientists are trying to save us from illness, cancer and genetic defects. However, it doesn’t take Einstein to figure out the same technology can be used to make people sick, as well as healthy. For obvious reasons, this fact is never mentioned.Let’s face it: ever since the WHO took over the health of the planet, the health of the planet has steadily deteriorated.Government health agencies have little interest in uncovering possible man-made origins of any emerging disease because such an investigation could compromise covert biowarfare activities. The WHO is no exception. In reality, the WHO (in its own mission statement) “cooperates” with government agencies like the US Department of Defense, which funds the US biological warfare program.Killer Germs for Sale

Further complicating the genetic engineering of the planet is the sale of deadly microbes to anyone and any country with the cash to buy them.Why would anyone want to infect China and the Far East with a highly contagious virus? Disrupting the economy of Asia would only be one demonic reason.

Biological Warfare: Who Cares?

Most people don’t give a damn about biological warfare. Even people who suffer from emerging diseases often don’t have a clue about research pointing to man-made diseases; and if you try and educate them about biowarfare and unethical medical experimentation, most people don’t want to know.Government health authorities all have the same “official story” and their “expert” views are dutifully recounted by adoring media-controlled journalists. Contrary views are not considered. Researchers must rely on government or pharmaceutical grants, and trouble-makers with “politically and scientifically incorrect” views find themselves quickly out of a job and a career.So what does the future hold for us with all these coming plagues? Is it too late to educate people and get governments to start behaving responsibly by not supporting biowarfare insanity – and recognising it when it appears?
the COVID-19 hysteria is propelling the western nations into the greatest crash in history. Cumulatively, over $9 trillion has already been issued to bail out the failing speculators since September and If this isn’t a wake-up call to the very real danger of hyperinflation and broader danger of martial law, then I don’t know what is.Blowing out the System is the INTENTION
This is exactly what was already stated in August at the Jackson Hole monetary conference when central bankers under the leadership of Mark Carney agreed that the global Financial system required an urgent “regime change”. a new green financial system to eliminate global carbon production (aka depopulation).St. Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard stated promoted this insane pro-hyperinflation mandate in a March 20 interview with Reuters saying the Federal Reserve must respond to the COVID-19 shutdown by “match(ing) any lost wages. Match any lost business, no questions asked, no arguments about bailouts or ‘moral hazard’—the sticky issue of publicly funded rescues of bad actors.”

Unabashed money printing without any pesky questions of “who gets the money” and did they commit “morally hazardous” crimes that may have caused the collapse of the economy in the first place?” Steve Mnuchin’s attempts to include his $500 billion hedge fund into the recipients of taxpayer bailouts is just one of many similar institutions which I’m sure Bullard is hoping we don’t ask questions about.

The Battle Over Two Worldviews
In spite of this evil agenda, solutions do exist. These solutions require a return to an understanding of good debt (anti-inflationary/self-extinguishing debt) versus bad debt (hyper-inflationary/cancerous debt).

Where one is tied to processes in the real world that improves the lives of people and raises material, intellectual and spiritual standards of all, the other is tied to the enslavement of people, destruction of quality of life (materially, intellectually and spiritually. One is desired by masters for their slaves and the other by free citizens.One can only spread by inducing cultures to live in the ephemeral “now” while abandoning abstract notions of “past”, “future” or “morality” while the other is tied to the debt and respect we must pay to past generations and those yet unborn alike. Many great statesmen understood this schism in paradigms as the “American vs British systems”.In American history, it was once much better understood as certain debts had to be created in order to overcome real (vs. artificially engineered) crises. In all cases (Lincoln, FDR, and JFK), the use of national productive credit was the key to success.All of these leaders circumvented the influence of the City of London agents in America (aka Wall Street) in their own way. The China/Russia Alliance Revives the Forgotten American System
The principles of this lost practice of national political economy which are no longer permitted to be taught or practiced in modern western universities.the principles are not only in total opposition with the false “left” Keynesian vs “right” Austrian school arguments constructed by the Fabian Society in the 20th century, but are remarkably in alignment with the best practices of thinking and behavior of China’s Belt and Road Initiative and broader multipolar alliance which is humanity’s last and best hope to break from the future-less system of oligarchy once and for all.
However, neither of these authors can be accused of the slightest distortion of reality.
When pressed, Redfield let it slip out that the Covid-19 had been detected on corpses of American people who were believed to have died of a seasonal flu. Zhao Lijian logically wondered whether the virus had not first appeared in the United States. He called for more transparency, but went unheeded.
the surprise closing last July of the largest US biochemical weapons research center, the Fort Detrick base in Maryland [2]. After shutting down, a series of pneumonia or similar cases cropped up in the United States.
In the week prior to January 30th decision, the WHO Emergency Committee “expressed divergent views”. There were visible divisions within the Committee. On January 30th, a far-reaching decision was taken without the support of expert opinion at a time when the coronavirus outbreak was limited to Mainland China. What was the risk of being infected? Virtually zero.
The WHO Director-General, who had been in Davos just a few days earlier, determined that the so-called outbreak constituted a Public Health Emergency of International Concern.
Now, anybody who takes cognizance of that should not trust anything else that they say because at the beginning is a big lie, and it’s a big lie which is instrumented by very powerful people. It’s the combination of what I call Big Money and Big Pharma.

Now, what I am suggesting, without necessarily drawing conclusions, is that the organizations involved in the simulation, which was a detailed simulation with videos and so on examining what would happen to financial markets, what would happen to the media, to the independent media and so on – essentially the people involved in the simulation were also involved in the actual management of the pandemic once it went live.
I should mention that the people who actually were behind the WHO meeting on the sidelines of Davos are the same people who organized and financed the [global health emergency]: the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Economic Forum and the Bloomberg School of Public Health.
So there you are. You simulate and then you go live. I’m not suggesting any kind of conspiratorial relationship, but I’m just saying there was a simulation and a couple of months later the whole thing goes live with the same actors involved in the simulation who are now involved in saving the world from the coronavirus.
On October 18th Event 201, Baltimore, Coronavirus Simulation and Emergency Preparedness Task Force at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Health Security, they identified the virus under the acronym nCoV-2o19. I’ll repeat: nCoV-2019. Now, when the actual virus was discovered two months later – it was early January, two and a half months later. 
But bear in mind, at a later date they changed the name. They must have realized that that name was misleading because it was the name of a simulation. But it started up as 2019-nCoV and then after that they adopted the COVID-19. But I think that happened almost a month later, and these were names which were attributed to the virus by the World Health Organization.
I’m just saying it appears odd that they would choose the same name for the virus as the one which they had for the simulation, and in my view, the nCoV reflects what it is. N stands for novel and Co, Coronavirus. It was a novel coronavirus.
Now, I think to avoid any confusions they then adopted a different name to that of the simulation and exercise.
But the thing is that this simulation was not taken by an independent body of scientists and researchers and economists. No, it wasn’t. It was taken by Big Money and Big Pharma. Big Money and Big Pharma were simulating.
A fear pandemic rather than a genuine Public Health Emergency of International Concern was launched.
this historic January 30thdecision was a big lie. And it was not only a big lie; it was the launchpad of a process of ultimately economic warfare.
This is not biological warfare, because the coronavirus is not a dangerous virus.
What they want to do is trigger panic, and that’s what people are doing right now. It’s fear and intimidation, it’s panic. People feel threatened, and the authorities are taking actions, which are not protecting people’s health but ultimately doing exactly the opposite.
Now, I’m not saying that coronavirus is not a health concern. It really is. But what is more of a concern are all the millions of people who lost their jobs as a result of the coronavirus, not to mention those who lost their lifelong savings on the stock exchange. Think of all the smaller investors who put their money with their broker and so on, and what happens? They lose everything when the market collapses. Now, that, of course, is a concern, and that has also health implications.
It’s not part of a market mechanism. It is part of a process of manipulation through sophisticated speculative instruments such as short selling. 
And what we are witnessing now is a transfer of money wealth, a concentration of money wealth, which I think is unprecedented.
It’s not only a war against China. At the beginning it appeared to be an economic war against China, which led to the closing down of trade and shipping and so on, where factories had to close down and so on, not to mention the tourist industry. But it is more than that, because it also affects the internal balance of power within the financial establishment.
Without pointing to the fact that the existence of the coronavirus, which generates uncertainty, panic, is ultimately the ideal environment for people who want to speculate and make money at the expense of those who have savings, at the expense of small businesses and at the expense of perhaps competing corporations.
Well, you don’t protect your population by closing down an economy. You can take certain public health actions which are selective and well thought out, but that’s not what’s happening.
both SARS and COVID-19 – among many other bio-war agents – were made in the US.
And now, the chaotic western-style race of private corporations for a vaccine wanting to outdo one another, has begun.
Its western neoliberal capitalism at its very worst – or best, depending on the angle from where one looks.
 It has nothing to do with health, with healing sick and suffering, possibly dying people. It’s all about money.
a forced vaccination campaign, enhanced by military and police surveillance.
In the particularly strong 2017-2018 US flu season, an estimated 60,000 people died from the flu in the US alone.
Cooperation instead of competition, doesn’t occur in the west. It’s all profit-driven. With a number of different vaccines from different pharma giants coming on the market, who will tell the patient which one is the best, most suitable for the patient’s condition? 

Dr. Raoult and other medical colleagues recommend COVID-19 patients to “sleep sitting up” until they are cured. This helps drain the liquid out of the lungs. The method has been known to work successfully since it was first documented during the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic.
This live (military) exercise has unimaginable worldwide implications which may completely transform our lives. It’s economic warfare.
Millions, if not hundreds of millions of small and medium size businesses going broke, unemployment going rampant, in the hundreds of millions, throughout the world, and the poorest of the poor, especially in developing countries, who are either unemployed or survive on small hourly or day-to-day jobs – they have no income, cannot buy the basics for survival – some of them may die from famine, others may commit suicide, others convert to crime. This is Greece by a factor of thousand, or worse.
There are draconian measures on the way, and we may just pray that they fail, or that we, the people, awake in time and in sufficient numbers – a critical mass – and find back to our innermost voice and soul – solidarity for each other that gives us strength to fight this Luciferian monster.
the written analyses are overshadowed by a propaganda and fear-mongering hype. Questions for the truth and arguments for where to look for the origins and how the virus may have spread and how to combat it, are lost in the noise of wanton chaos.
But isn’t that what the “Black Men” behind this intended pandemic want – chaos, panic, hopelessness, leading to human vulnerability – a people becoming easy prey for manipulation?
WHO has most likely received orders from “above”, from those people who also manage Trump and the “leaders” (sic) of the European Union and her member countries, those who aim to control the world with force – the One World Order.
This has been on the drawing board for years. The final decision to go ahead NOW, was taken in January 2020 at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos – behind very much closed doors, of course. 
decision – the implementation of Agenda ID2020 – 
“force vaccination”, under police and/or military surveillance. Those who refuse may be penalized (fines and / or jail – and force-vaccinated all the same).
people really don’t know what type of cocktail will be put into the vaccine, maybe a slow killer, that acts-up only in a few years – or a disease that hits only the next generation – or a brain debilitating agent, or a gene that renders women infertile …. all is possible – always with the aim of full population control and population reduction.
Another hypothesis, at this point only a hypothesis, but a realistic one, is that along with the vaccination – if not with this one, then possibly with a later one, a nano-chip may be injected, unknown to the person being vaccinated.
We are moving towards a totalitarian state of the world. This is part of Agenda ID2020 – and these steps to be implemented now – prepared since long, including by the coronavirus computer simulation at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore on 18 October 2019.
What is the infamous ID2020? It is an alliance of public-private partners, including UN agencies and civil society. It’s an electronic ID program that uses generalized vaccination as a platform for digital identity.
Is it just a coincidence that ID2020 is being rolled out at the onset of what WHO calls a Pandemic? – Or is a pandemic needed to ‘roll out’ the multiple devastating programs of ID2020?
This ambiance of panic and fear – outstrips any sense of reality, when the truth doesn’t matter. People can’t even think any more about the causes and what may be behind it. Nobody believes you (anymore), when you refer to Event 201, the coronavirus simulation, the Wuhan Military Games, the closing last August 7, of the high-security biological war lab at Fort Detrick, Maryland…. what could have at one point been an eye opener for many, today is sheer conspiracy theory. The power of propaganda. A destabilizing power – destabilizing countries and people, destroying economies, creating hardship for people who may lose their jobs, usually the ones who can least afford it.
Also, at this time it becomes increasingly important to remind people that the outbreak in China was targeting the Chinese genome. Did it later mutate to transgress the ‘borders’ of Chinese DNA? When did that happen, if it happened? Because at the beginning it was clear that even the infected victims in other parts of the world, were to 99.9% of Chinese descent.
What happened later, when the virus spread to Italy and Iran, is another issue, and opens the way to a number of speculations.
the first strain was targeting China in a bio-war.
A journalist from Berlin of Ukrainian origin, told me this morning that Ukraine is host to some 5 high security US bio-war labs. They test regularly new viruses on the population – yet, when strange diseases break out in the surroundings of the labs, nobody is allowed to talk about it. Something similar, she says, is happening in Georgia, where there are even more Pentagon / CIA bio-war labs – and where also new and strange diseases break out.
What is behind it all? – A total crackdown with artificially induced panic to the point where people are screaming “help, give us vaccinations, display police and military for our security” – or even if the public despair doesn’t go that far, it would be easy for the EU and US authorities to impose a military stage of siege for “health protection of the people”. 
Along with forced vaccination, who knows what would be contained in the cocktail of ‘’mini-diseases” injected, and what their long-term effects might be.
There is however, one little silver lining oscillating at the horizon full of dark clouds. It could miraculously be an awakening of consciousness of a critical mass that could put an end to it all. Although, we seem to be far from such a miracle, somewhere in a hidden corner of our brain, we all have a spark of consciousness left. We have the spiritual capacity to abandon the disaster path of western neoliberal capitalism, and instead espouse solidarity, compassion and love for each other and for our society. That may be the only way to break the gridlock and doom of western egocentric greed.
There appears to have been two major ‘waves’ of global infection, the first around the end of January, the second a month later. (2) (3) (4)
What this means is that while Italy discovered its first two infections in Chinese tourists, these two were unrelated to the subsequent virus outbreak because the strain infecting Italy is different from that in China and in those two Chinese tourists.
Italy, like almost all other countries, did not obtain its infection from China and indeed could not have done. The only country with Italy’s variety of the virus is the US, and thus the infection must have originated in America, not in China. 
the massive underlying epidemic waiting to break free (as it soon did) was unrelated to that Chinese citizen, the thousands of infections in Washington, California and New York clearly stemming from unidentified (and unsought) local sources.
If you can get people focused on asking the wrong question, you don’t care about the answers.
the numbers do not match the panic. That’s because in China they stopped the virus and because of natural immunity, which they’ve forgotten to talk about. What stopped the swine flu pandemic and what generally stops viruses? Whoever thinks that the government ends viruses is completely wrong. What really happens? The virus, which nobody can stop, spreads throughout the population and then the population, not those at risk, are exposed to the virus and simultaneously the body creates antibodies to shut down and prevent the disease. The chain of infection is broken and in that way the virus comes to a halt.”
You’re talking about the British model in which the elderly are forced into isolation and the rest of the population develops natural immunity and continues their lives as normal?
“Yes, I agree completely with that approach. On the one hand, to protect the weak population, while leaving the rest of the other people to carry on.”
But then we see that even the British prime minister Boris Johnson, who led that policy, was forced to back down.
“He caved in. We are in a clear situation of psychology prevailing over science. The science rests on data. I presented to you some numbers and statistics that demonstrate that the genie is not terrible. Regular flu makes people yawn and the old person in a bed in a hospital corridor doesn’t interest anybody but we have become monstrously hysterical and in the past fascist regimes have come to power. It’s the same type of craziness. Entire peoples are undergoing some sort of mental process.”
But still how do you explain that even leaders that initially didn’t take the virus seriously, like Trump, completely changed their opinion?

“I’m a man of science, feelings won’t sway me. I’m not prepared to think in contradiction to the facts but most people are prepared for psychology, if not history, to be stronger than straightforward facts.”
So there is not a single brave leader who will stand up and say: I am behaving differently?

There isn’t and there are even those who are exploiting it for their needs and that is the big concern, like the Hungarian prime minister and his remarks against Iranians. We know what is at the heart of the hysteria here and we know where it leads. It’s like before the Yom Kippur War, there is a concept and there is no room for any other opinion. Life for everybody is destroyed but because of the anxiety everybody is falling into line with one opinion. It is an ‘Orwellian’ process: one people, one flag, one anxiety. Today all the hysterical people are waving the Italian flag. They are not prepared to listen to the numbers.”

But in China the virus was stopped because of the actions that the government took?

Swine flu was stopped without the world being brought to a halt. Every virus creates antibodies. A government cannot stop a virus. What stops a virus is natural immunity. It’s impossible to stop a virus by government decree. And here is a question: the Chinese claim that they have stopped the virus by the lockdown but the lockdown is finished and the virus is moving around freely, so how are morbidity and mortality not continuing? If the theory of lockdown was correct they would be continuing to die there. Who discusses this?”

“The government says, ‘I’ve done my bit’ But it forgets that our bodies are extremely smart and creates natural immunity and so the chain of infection is broken and in this way the virus is ended, otherwise it would continue.

The policy of lockdown is trying to prevent a collapse of the health system under the burden of treating the sick as well as fatalities, have you not taken that into account?

“It’s called flattening the curve. If you look at the number of fatalities from flu in Italy, 17,000, it is clear that that is just the tip of the iceberg beneath which there are hundreds of thousands perhaps a million, who were sick but did not die. Even the patients that did not die needed treatment and the system did not collapse. So why should there be a collapse now? For 35 years I’ve been hearing that the health system in Israel is collapsing. Even during the regular flu season there is overloading in hospitals. Did anybody close down the country?”
“What if the Chinese had not tested their patients for coronavirus or there had not been any test? Would we have carried on with our lives, without restrictions, not worrying about some deaths here and there among old people, which we see every winter? I think so.”
The WHO estimates that an influenza season kills about 500,000 people, or about 50 times more than those who have died so far during more than 3 months of the Coronavirus epidemic.
The political implications are far-reaching. The lockdown undermines real democracy.
deliberately dishonest, selective reporting that focuses on generating hysteria by presenting out-of-context information to an ignorant and easily panicked public.
If there is no global concern or massive mobilization over cancer and heart disease – conditions that claim far more lives than any virus – why the sudden hysteria and “concern” .
Context is King 
When deaths are reported without context they easily create panic.
What has resulted is governments around the globe taking measures in reaction to public panic – not to fight the actual pathogen. While draconian efforts to isolate the entire population may work in slowing the spread of Covid-19 – is it worth paralyzing entire economies, costing billions in economic damage, disrupting the lives of hundreds of millions of people who – if contracting Covid-19 – will have what is essentially a cold for a week?
Panic has proven a greater enemy than the Covid-19 pathogen. That society can be crippled by politicians, political groups, and a corrupt mass media over what is essentially a slightly more virulent form of the common cold, says a lot about how the world currently works and what needs dire attention to fix.
 For the average individual – knowing that virtually everything you read in the media is likely promoting an agenda and thus being misrepresented – gives you the ability to look for context and truth yourself and applying critical thinking skills – reducing your suseptibility to panic and hysteria – and innoculating us all against the real virus infecting society – a political and social virus.
the liaisons dangereuses between Macronism and Big Pharma.
the mysterious “disappearance” – more likely outright theft – of all the stocks of chloroquine in possession of the French government.
Raoult was part of a clinical trial that in which hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin healed 90% of Covid-19 cases if they were tested very early.
Chloroquine costs one euro for ten pills.
Professor vs president
In an explosive development on Tuesday, Raoult said he’s not participating in Macron’s scientific council anymore, even though he’s not quitting it altogether. Raoult once again insists on massive testing on a national scale to detect suspected cases, and then isolate and treat patients who tested positive. In a nutshell: the South Korean model.
The key point has been stressed by Raoult: Use chloroquine in very special circumstances, for people tested very early, when the disease is not advanced yet, and only in these cases. He’s not advocating chloroquine for everyone. It’s exactly what the Chinese did, along with their use of Interferon.
Raoult was unavailable for comment on Western news media articles citing Chinese test results that would suggest he is wrong about the efficacy of chloroquine in dealing with mild cases of Covid-19.
Staffers pointed instead to his comments in the IHU bulletin. There Raoult says it’s “insulting” to ask if we can trust the Chinese on the use of chloroquine. “If this was an American disease, and the president of the United States said, ‘We need to treat patients with that,’ nobody would discuss it.”
Raoult is rated by his peers as the number one world expert  in communicable diseases, way above Dr. Anthony Fauci in the US, I would say the new reports represent Big Pharma talking.
Raoult has been mercilessly savaged and demonized by French corporate media that are controlled by a few oligarchs closely linked to Macronism.
the average age of the positively-tested deceased in Italy is currently about 81 years. 10% of the deceased are over 90 years old. 90% of the deceased are over 70 years old.
80% of the deceased had suffered from two or more chronic diseases. 50% of the deceased had suffered from three or more chronic diseases. The chronic diseases include in particular cardiovascular problems, diabetes, respiratory problems and cancer.
Less than 1% of the deceased were healthy persons, i.e. persons without pre-existing chronic diseases. Only about 30% of the deceased are women.
A doctor’s urgent appeal to look at blocking excess PAF-aceter and strengthening the capillary bed in adults to diminish morbidity of the SARS-CoV-2.
the weaknesses and absurdity of the capitalist system.
United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had a slip of the tongue while addressing the American people from the White House when he stated that COVID-19 is a live military exercise.
“This is not about retribution,” Pompeo explained. “This matter is going forward — we are in a live exercise here to get this right.”
Other simple, but effective remedies include the use of heavy doses of Vitamin C, as well as Vitamin D3, or more generally the use of Micronutrients essential to fight infections, include vitamins A, B, C, D, and E.
Colloidal silver products are boosting the immune system, fighting bacteria and viruses, and have been used for treating cancer, HIV/AIDS, shingles, herpes, eye ailments, prostatitis – and COVID-19.
A simple and inexpensive remedy, to be used in combination with others, is menthol-based “Mentholatum”. It’s used for common flu and cold symptoms. Rubbed on and around the nose, it acts as a disinfectant and prevents germs to enter the respiratory track, including corona viruses.
Dr. Raoult and other medical colleagues recommend COVID-19 patients to “sleep sitting up” until they are cured. This helps drain the liquid out of the lungs. The method has been known to work successfully since it was first documented during the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic.
China has successfully come to grips with COVID-19, using some of these relatively simple and inexpensive medications.
4. Mortality

The fear of a rise in the death rate in Germany (currently 0.55 percent) is currently the subject of particularly intense media attention. Many people are worried that it could shoot up like in Italy (10 percent) and Spain (7 percent) if action is not taken in time.

At the same time, the mistake is being made worldwide to report virus-related deaths as soon as it is established that the virus was present at the time of death – regardless of other factors. This violates aPrinciples of only when it is certain that an agent has played a significant role in the disease or death may a diagnosis be made. The Association of the Scientific Medical Societies of Germany expressly writes in its guidelines: “In addition to the cause of death, a causal chain must be stated, with the corresponding underlying disease in third place on the death certificate. Occasionally, four-linked causal chains must also be stated.“ [6]

At present there is no official information on whether, at least in retrospect, more critical analyses of medical records have been undertaken to determine how many deaths were actually caused by the virus.

My question: Has Germany simply followed this trend of a COVID-19 general suspicion? And: is it intended to continue this categorisation uncritically as in other countries? How, then, is a distinction to be made between genuine corona-related deaths and accidental virus presence at the time of death?
''My out-patient treatment regimen is as follows:
1. Hydroxychloroquine 200mg twice a day for 5 days
2. Azithromycin 500mg once a day for 5 days
3. Zinc sulfate 220mg once a day for 5 days''

The rationale for my treatment plan is as follows. I combined the data available from China and South Korea with the recent study published from France (sites available on request). We know that hydroxychloroquine helps Zinc enter the cell. We know that Zinc slows viral replication within the cell. Regarding the use of azithromycin, I postulate it prevents secondary bacterial infections. These three drugs are well known and usually well tolerated, hence the risk to the patient is low.
Huisarts Rob Elens behancelde patienten met Hydrochloroquine + Zink; met succes: binnen 4 dagen waren ze van 'positief' naar 'negatief' indien 'getest op corona'. Hdt Helsinki Protocil geeft elke arts de vrijheid om te behandelen in het beste belang van elke patiënt. In principe kan de inspectie dat niet verbieden.
0:03:55 JM: What we learned when we sequenced the genome, or what we learned even earlier than that, is that approximately 8% to 15% of all of our DNA is viral elements. That is, retroviral elements, pieces and parts of retroviral elements that had been silenced. They're in our DNA, and they can be expressed. When they're expressed, they dysregulate the other gene functions. So, if they're expressed, they can dysregulate micro or regulatory RNAs, that then go back and turn on and off various gene expressions in the systems, to either suppress tumors, or promote tumors.
We call them oncogenes, tumor-suppressor genes.

your microbiome is a critical part of regulating the expression of endogenous elements as well and just the dysregulated gene expression.

the ''glyphosate'' is also dysregulating or keeping retroviruses from being turned off, from being silenced by the immune system. I think our food is also now a major source of contributors to zoonosis of animal and plant retroviruses.

0:25:05 JM: So with the vaccines today--just the sheer number of these liability-free vaccines that are mandated to be injected at critical times when we're developing that microbiome, when our methylation machinery is very busy in growth processes, normal development, stem cells, times like puberty--and a lot of this we're just regulating the expression of the retroviruses and the endocannabinoid system and the immune system kind of all at one time. So primarily it's the vaccines and a very close second it's other contributing factors from contaminated food.
 retroviruses are at the root of the increase in neurological diseases that we're seeing, and also at the root of cancers.

how do we get our immune system to not be over-reactive, as you've shared? Let's really dive into the endocannabinoid system as you already shared. How do we leverage this system to help support our immune system, so we're not symptomatic and so that we're not on this path of disease acceleration?

the retroviruses are altering the expression of the immune activation, this will activate inflammatory molecules like interleukin-1 beta, IL-6, interleukin6, this whole Th17 to T regulatory cell access. 

how do we get our immune system to not be over-reactive, as you've shared? Let's really dive into the endocannabinoid system as you already shared. How do we leverage this system to help support our immune system, so we're not symptomatic and so that we're not on this path of disease acceleration?

the retroviruses are altering the expression of the immune activation, this will activate inflammatory molecules like interleukin-1 beta, IL-6, interleukin6, this whole Th17 to T regulatory cell access.

0:34:27 JM: IL-1 beta is a key in neuroinflammation. IL-1 beta is now known to be a key in cardiovascular disease, in heart attacks.
THC, that's the psychoactive part, actually regulates and can modulate the CB2 receptor on the hematopoietic stem cell. So just as TGF beta can, there's a cross-talk between the very important regulator, TGF beta, which controls hematopoiesis and is critical.
 most of our drugs don't work directly, virucidally--they don't just kill the bug. They talk to the immune system, and the immune system does its job.
 psychoactive THC. We'll deliver that via suppositories,
because that's where most of the CB2 receptors are, in the lower gut, in the bone marrow, at the heart of the bone marrow there--even though the
affinity, the magnet is stronger for the ones in the brain.
0:40:57 JM: So if you deliver it by ingesting it or putting it sub-lingually, or even smoking it, it's gonna make you high, but it's going to deliver
essentially no THC to the hematopoietic stem cell to deliver it, to regulate it, to get it to stop the damage. So THC can turn on TGF beta, which then has a, sorry about the science, a negative feedback loop, where it turns off the stem cell. So THC will stop the immune activation indirectly.
 a phorbol ester and that was activating the pathway that was expressing the phosphate transporters and expressing the NFkappaB in the nucleus and turning on the inflammatory cytokines. 
what we've basically found is, the recombinant technology is actually causing a great deal of dysregulation of our genes, of animal genes, and of plant genes. So the food we eat, these recombinant foods, they are dangerous, because they're allowing the aberrant expression of lots of things, not just retroviruses, and they're not really food sources.
 We have to think about any genetically-modified organism, because they're not an adequate food source, and it encourages dysregulation of our immune system and our endocannabinoid system.
 autism or chronic Lyme or ME/CFS or whatever you call the disease, which is another problem. They're calling the same disease, clinically, different things, just in order to keep things confusing so that you can't treat or diagnose them. And of course, the gatekeepers are the insurance companies.
0:50:36 JM: So, we should always diagnose myelodysplasia. And you can really dig down--these are reticular viruses. A lot of the earliest families
from the chicken eggs and things like that, they affect your red blood cells.
So we all know by looking at red blood cells when they get sticky, the 24 platelets dysfunction--such as in the disease called ITP, Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia, which is a known risk of MMR vaccination.
hrombosis (blood clots), strokes, and myocardial infarctions are mysterious complications for some patients with COVID-19.  Dr. Seheult discusses a recent case study involving a 72-year-old with elevated d-dimer and plasma Von Willebrand factor, and goes on to illustrate a hypothesis for how downregulation of ACE-2 may result in oxidative stress. This process may put patients with underlying elevated levels of oxidative stress (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, etc.) at the greatest risk for severe COVID-19 infection.
Keep in mind that when the replacement of offshored manufacturing jobs with Walmart jobs stopped US GDP growth, Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan subsituted growth in consumer debt for the missing income growth, and by this substitution created discretionary income by loading up the consumer with debt.

That load is now full. We are in the unenviable position of having very high stock prices in an econony that has no growth potential. The high stock prices are the product of trillions of dollars injected into financial asset prices.
the controversial virologist decided to publicly state his support for the theory that Covid-19 is indeed a laboratory-generated creation and not a naturally occurring effect of viral evolution.
the specific occurrence of HIV RNA viral segments spliced surgically within the COVID-19 genome could not have originated naturally.
the scientist’s often overlooked proposition for an international crash program in something called electromagnetic wave therapy.
the electromagnetic waves emitted by certain types of bacteria which Montagnier has discovered to be the most likely driving mechanism to many of the diseases both chronic and acute plaguing humanity.
the light emissions and absorption frequencies from cells, DNA, and molecules of organic matter, how these interface with water (making up over 75% of a human body) and moderated by the nested array of magnetic fields.
the information coordination required among all parts.
5.) Electromagnetic behavior of iron-containing molecules
If we are not careful, the current group, of which Dr. Richard Hatchett is the visible element, will take this agenda from the United States to the European Union. It will impose over time a mobile phone tracking application to monitor our contacts; it will ruin certain economies in order to transfer their production power to the arms industry; and finally it will convince us that China is responsible for the epidemic and must be contained (Containment).
The propaganda device aimed at stifling dissenting voices has taken a step forward. 7:07 PMWar Propaganda is a three-phase process of engaging the public in causes they would normally disapprove of:
- The first is to mix the false with the true while accusing those who tell the truth of being wrong or lying (fake news).
- The second is to dismiss all dissenting speeches and thus create an appearance of unanimity around the doctored truth. At this point, the dissidents are no longer hullabaloo-mongering storytellers, but become traitors.
- The third one to push the targets to practice symbolic acts of acquiescence to the new ideology.
U$A Overheid-Farma belangenverstrengeling

Covid-19 FMS webinar 18-03-2020 19:00 uur

Intensivist Breda: Nardo van der Meer 
Intensivist JBZ: Peter de Jager 
Intensivist Erasmus: Diederik Gommers 
Microbioloog LUMC: Ann Vossen 
RIVM/ hoofd centrum landelijke infectieziektebestrijding: Aura Timen 
Inspecteur-generaal Inspectie Gezondheidszorg en Jeugd: Ronnie van Diemen 
Intensivist Bernhoven: Mark van der Kuil 
Internist-infectioloog Twee-Steden ziekenhuis Tilburg: Marvin Berrevoets 
Longarts Amphia: Simone van der Sar 
Afdelingshoofd radiologie LUMC: Mark van Buchem 
Afdelingshoofd radiologie Radboud: Mathias Prokop 
!Algemene informatie: 
*''Incubatietijd: 6 dagen'' (range 2-12 dagen) 
*80% milde klachten, ''20% opname, 5% zeer ernstig'' 
* ''2,3% sterftecijfer'' China, maar is waarschijnlijk ''een overschatting'' (omdat niet alle mensen met milde klachten worden getest) 
*''R0 = 2,5'' (__reproductiegetal__), ter vergelijking: mazelen, R0 = 18 
*Italië inmiddels > 27.000 gevallen 
o 12.081 monsters, 7.8% positief 
o 2051 bevestigde gevallen gemeld in OSIRIS 
o 408 patiënten opgenomen (20%) 
o 485 zorgmedewerkers (24%) 
o 506 (25%) besmetting in het buitenland 
o 58 (2.8%) overleden 
o Mediane leeftijd overledenen 84 jaar (jongste 63 – oudste 95) 
o Hoogste incidentie tussen 40 en 60 jaar, opgenomen groep gemiddeld ouder 
!Evt. Lock-down: 
o Zal aanvankelijk helpen, maar verwachting is dat opheffen hiervan leidt tot een heropleving 
*Inspectie geeft ruimte om zorg anders in te vullen en richtlijnen anders toe te passen 
!Lancet studie van 2020.03.17: mortaliteit Wuhan patiënten aan de beademing: 
o 97% (31 van de 32) 
o 81% ander centrum in Wuhan 
!Ervaringen Italië, mortaliteit beademde patiënten: 50% 
*Zaterdag 21 maart Webinar NVALT/NIV over behandeladvies 
RCT remdesivir/lopinavir/ritonavir/IFN beta-1A WHO endorsed, coördinatie UMCU 
Marc Bonten 
!IC landelijk: 
*Maandag 96 patiënten in heel NL op IC, dinsdag 135 patiënten, vandaag 177 patiënten op IC 
o Kleine 50% ligt in Limburg en Brabant 
o Langzaam ook in de rest van NL toename, behalve in Friesland en Groningen (totaal 1 pt), regio Apeldoorn (2-5 patiënten) 
o Snelle stijging naar 500-1000 patiënten op IC verwacht volgende week! 
o Ruimte maken in het zuiden van NL wordt heel belangrijk 
▪ Morgen vergadering door NVIC hierover 
o Op dit moment 1150 IC-bedden, opschaling komende tijd richting 1500 
Voor verder opschalen wordt geprobeerd meer materiaal aan te schaffen 
!Vergelijking met griepepidemie van 2017/2018 
- In 2017/2018 overleden er ongeveer 9000 ouderen aan de griep 
- Laagste schattingen van aantal overleden ouderen en aan Covid-19 komen uit op 30.000 
- Komt niet door ernst van ziektebeeld, maar door aantal besmettingen 
!Microbiologische informatie: 
- ''Relatie tussen viral load en ernst van ziekte is nog niet bewezen, maar wel aannemelijk'' 
- Binnenkort schaarste verwacht moleculaire diagnostiek, er wordt naar oplossingen gezocht 
*LUMC benadering: twee identieke, afdelingsbrede teams vanwege infectiegevaar 
voor personeel 
*Interstitiële pneumonitis, die in beginstadium nog niet op thoraxfoto terug te zien is 
*CT in China eerste stap in diagnostiek 
o Piek in incidentie in China door nieuwe definitie: anamnese + kliniek + lab + CT 
*4 CT stadia  
#Unilaterale en multifocale matglasafwijkingen 
#Bilaterale of diffuse matglasafwijkingen 
*Rol van CT in NL nog niet overal gelijk, binnenkort komt er meer duidelijkheid hierover 
*Mogelijk grotere rol voor CT bij schaarste moleculaire diagnostiek 
!Huidige situatie ziekenhuizen Brabant en omstreken/IC behandelingen 
!!Amphia per 18-03-20 
o 37 patiënten waarvan 16 op de IC, afgelopen 24 uur 7 ontslagen 
o 7 patiënten overleden 
o geleidelijke opnamestroom 
o ligduur van 1e opgenomen patiënt op IC: 10 dagen, is nog niet aan detubatie toe 
o tot nu toe nog geen detubatie succesvol, wel aantal patiënten in weaningsfase 
o leeftijd 44-80 (40-50: 3, 50-60: 4, 60-70: 4, 70-80: 5) 
o man/vrouw 14:3 (1 pt is een verdenking)  
o lage lymfocyten, hoog LDH 
o indien keelwat 2x negatief, dan diep materiaal verkrijgen, indien negatief dan klinisch beeld !belangrijkste sturende factor 
o chloroquine meest gebruikte medicament, daarna lopinavir/ritonavir, overige medicamenten is te weinig over bekend 
o Steroïden alleen bij indicatie anders dan bij Covid-19 (bijv exacerbatie COPD) 
o Gegevens eerste 29 patiënten: 
▪ 65% man 
▪ 60% is 50+,  
▪ 20% diabetes, 14% astma, 17% COPD op IC met name obese en pre-obese patiënten 
▪ weinig actieve rokers (10%) 
▪ 75% malaise, 80% koorts, 60% hoesten, 50% dyspnoe, 17% bovenbuikspijn,  20-25% braken en diarree 
▪ Lymfopenie (60%), verhoogd CRP (86%), verhoogde transaminasen (ASAT 90%), verhoogd LDH 
o Triage op SEH: Hoge verdenking in strikte isolatie, lage verdenking in druppelisolatie in afwachting van diagnostiek.  
o Geen herhaling van PCR diagnostiek na positieve uitslag maar  > 24 uur klachtenvrij ! uit isolatie 
o Laagdrempelig overplaatsing niet-Covid gerelateerde zorg naar revalidatiecentra 
*IC Bernhoven N = 15 (13 overgeplaatst) (per 17-03) 
o 270.000 mensen in adherentiegebied 
o Eerste patiënt op 2 maart, snelle stijging van patiënten 
o 110 Covid positieve patiënten gezien, 60 opgenomen geweest 
o 15 IC-behoeftig, gemiddeld na 5-7 dagen opname 
o 8 overleden patiënten 
o Elke 2-3 dagen een verdubbeling van het aantal patiënten 
*IC JBZ N = 12 (per 17-03) 
o Gemiddelde leeftijd 67 jaar (54-82) 
o Man 63% 
o 1 overleden 
- Groot deel snel IC-behoeftig, slechts enkele dagen ziek 
- Langere opnameduur 
- Lastige diagnose, diagnostiek duurt lang 
- Aanvankelijk redelijk stabiel met zuurstof, maar snelle verslechtering 
- Snelle intubatie 
- Eerste dagen mono-orgaanfalen, lage stand vasopressie 
- Vanaf dag 4-8 problemen: vasopressie, positieve vochtbalans, nierfunctievervangende therapie 
- ''Geen goede klinische parameter waarop de behandeling kan worden getitreerd'' 
- Flinke belasting van het team, weinig tijd voor scholing 
- Enorme psychische belasting voor familie (maak dedicated team) 
- Overname patiënten om druk te verdelen over het land (vanuit het zuiden naar rest van NL)  
- Mediane ligduur Covid-19 patiënten in Italië 10-15 dagen (tegenover mediane ligduur 1-2 dagen voor reguliere patiënten in NL) 
!!ETZ Tilburg 
- 46 bewezen patiënten, 26 patiënten waarbij verdenking nog bevestigd moet worden 
- 8 overleden, waarvan 1 op IC, 7 op afdeling met beperkt beleid 
- EPD ingericht: bij MEWS van 7 inlichten intensivist over achteruitgang 
- gescheiden route bij binnenkomst SEH 
 - bij verdenking in druppel-isolatie op 1-p kamer 
 - bij positieve uitslag naar cohort-afdeling (60 bedden)
(afdeling orthopedie en chirurgische short stay zijn leeggemaakt hiervoor) 
- C-team: microbioloog, infectioloog, longarts; intensivist, SEH-arts, apotheker en geriater 
- Joint venture op afdeling: interne geneeskunde en longgeneeskunde met aparte poule 
assistenten voor de cohort-afdeling (beschouwende poule), snijdende specialismes worden 
 gevraagd te assisteren, worden reeds ingezet in de diensten 
- Bij toenemende zorgzwaarte: ook specialisten inzetten 
- Morele ondersteuning belangrijk voor assistenten! 
''Bij hoog-risicopatiënt overweeg: chloroquine en 2e keuze lopinavir/ritonavir'', combinatie 
van beide middelen is 1e keuze op IC.  
*landelijke inkoop van materialen, verspreiding via ROAZ-structuur 
*hergebruik van mondmaskers: uitdampen met waterstofperoxide maakt dat een masker 1x opnieuw te gebruiken is 
*Gamma-straling om maskers te kunnen hergebruiken wordt getest, resultaten na dit  weekend 
*FFP2-maskers alleen voor de IC en voor aerosolvormende handelingen 
*FFP1 alleen voor de bewezen patiënten 
*Chirurgisch masker voor verdenkingen en voor patiënten met influenza 
*Leidraad over gebruik maskers volgt binnenkort 
!Belangrijke adviezen 
● Waarschuwing: NIV en Optiflow niet gebruiken bij patiënten met een beperkt beleid 
op de afdeling. Heeft (waarschijnlijk) geen effect en leidt tot aerosolvorming! 
Overweging is bij drukplekken door NRB-masker om optiflow te gebruiken. 
Type the text for 'New Tiddler'
!Thomas Cowan
Virus is een exosoom; een celdeeltje wat wordt afgestoten door cell stress; Het is een gevolg en niet een oorzaak. Rudolf steiner begreep dat al: virus is een cell product wat vrijkomt wanneer de cel vergiftigd wordt. Vaak door nieuwe radiotechnologie. Alle grote 'virus' epidemieën volgden op nieuwe radio straling (Lees "The Invisible Rainbow" van Arthur Firstenberg.) 5G is de laatste stap daarin, met 20.000 nieuwe radio satelieten, die water structuur veranderen. De kwaliteit van je celwater en hoeveelheid metalen in je lichaam bepalen je ontvankelijkheid voor radiogolven.

!Dietrich Klinghardt
De pijnappelklier is erg gevoelig voor Aluminium, Fluoride, Glyphosate en WIFi. Die leiden tot verkalking van de pijnappelklier, die een ontvanger is voor informatievelden, waar onze 'grotere' gedachten vandaan komen, waardoor ook ons immuunsysyeem, endocrien systeem, en zo voort. De frequencie die de communicatie uitzocht, 2.4GHz, is het meest schadelijk voor onze cellen en pijnappelklier. Aluminium + Glyphosaat maken 6 componenten die de pijnappelklier aantasten; maar het kan de bloed brein barriere alleen door als gevolg van de 5G/WiFi radiocommunicatie frequenties. Dat kan geen toeval zijn; dat moet opzet zijn. Een satellietsysteem dat wereldwijd wordt ingekeurd en goedgekeurd is onvoorstelbaar; ook dat het niet getest is terwijl het zo schadelijk is. WiFi kan je uitzetten, Glyfosaat kan je verbieden, chemtrails kan je stoppen, je kan fluiride-vrije tandpasta gebruiken.

!Rudolf Steiner
'Er zijn mensen die het bewustzijn van mensen willen dempen; en vaccinatie tot dat doel zullen inzetten'. 'Er zal een vaccin worden ontwikkeld wat bewustwording blokkeert'. (1917)
:In 2005 en 2007 werd door het Pntsgon "FunVax" ontwikkeld: vaccinatie die bewustzijn verlamt door blokkeren van het VMAT2 gen, 'het god gen', wat monoamine productie in het lichaam verhoogt, wat een goedegevoelsbeleving teweegbrengt. Het virus kan via lucht, wager, insecten, vee en voedsel worden overgedrqgen. Het voorstel was om een suicidegen te ontwikkelen'.

Deze virus is "sars-cov2"n
De ziekte is "covid-19"
De corona virus group is niet nieuw; deze vorm ervan wel.
We moeten er allemsal mee lere leven, als we er niet eers aan sterven.
80% geneest, 20% moet naar het ziekenhuis; 3%(?) sterft
!De Ziekte
De risicogroep: hoge bloeddruk, longziekten, en chronische zieken
Overdracht: via lucht (in druppeltjes) en contact.
Entree: via mond/neus, neusholten, en luchtpijp.
In de longen worden de longcellen aangetast.
Type 1 longcel = alveoli voor gasuitwisseling
De meeste mensen kunnen 1 minuut de adem inhouden 
Type 2 longcel maakt surfactant (smeervloeistof)
sars-cov2 bindt aan de ACE receptor van de Type-2 longcel.
Dat is ook waarom mensen met hoge bloeddruk risico lopen; hun medicatie loopt via die receptor.
De infectie doodt de cel, wat leidt tot een ontstekingsreactie, met vrijmaking van interleukine 1 & 6, tumor necrose factor (TNF-a) wanneer dat ontspoort ga je daaraan dood.
De Alveoli vullen zich met vloeistof: 'je verdinkt' (Longontsteking; eerst onderaan later hogerop)
Stel je voor dat je een natte (pneumonie) spons (long) indrukt- je krijgt het water er niet uit.
Dat heet ARDS: de longen zijn verdronken en kunnen de gasuitwisseling niet verzorgen.
80% heeft een griepje; 3% gaan dood; door de longontsteking (ARDS)
Niet alleen de alveoli lopen vol, maar ook het interstitium,de tussen ruimten in de long.
ARDS wordt behandeld met beademing; wat in 50% van de gevallen niet werkt, doordat andere organen 'het opgeven' door zuurstopgebrek of sepsis. 
!De Statistiek
Op 23 maart waren er in de U$A 20.000 gevallen verwacht; het werden er 32.000; wereldwijd 345.000 waarvan 15.000 doden; dat alles in 1maand. Stel Mid mei zijn er 100.000 gevallen bij , stel, dat is de piek. Dan, in Juli, zijn de meeste begrafenissen. Je hebt geen baan geen inkomen; hoe betaal je die begrafenis? Reken op een miljoen doden...
Dit is geen media-hetze maar een epdemie.
Er is geen behandeling; 'dit is ernstig'.
In de geldwereld zijn partronen te zien van problemen die het gevolg zijn van Fiat Geld.
In December 2019 vond een grote 'geldcrisis' plaats die nu achter de 'viruscrisis' schuil gaat.
Besef dat de WHO nu door grote bedrijven wordt gefinancierd; vooral de Farma-giganten.
Zonder inzicht in de veranderingen in alle geldbelangen is wat nu speelt  niet te begrijpen.

Centraal in de 'geldcrisis' is de geldhandel: het verdienen van geld aan geld (een fictie).
Kort geleden zijn in grote bedrijven grote geldbelangen veranderingen doorgevoerd. is voorbeeld van een bedrijf dat geen belasting betaalt en kleinhandel sloopt.
Het lijkt erop dat, net als in Griekenland indertijd, een enorme onteigening wordt gedaan.

Besef dat het monopolie bankgeld systeem internationaal is; en van crises profiteert.
Help elkaar, help je locale winkeliers - zorg voor voldoende contact geld in eigen hand.
Besef dat er steeds mensen zijn die aan crises (enorm veel) (willen) 'verdienen'.
Over de eeuwen hebben dergelijke mensen ook daarom crises veroorzaakt (('deze ook?')).

Sinds januari is bekend dat deze coronagriep rondgaat; de Duitse regering zei 'dat is niets'.
Karnaval werd niet afgezegd - terwijl in China al grote hoeveelheden griepdo  den werden be graven.
Direct erna werd gesteld dat alle scholen, openbare gebouwen en bedrijven gesloten moesten worden.
Kleinbedrijven verliezen 25% van hun jaarinkomen; wat net samenvalt met het eind van deze geldcrisis 

Het uitgaansverbod is een 'militaire operatie'; kijk wie daaraan gaat verliezen/verdienen.
Weet met welke mensen je omgaat en besef dat je samen heel veel kan doen.
Besef dat een crisis een omslagsmoment is wat nieuwe mogelijkheden kan bieden.
Gebruik die mogelijkheid om samen ervoor te zorgen dat ons leven verbetert; help elkaar.

Dank voor deze zinnige berichtgeving.

Ter informatie: ik heb in januari een screenshot gezien (niet meer terug te vinden) van een patent op dit coronavirus aan een Britse wetenschapster van een instituut dat officieel vaccins maakt tegen kippenziekten (!). Het virus lijkt dus geconstrueerd te zijn.

Er schijnt een verband te zijn met de uitrol van 5G: Wuhan, cruiseschip, Milaan e.o. Waarschijnlijk verzwakking van het immuunsysteem.

Ik maak op uit de berichtgeving dat Covid-19 zelf niet dodelijk is, maar dat men dood gaat aan (long- en hart-)complicaties, zoals bij alle griep.

Waarom pakken overheden dit zo rigoureus aan dat er grote economische schade wordt geleden?
Werd het weer tijd voor een crisis?
Is dit biologische oorlogsvoering of desinformatie oorlogsvoering?
Waar komen al die triljoenen opeens vandaan? En waar gaan ze heen? Krijgen we straks belastingverhoging?
Is dit een oefening voor een staatsgreep? Ik bedoel een ijzeren greep van de staat op de samenleving?

Ik hoor van medici dat IC's veel complexer zijn dan noodzakelijk om patiënten te beademen en dergelijke, dat ze alleen nodig zijn voor de heel ernstige patiënten met bv hartproblemen, zodanig dat ze aan dialyse apparatuur en bloedpompen gekoppeld moeten worden.
Dat het heel eenvoudig is om "gewone" patiënten goed te behandelen met wat extra apparatuur bij een normaal bed.

Uiteindelijk zal dit virus ook tot onze huisdieren gaan behoren en jaarlijks tot "griepdoden" gaan leiden.
Vermoedelijk zullen er meer heftige, onaangepaste virussen gaan komen. Wat gaan die bij de mensheid veranderen?

Ik vertrouw de ophanden vaccins niet. Virussen worden gebruikt om dna te modificeren. Dit een een gouden gelegenheid om de mensheid massaal "aan te passen" Eugenetica. Ik wil mijn dna daar niet aan blootstellen, ook niet aan 5G, wifi, dect (ik gebruik wel gsm en umts).

Ik ga een boek schrijven: De Virusfluisteraar.
je zit er echt helemaal naast t is heel anders, geen complot theorieën maar n bikkelharde virale infectie waarbij kinderen wel degelijk dragen zijn en gezonde mensen moeilijk immuniseren en makkelijk dood gaan. Niets enkel chronisch  zieken of ouderen. De door jou genoemde behandelingen ((Ed.: (hydro)Chloroquine 6x 2DD 300mg + Azythromycyne)) werken niet. Haal t mailtje Beter maar weg. Ik doe niets anders dan Corona patiënten behandelen momenteel. T is dramatisch nu.
Er zijn veel, te veel, veel te veel, internetteksten die aandacht geven aan de huidige geldcrisis.
Voor, opvallend veel, 'financieel adviseurs', is de geldcrisis niet een //gevolg// van de griepcrisis.
Zij wijzen op de onvermijdelijke periodieke instorting van fiat/monopolie/woeker geld.
Ze suggereren dat de instorting van de geldmarkt mogelijk aan de griepcrisis //vooraf// ging...
Alles wat ik zeg is een inschatting waarvan ik weet dat die op foute informatie kan berusten. Maar ik ben wel goed in het inschatten van informatie, zo blijkt de afgelopen 2 maanden.
Ik doe dit gebaseerd op statistiek vanuit wiskundige kans, natuurkunde, logica, gevoel voor de mensen die aan het woord zijn (emotioneel), het aantal onafhankelijke losstaande bronnen etc.
Daarnaast heb ik er nu ook weer geen serieuze studie van gemaakt.

Ik volg het al geruime tijd. Vanaf 10-15 janurari ongeveer. Het was tamelijk snel duidelijk door berichten die toch naar buiten kwamen door bvb Epoch Times (een krant die in China zelf gebaseerd is) en door '[[anekdotische' berichten]] die soms met gevaar voor repercussies daar werden ge-upload.

* Mensen vielen gewoon om in de straat en bleven dan liggen. Dat is redelijk zeldzaam.
* Het verspreid zich via de lucht (uitademen/niezen/hoesten).
* China greep zeer hard in: drones die straten bespuiten, mensen die letterlijk gebarricadeerd worden in hun huizen.

Rond die tijd reageerde nog bijna niemand hier maar aan de daden van de lokale overheid (eerst trouwens doofpotgedrag) gecombineerd met de anekdotes gecombineerd met de (toen aannemelijke aanname, nu bijna zekerheid) dat het een door mensen gecreërd virus betrof én enkele experts die het al voorzagen had ik al vermoed dat het inderdaad een pandemie zou worden.

Nederland heeft zéér laat gereageerd, is zéér onvoorbereid (Nederland heeft 6,4 bedden op de IC per 100,000 inwoners, België 15,9 én Nederland is véél te laat begonnen met inkopen van materiaal (Nederland is blij met 200,000
gedoneerde maskers van Huawei, in België kwamen er vandaag 6 miljoen aan nadat er een paar dagen terug 5 miljoen binnenkwamen, Duitsland test 160,000 mensen per week en in Nederland zijn in totaal over alle weken tesamen 30,000 testen gedaan)) en de GGD gaf keilang gevaarlijk foute informatie. Die lui letten enkel op hun eigen informatiebronnen die
natuurlijk keihard achterlopen bij anekdotes: niemand gaat wetenschappelijke testen uitvoeren en documenten pennen en laten peer reviewen met dezelfde snelheid als een lokale ooggetuige gewoon direct vertelt over de situatie.

Ik zou hier uren over kunnen uitwijden en de communicatie tussen landen en instanties lijkt in behoorlijk schokkende mate onafwezig (veel te vaak dat ik al 2-4 weken voor het RIVM of het Nederlandse nieuws het zei wist dat het onzin was wat ze zeiden waar ze dan veel later ook zelf achterkwamen,
stuitend), maar goed, dat is nu niet zo nuttig. Ik volgde de informatie uit China zelf, Amerika, willekeurige experts van overal, Nederlands nieuws, Belgisch nieuws (wat is dat toch veel beter zeg!), beetje Italië hele alternatieve hoeken, tamelijke alternatieve hoeken etc.

De conclusie die ik dus al 2 maanden geleden trok is nu ook wat steeds meer naar voor komt:
* Ja het is ernstig want ongeveer 18% van de gevallen moet opgenomen worden in het ziekenhuis.
* Dat overbelast de ziekenhuizen.
* Het is erg makkelijk overdraagbaar.

M.a.w. het idee om de 'curve af te vlakken' is absoluut zinnig: zo voorkom je dat teveel mensen tegelijk hulp nodig hebben wat er dus dan op dat moment niet genoeg is.

Wat jij zegt is mogelijk, maar ik schat het zo in door alle bronnen die ik heb gehoord:
*Kinderen nauwelijks besmettelijk: 33% kans.
*Kinderen en jongeren vertonen gewoon pas láter de symptomen: 67% kans.

Wat jij zegt dat de stervenskans is (1/10e van de griep): 1% kans.
*De griep heeft een stervenskans van 0,07%.
*Dan zou corona een stervenskans hebben van 0,007%.
*Dan zouden in Italië 6000 doden dus wijzen op een besmetting van 90 miljoen mensen. Om aan die cijfers te komen (0.007% van 90,000,000 = 6000). Ter referentie Italië heeft 60 miljoen inwoners.
Kijk ook naar kleine getroffen gebieden waar de bevolking nog kleiner is op het aantal overlijdens en je ziet zeker dat dat eigenlijk echt niet kan.

Eerst werd gezegd 2%, toen 3,4% en nu zegt het WHO 1%. Ik denk dat het rond dat cijfer ligt. Zeg maar 2%. Maar dat wordt dus 10% als de bedden in ziekenhuizen vol zijn.

Aan de andere kant heb ik een positief gevoel/intuïtie hierover. Het wordt denk ik echt geen apocalyps. Er zijn ook positieve kanten aan.

Ik wil graag proberen op alle vragen die jullie hebben te antwoorden als jullie willen. Ik heb dus veel info (die dus, zoals ik aan het begin zei, echt wel fout kan zijn maar die ondertussen al erg vaak juist bleek te zijn) en als je vragen hebt dan kan ik die speciefieke vragen beantwoorden.
Om nu alles te dumpen dat lijkt me niet efficiënt en heb ik eerlijk gezegd ook geen zin in, dat zou te lang duren :)
Waarom komt er zoveel argwaan in me op bij deze ‘situatie’ rond het ‘kroonvirus’?‘
Een griepje van 3 weken; waarbij alleen de mensen sterven die al ernstig ziek waren’.Ik ben op zoek gegaan of ik tussen alle hetze en propaganda wat wijzer kon worden.
Hieronder beschrijf ik mijn speurtocht; ten dele over dit griepje, ten dele over de hetze.

In contact met het onbekende neemt ons niet-weten het over van ons weten.
Door gebrek aan eigen kennis, eigen wijsheid, of eigenwijsheid, gaan mensen twijfelen, speculeren.Bij gebrek aan directe eigen ervaring/kennis, leven we dan in een nevel van indirecte geruchten. Artsen leren dan vertrouwen op een “Pluis-niet-Pluis-gevoel”; voelt het we/niet goed aan?

In dit geval, met deze kroongriephetze, lijkt mijn ‘dit is niet pluis’ gevoel het te winnen.‘Wat we zien is een militaire oefening in bevolkingscontrole wereldwijd’.‘Wat wordt verteld is dat deze griep gevaarlijker is dan welke andere griep ook’.En ‘de geruchten zijn dat dit, net als sars en lyme, weer in een militair lab gemaakt is’.

Ik weet het nog niet; in mijn brein ontbreken nog teveel stukjes van de puzzel.De Nederlandse artsen proberen nog uit te vinden waar het om gaat; wat het is.Een Franse ‘deskundige’ zegt dat het een banale griep is; mensen overlijden aan chronische ziekten.De WHO is al 30+ jaar bezig om de bevolking in ‘lockdown’ te krijgen door ‘een virus aanval’…

Virus is niet dom; ze zijn de opvolgers van de schimmel; de basisvorm van intelligentie.Bekijk “Fantastic Fungi” (2019)” over het werk van Paul Stamets (een held in “Start Trek Discovery”).Schimmel is het internet, het neurale netwerk van de natuur, voor ondermeer boomcommunicatie.Het virus is daarvan een afstammer; de microbe is daar weer een afstamming; ‘wij’, pas veel later. 

Ik hoor/zie/herken de propaganda  over ‘virus’; al jarenlang wordt geprobeerd om landswetten te onderwerpen aan WHO/UN wetgeving; ‘het denationaliseren van naties’. Vergeet niet dat de UN werd  opgericht door bankiers, en dat het hoofdkantoor op een oude indianen begraafplaats werd gebouwd. De betekenis/symboliek daarvan kan je op veel plaatsen op het internet vinden.

In mijn lichaam voel ik het ‘virus’ (ik onderteken mijn brieven niet voor niets met “Feel well”; dat is diagnose en therapie in één). Hoe meer je leert invoelen in je lichaam, des te meer je de verborgen spanningen ont-dekt en des te meer ‘blinde vlekken’ zijn te zien. In dit geval voel ik brand in mijn biceps, gloed in mijn bronchie, en verlamming onder in mijn long – maar ook een uitputting rond mijn hara.

Laatst zat ik te puzzelen (onze bevriende allerliefste dokteresse ging op kroonvirusdienst) om te ‘kijken’ welk auraschild in dit soort geval is te gebruiken. Ik kwam uit op een ‘drakenruggegraat’ op de rand van de aura, achter, gevoed vanuit de achterkant van de hartchackra, aangezwengeld door (in mijn geval) de longmeridiaan en gordelmeridiaan, vanuit de Hara geworteld in de Aarde. Zodra dat aanstaat voelt het alsof ‘dat virusgevoel’ stil staat.

De vraag is wat er met deze kroon-groep aan de hand is. In mijn arts-opleiding ontdekte ik dat de jaarlijkse griepepidemie ontstaat in west- en oost-China, waar de eendenfokkerijen beesten verzieken door ongezonde behandeling. Na mijn studie pas begreep ik, van een antropoloog, dat alle grote infectieziekten het gevolg zijn van ‘zieke’ omgang door mensen met dieren.

Er is iets fundamenteel ontkoppeld tussen sommige mensen en hun omgeving; de mensheid, en de Aarde. Dit is al eeuwen aan de gang – ik ‘lees’ net twee luisterboeken over de joodse traditie en hun visie op de ‘goy’; ‘de medemens als onmens’. Die als beesten worden behandeld. Onmenselijk. Beestachtig. Bij de beesten (af) leidt dat tot ziekten-door-stress; ‘de grote infectieziekten’.

Al die hetze over dit ‘kroonvirus’ veroorzaakt ook stress, verlamt het goede gevoel en ‘deprimeert het immuunsysteem’; alle berichten over de griep alleen al zouden – zelfs zonder een griep – de samenleving verzieken. De gevoeligen-onder-ons, de gevoelsmensen en anderen, kunnen zich al inbeelden wat wordt verteld en het psychosomatisch principe doet de rest: deze mensen gaan in hun lichaam een proefrit rijden in hun ingebeelde beleving.

Lang geleden hoorde ik over het onderzoek naar een dorpje hoog in de bergen, zonder contact met de buitenwereld (het was vermoedelijk winter en de passen waren waarschijnlijk gesloten) waar een infectieziekte opdook zonder dat er contact met de buitenwereld geweest was. Zoals Breatharians laten zien dat leven zonder eten ook kan, suggereert dit dat infecties niet van buitenaf hoeven te komen.

Dat was wat ik tijdens mijn artsopleiding ook tegenkwam: de huidirritatie bij zwemmers in de golf van Mexico, doordat het water is overladen met DNA fragmenten, door meda-dood van insecten door insecticiden en pesticiden (die opduiken doordat boeren kunstmest gebruiken, de grond/planten verzieken, die dan geen afweer hebben tegen insecten die ‘de thermometer’ zijn dat de landbouw de Aarde verziekt).

Als de Mississippi al die DNA fragmenten kan concentreren en voelbaar/meetbaar kan maken, dan zal er in ons lichaam ook en DNA-recycling moeten zijn. Ook daar gaan steeds cellen dood, en de ‘Mississipppi’-bloedbaan is een kringstroom, dus op een of andere manier zijn cellen in staat om DNA weer te gebruiken; net zoals de milt de flarden van bloedcellen omzet in galsap. Economiseren…

Gaston Naessens zag onder zijn donkerveld microscoop iets aanverwant: de relatie tussen somatiden/’sporen’, schimmel, virus en microben. Als de omstandigheden veranderden konden 0D somatiden uitgroeien tot 1D schimmels die konden doorgroeien naar 2D virus die konden ontwikkelen tot 3D microben; of, als de omstandigheden veranderden, een terugval op de eerdere ontwikkelingsfasen.

Die opbouw zien we in ons lichaam: het Bekken is en ‘Cel’ systeem, de Buik is een ‘Plant’ systeem, de Borst(kas) is en ‘Dier’ systeem en het Brein is en ‘Mens’ systeem. Denken is bijsturing voor Voelen wat contextualiseren is voor Doen wat activatie is van Zijn. Ingeval van ziekte is dat ook ‘het terugvalsysteem’; van 1) omgevingsbeleving naar 2) lichaamsbeleving naar 3) orgaanbeleving naar 4) celbeleving; net als in de slaapcyclus.

Het is steeds hetzelfde principe, wat door de alchemisten al werd beschreven: 4 niveaus in 4 dimensies; “Aarde”, “Water”, “Lucht” en “Licht” zijn: “Materie”, “Moleculen”, “Atomen”, “Kwanta”, meer specifiek: “Gebonden elektronen” in materie, “elektronen stromen” in moleculen, “elektronenwolken” in atomen, en het subatomaire “verschijnen/verdwijnen van elektronen” – alles wat is, is één integraal elektromagnetisch veld (in verschillende graden van stolling).

Dit inzicht bestond al een eeuw geleden (de Grieken hadden hel al door et Zeus-en-zijn-bliksem-als oppergod) en mensen zoals Niels Bohr en Erwin Schrödinger beseften dat als alle materie is opgebouwd uit atomen, en atomen zijn opgebouwd uit protlonen, neutronen en elektronen, dat dan ook alles elektromagnetisch is; elke mens en het hele universum.

Wij staan dus niet buiten het universum als ‘Objectieve observator’ waar we zijn er integraal deel van en alles wat we doen en zijn) is een interactie tussen elektromagnetische velden. Alles wat de klassieke wetenschap has begrepen was ‘onjuist’ en een fundamentele revisie van inzicht was nodig. Iedereen die dat besefte werd uitgenodigd in de Conventie van Kopenhagen.

Dat werd een fiasco voor de wetenschap. Ze durfden het niet aan. Hun voorstellingsvermogen en inzicht schoten tekort. In plaats dat ze de kwantum sprong vooruit deden en beseften dat de kwantum de quintessens is van de opbouw van het universum, hielden ze vast aan het bekrompen idee dat de observator objectief is en centraal staat en dat het universum is opgebouwd uit deeltjes.

Tetryonics laat zien waar ze de boot hebben gemist: het universum is en integraal elektromagnetisch veld zonder deeltjes (het kwantum veld) waardin deeltjes (Tetryonen) kunnen worden gevormd die door het kwantum veld worden bewogen. De deeltjes zijn inert en de enige manier waarop materie wordt gevorm is door lineaire en circulaire kwantum stromen, die deeltjes kunnen herpositioneren en ‘knippen-en-plakken’.

Dat gebeurt ook in onze cellen; die gebruiken 1) lokale-, 2) buurcel-, 3) lichaams- en 4) universele-informatie in het her-rangschikken en knippen-en-plakken van atomen, waardoor onze cellen  moleculen kunnen (ver)vormen, en (weer door elektromagnetische (kwantum) krachten) in het lichaam kunnen (her)positioneren; de opbouw van ons lichaam is gebaseerd op de positionering van deze moleculen als ’golfgoot’ voor het optimaliseren van de celcommunicatie. Ons lichaam is een supercomputer.

Dit is al eonen aan de gang; en de hypothese is dat 1) Amino Zuren (oorspronkelijk ontstaan in het zog van een bliksem in oergas op de oer-aarde) uitgroeide tot 2) eiwit, tot 3) RNA en 4) DNA. Gaston Naessens liet zien dat zo ook 1) somatiden kunnen uitgroeien tot 2) schimmel dan 3) virus en dan 4) microben. Lynn Magulis dacht dat 1) anaërobe (Aarde), 2) hydrobe (Water), 3) Aërobe (Lucht) en 4) Fotosynthetiserende (Vuur) bacteriën samen onze Eukaryotische cel vormden.

:Even een zijstap in de gedachtenontwikkeling:we zien eenzelfde relatie in de vorming van moleculen in ons lichaam: 4) eiwit (fysiek), 3) enzym (chemisch), 2) hormoon (elektromagnetisch) en 1) pigment (fotonen); en de vorming van lichaamsmaterialen: 4) piézo-elektrisch, 3) vloeibaar-kristal, 2) transistor, en 1) Intelligente-gel. Dat betekent dat in ons lichaam de alchemische transmutatie in volle gang is: cellen werken met 4) materie, 3) moleculen, 2) atomen en 1) lichtvelden.Terug naar het verhaal.

Dat houdt in dat onze cel is gebaseerd op 4) microben (het mitochondrium laat dat zien), op 3) virus, op 2) schimmel en op 1) somatiden. Trevor Marshall legt uit dat ons lichaam wordt bevolkt door Microben (meer dan lichaamscellen) en we weten dat in ons lichaam ook steeds allerlei Schimmels voorkomen. Dat impliceert dat we in ons lichaam ook allerlei Virusvormen herbergen; want Gaston Naessens zag dat dit de tussenvorm is tussen schimmel en microben. ‘Natuurlijk kan ons lichaam omgaan met virus.’

Phil Callahan beschreef dat insecten zich kunnen voeden met radiogolfstraling; dat was waardoor de vliegtuigen op de landingsbaan tegen vluchten vogels aanvlogen die zich daar voedden aan zwermen insecten die zich voedden aan de radarstralen van het landingsbaansignaal. Rosalyn Bryere zag in dat microben ook aan radiogolven gedijen: bacteriën meer bij infrarood, en virus meer met ultraviolet.

Als je eigen elektromagnetische lichtveld verstoord wordt kunnen de 4) bacteriën, 3) virus, 2) schimmels en 1) somatiden die in ons leven anders gedijen. ‘Wordt je te rood’ dan groeien meer bacteriën; ‘wordt je te blauw’ dan groeien meer virus, en ‘zwabber/zwalk je in je lichtveld’ dan kunnen beide groeien. Dat is ook een reden waarom elektromagnetische stoorvelden (Electrosmog) zo ongezond kan zijn.

De moraal van het verhaal is dat ons lichaam weet wat virus is; ook al miskennen ‘de artsen’ dat. We kunnen aannemen dat als we Bacteriën en Schimmel on ons lichaam hebben, dat de tussenvorm, ‘Virus’ er ook is. We kunnen aannemen dat als ons lichaam bloedcelmembranen hergebruikt, dat ons lichaam ook DNA en RNA hergebruikt (‘recycling’). We kunnen zelfs aannemen dat de virus integraal deel is van de ontwikkeling van ‘genetisch materiaal’.

We weten dat 1) Amino-zuren zijn uitgegroeid tot 2) Eiwit, 3) RNA en 4) DNA; met daarbij ook een stapsgewijze uitgroei van het vermogen om om te gaan met de omgeving. Aminozuur (‘het zog van een blikseminslag’) is een antenne en kan (elektromagnetisch) de relatie/positie ten opzichte van andere moleculen in de omgeving redigeren. Een Schimmel is een langere antenne en we zien hoe die in bossen intelligent kunnen omgaan met materie (lees het werk over paddenstoelen van Paul Stamets).

We weten dat microben hun omgeving kunnen (ver)vormen; en selectief moleculen kunnen produceren – de hele farmaceutische industrie is daarvan grotendeels afhankelijk – en in de voedselindustrie is de fermentatie door Schimmrl essentieel voor het toebereiden van ons voedsel (wijn, bier, kaas, zuurkool, …). Waarom wordt ‘in dat hele verhaal’ het Virus steeds overgeslagen?

Zie, hoe lang het heeft geduurd voordat het idee ‘microben veroorzaken ziekte’ (Louis Pasteur) werd aangevuld met ‘we hebben microben nodig voor onze spijsvertering’. Zie hoe lang het oorlogsmodel ‘bestrijden van ziekte, met antibiotica’ vat had en hoe recent pas de pro-biotica ‘voor gezonde darmflora’ in beeld kwam. (Besef dat de natuurgenezers dat al lang wisten en dat de artsen-die-verdienen-aan-ziekte die kennis blokkeerden.)

Het is hoog tijd dat we anders over Virus denken.1) virus is de natuurlijke logische schakel in de serie somatiden, schimmel, virus, bacterie.2) virus is in staat in/met cellen te leven,3) waardoor wordt (net als bij microben) die symbiose met onze cellen vestoord? En4) welke informatie hebben cellen nodig om zich niet meer door virus te laten domineren?

Je zou verwachten dat artsen al lang op zoek zouden zijn gegaan naar de relatie tussen het virus en de Eukaryote cel. Ik herhaal: immers, als we weten dat schimmel in ons leeft, en microben ook, dan leven ook virus in ons. Als ‘slechte’ virus cellen kunnen overnemen en celfunctie kunnen verstoren, dan kunnen ‘goede’ virus natuurlijk celfunctie ook herstellen.  Waarom is het alleen het leger dat virus heeft bestudeerd, vooral om daarmee het leven van mensen te verzieken?

In de geschiedenis van ‘het leger’ zien we dat daar al (te) vaak de aandacht is gericht op het verzieken van het leven van mensen op aarde. Ze zoeken niet naar vrede (een goed gesprek met de vijand). Ze zoeken niet naar oplossingen (het voeden van de hongerige vijand). In plaats daarvan is de aandacht gericht op dood en verderf, ziekte en verrotting. Met de productie van verboden ziekmakers. (Zolang er militair-/bedrijfs-/staatsgeheim is, is er geen “conspiracy theory” maar “conspiracy practice”. )

Er wordt steeds gesproken over “Conspiracy Theory”, omdat “Conspiracy Practice” in de praktijk zo moeilijk is te bewijzen: staatgeheim, bedrijfsgeheim, beroepsgeheim, militair geheim. De staat zegt dat het leger als bedrijf in het geheim dingen mag doen die anderen niet weten. Steeds gaat het om groepen die doen alsof het anderen niet aangaat wat zij doen, en die als groep steeds ‘vergeten’ dat ze net als al die anderen deel zijn van de mensheid.

Elk van die groepen is weinig anders dan welke andere groep ook; ondanks hun eigendunk dat het niet zo zou zijn. Het gast om een psychologische problematiek… Joden, Christenen en Moslims beweren elk dat er maar één god is en willen niet inzien dat ze het allemaal over dezelfde ‘god’ hebben. On plaats daarvan beschouwen ze elkaar over-en-weer als goy/ongelovige/infidel. (‘wat je zegt ben je zelf”) 

Die ‘verwerping van de ander’ (soms, ‘onderwerping van de ander’) heeft geleid tot een immense oorlogsindustrie, waarin de ene zich beter wil voelen door anderen zich minder te laten voelen. Het typische voorbeeld is de groep die zegt in hun buurland (Egypte) verdrukt te zijn geweest terwijl ze hun (Palestijnse) buren verdrukken; ‘hurt people hurt people’. Denk daarbij aan wat de president van Zuid-Afrika gezegd zou hebben toen de Amerikaanse president mopperde over Apartheid; “je wil liever dat wij doen wat jullie deden: de inheemsen uitmoorden?”.

Dat oorlogsmodel bepaalt ook de gereguleerde geneeskunde. Die voert een ‘strijd tegen ziekte’, en verdient aan ziekte. Hun ‘verdienmodel’ zit preventieve geneeskunde in de weg; dat komt de volksgezondheid niet ten goede. En vertekent het beeld van gezondheidszorg; het is verdienen aan zieken. Dat zijn juist degenen die door ziekte geen inkomen hebben en niet kunnen betalen.

Geschiedkundigen beschrijven dat de chirurgen afstammen van de barbiers op de slachtvelden, en dat de heelmeesters afstammen van de gifmengers; de familie de Medici staat erom bekend dat ze elkaar vergiftigden om aan de macht te komen en zich aan de anderen re verrijken; ‘armoede-zaaien’, “parasiteren”. Chirurgen zijn vergeten dat zij degenen waren die met de horoscoop in de hand de aderlatingen deden – waarvan veel mensen aan bloedverlies bezweken. Hoeveel honderduizenden?

Het  aantal mensen dat aan de inquisitie overleed is enorm. Het antal mensen dat aan de Spaanse Griep overleed was 2%. Het aantal mensen dat aan Influenza overlijdt  is 2%. Het aantal mensen dat aan coronavirus overlijdt lijkt 0.3% (vermoedelijk lager) maar die sterven zo te zien niet aan dit virus maar aan ziekten die ze al hadden (hypertensie, hart-  vaarziekten, diabetes, kanker,…).

En wat doen mensen: massaal toiletpapier kopen (afslachten van Scandinavische en Braziliaanse bossen), voor wat? Diarree-loze griep? WC papier kan je niet eten; en je billen schoonmaken kan ook met water. Het is duidelijk dat grote groepen mensen zich gedragen ‘als lemmingen’; ze lopen elkaar achterna naar de rand van de afgrond. Gedachteloze kuddegeest (dat is een verhaal apart).

“Het corona virus is goedaardig; mensen sterven nu aan on(der)behandelde chronische ziekten”.“De gepresenteerde ‘feiten’ zijn fop totdat echt onderzoek is gedaan; dat vergt tijd”.“Alle ‘gegevens’ die nu worden rondgebazuind zijn niet meer dan (politieke) speculatie”.Aldus de Franse Virusdeskundige in de blog van JD Michel van vorige week.

“Als we de gewone seizoensgriep op deze manier zouden rapporteren ontstond er paniek”.“Het is te voorzien dat met de huidige gegevens de mortaliteit 0.3% is, vermoedelijk lager”.“Het aantal gerapporteerde vs de werkelijke gevallen is momenteel 1/8; mogelijk zelfs 1/47”.“16 maart waren er 3118 overleden vs 800.000 geïnfecteerd/’geïmmuniseerd’; dus 4/1000”

“Momenteel worden de feiten vertekend in het schrikbeeld wat mensen wordt voorgelegd”.“in de psychiatrie wordt een dergelijke vertekend werkelijkheidsbeeld een ‘psychose’ genoemd”.“De extrapolaties over hoeveel doden zouden kunnen vallen is niet meer dan bangmakerij”.“Wat nu ontstaat is een massa-hallucinatie op basis van cijfers die niet deugen”.

“De zwakken kunnen beter thuis blijven; de anderen kunnen elkaar aansteken/immuniseren”.“Kinderen zijn vrijwel geen dragers; sluiten van scholen is betekenisloos”“De quarantaine van de hele bevolking verzwakt de economie veel meer dan de ziekte”.“Hong-Kong, Korea en China deden beter werk door aansteeklijnen te traceren”.(Zoals men dat in goed-Hollands zegt: ‘hier is het nu dweilen met de kraan open’.)

Raoult in Marseille behandelde corona virus patiënten effectief met hydrocloroquine 2dd 300mg.Voor de preventie van longontsteking gebruikte hij antiviraal antibioticum Azitromycine.The Lancet publiceerde dat de ziekteverloop dan afneemt van 3 weken naar 1 week (6 dagen).Eerste onderzoek suggereert dat het ook preventief werkt voor de infectie zelf.

Jim Humble liet zien dat MMS beter werkt dan het malariamiddel (hydro)chroroquine.MMS werkt ook tegen aids, in dat geval wordt het niet oraal maar intraveneus gebruikt.MMS is veel goedkoper, goed beschikbaar en eenvoudig zelf klaar te maken.Het lijkt logisch om MMS dan ook voor deze kroongriep te toetsen, wn dan in te zetten.

Royal Raymond Rife liet lag geleden al zien dat elke virus een kenmerkende eigen maat heeft.Op basis van die lengte is te berekenen welke radiogolf een virus kapot kan resoneren.Hij heeft dit gebruikt om virus die kanker veroorzaakte te elimineren (wat ook de kanker verhielp.Hypothese: ‘Een stadspoort met de juiste frequentie disinfecteert iedereen van het corona virus’…

Jelbert heeft zowat hetzelfde ontdekt; hij gebruikt geen straalzenders maar antennes.Ook daar gaat het erom om de resonantiefrequentie van de ziekteverwekker te kennen.Maar het geeft de extramogelijkheid om ‘de ontsnappingsfrequentie van cellen te kennen.Want als de cel niet wordt gekaapt door de virus maar de virus overboord zet, is  het ook klaar.

Kortom: het is hoog tijd dat iedereen wat meer respect krijgt voor de levensvorm ‘virus’.Het lijkt erop dat bij deze ‘kroongriep’ voornamelijk die mensen overlijden die al ernstig ziek waren.Volgens Frans onderzoek is de behandeling 6 dagen hydrocholoquine 2DD 300mg + Azithromycine.het thuis houden van gezonden en kinderen is ongezond voor de samenleving en de economie.

Daarmee heb je misschien wat gedachten om je eigen gedachten te kunnen bepalen…
Bijgevoegd wat puzzelwerk over de zogenaamde 'corona virus'.
In mijn beleving klopt iets niet in wat ons wordt voorgeschoteld.
Ik keek wat rond, en kreeg wat [[informatie toegestuurd|Jean-Dominique Michel - Les résultats de Raoult]].
Ik kom daarmee voor mezelf op het volgende beeld (op basis van derdehands informatie):

Deze coronavirus is een griep van 3 weken waaraan vooral mensen met chronische ziekten sterven.
'Kinderen zijn zelden dragers' en 'gezonde volwassenen' kunnen door contactexpositie 'immuniseren'.
In China en [[Frankrijk bekort het ziekteverloop tot 6 dagen door 2dd 300mg (hydro)choroquine + Azythromycine ('tegen longcomplocaties')|Jean-Dominique Michel - Les résultats de Raoult]]; 'volg de infectieketen en behandel die'.
'Het hele land in quarantaine zetten verziekt de economie'    .

Zoals ik in de [[bijsluiter|Hardop Denkend; Het kroonvirus…]] schrijf: [[Onwetendheid maakt mensen Onzeker]].
Zoals de [[Franstalige bijlage|Jean-Dominique Michel - Les résultats de Raoult]] beschrijft: daar wordt fors misbruik van gemaakt.
'De huidige hetze is bangmakerij gebaseerd op incomplete=onjuiste gegevens.'
De ccorrigeerde stervenskans is die van de griep, die nu ook speelt en meer doden teweegbracht.

Ik vind het lastig om met alle onjuiste informatie een goed beeld te scheppen.
Wel weet ik dat al jaren wordt geprobeerd om met griep als excuus landen in 'lockdown' te krijgen.
Dat lijkt dan nu te zijn gelukt - ik hoop dat mensen hiervan leren om dit voortaan te voorkomen.
(En misschien is dit een goed moment om [[MMS]] te laten testen door mensen die het al gebruiken.)

Ik hoop dat je je eigen gedachten kan ordenen en tot je eigen conclusies kan komen.
"Jouw lichaam = Jouw leven" 

//Zie//: [[Overzicht]]
De Coronacrisis leidt tot een economische`crisis; is wat op het moment wordt gesuggereerd.
Maar dit kan ook omgekeerd worden gezien: 
De Federal Reserve Bank 
Thursday, April 2, 2020
Why are some of the US' top scientists making a specious argument about the natural origin of SARS-CoV-2?
1.  I know about biological warfare/biodefense.  I am the first person in the world (according to publicly available literature) to have analyzed an epidemic and demonstrated that the epidemic was due to biological warfare. (1992 study of the 1978-1980 Rhodesian anthrax outbreak, published in Medicine and Global Survival).

2.  Prior to genetic engineering techniques being developed (1973) and widely used (since late 1970s), more ‘primitive’ means of causing mutations, with the intention of developing biological weapons, were employed.  Such methods were used by the Japanese beginning in the 1930s, by the US beginning in the 1940s, and by a number of other countries. They resulted in biological weapons that were tested, well-described, and in some cases, used. Such methods were also used subsequent to the 1970s.

3.  These methods can result in biowarfare agents that lack the identifiable signature of a microbial agent constructed in a lab from known RNA or DNA sequences.  In fact, it would be desirable to produce such agents, since it would be difficult to prove they were deliberately constructed in a lab. Here are just a few possibilities for how one might create new, virulent mutants:

a)  exposing microorganisms to chemical or radiological agents that cause high mutation rates and selecting for desired characteristics
b)  passaging virus through a number of lab animals or tissue cultures
c)  mixing viruses together and seeking recombinants with a new mix of virulence factors

4.  Top scientists circled their wagons to protest against “conspiracy theories suggesting that COVID-19 does not have a natural origin,” in a statement published in the Lancet March 7. (It was published earlier online.) Their reported aim was to "stand with" public health professionals and scientists in China. Many who signed the statement have worked in biodefense. Signers include Rita Colwell, former director of the National Science Foundation, and James Hughes, former director of CDC’s National Center for Infectious Diseases and former assistant Surgeon General. 

Science magazine wrote an article in support of these scientists, which included the following:

    The authors of The Lancet statement note that scientists from several countries who have studied SARS-CoV-2 “overwhelmingly conclude that this coronavirus originated in wildlife,” just like many other viruses that have recently emerged in humans. “Conspiracy theories do nothing but create fear, rumours, and prejudice that jeopardise our global collaboration in the fight against this virus,” the statement says.

Five additional scientists soon provided the "scientific evidence" to back up the natural origin claim. These 5 scientists have been affiliated with signers of the statement above, they too have worked in biodefense, and their article was published in Nature Medicine (in the print version) on March 17, 2020.

These scientists  set up a straw man to knock down:  they claimed that had the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2 is the official name of the virus) been created in a lab: “if genetic manipulation had been performed,” then a known coronavirus backbone would have been used.  But because no known backbone forms part of SARS-CoV-2, “the evidence shows that SARS-CoV-2 is not a purposefully manipulated virus.”

As USA Today summarized this:

“If someone were seeking to engineer a new coronavirus as a pathogen, they would have constructed it from the backbone of a virus known to cause illness,” the report said. “But the scientists found that the SARS-CoV-2 backbone differed substantially from those of already known coronaviruses and mostly resembled related viruses found in bats and pangolins.”

Their work was then discussed by Francis Collins, the current director of the NIH.

Dr. Collins says,

“Some folks are even making outrageous claims that the new coronavirus causing the pandemic was engineered in a lab and deliberately released to make people sick. A new study debunks such claims by providing scientific evidence that this novel coronavirus arose naturally...
this study leaves little room to refute a natural origin for COVID-19... 
Finally, next time you come across something about COVID-19 online that disturbs or puzzles you, I suggest going to FEMA’s new Coronavirus Rumor Control web site..."

I know that the groups of scientists who wrote these pieces in the Lancet and Nature Medicine, as well as NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins, know that you don't need genetic engineering methods to create a bioweapon.  Like me, they are old, they recall a world before genetic engineering, they know the history of biowarfare, and they know the score.  Why then are they participating in this charade?
Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D. at 11:32 AM 

Apr 8 at 8:53pm
Biowar Expert Dr. Meryl Nass: Lancet's "COVID-19 Is NOT a Bioweapon" Is a Ludicrous Fraud

Dr. Meryl Nass is a world-class bioweapons expert. She recently published a must-read article:
Why are some of the US' top scientists making a specious argument about the natural origin of SARS-CoV-2?

It seems that the usual-suspect Lancet authors who were trotted out to dismiss the "bioweapon conspiracy theory" are the same kind of so-called scientists as the NIST "experts" who assured us that WTC-7 miraculously disappeared at free-fall into its own footprint due to minor office fires.

Q: Why are five dubious, germ-warfare-linked, cover-up specialist scientists telling us this could not possibly be a bioweapon, and yet obviously it could?

Meryl Nass: "Well, that's the $64,000 question, isn't it? ...The Cubans blame (the first author) who worked for a federal agency for their Dengue outbreak...I knew of several of them...and they too were sort of biological defense, biological warfare people. Well, let me just say two of them I would call spooks with Ph.Ds, who have come out and done research on a whole very odd collection of subjects, all of which the US government has tried to cover up...And so these five scientists wrote a piece in Nature Medicine  which claimed to have found the scientific linchpin to be able to make the argument that the new coronavirus is a natural occurrence. And the argument they made was that had it been constructed in the lab, it would have used the particular backbone that laboratorians know about. But because it didn't have that backbone, it couldn't possibly be a lab construct.

"The problem with that argument is basically it was a straw man argument. They said, well, if I were going to make the novel coronavirus, I would have made it this way, but because it isn't made that way, it's not a lab construct. Of course, you can make the novel coronavirus a lot of different ways. And I pointed out three different ways one might have come up with a novel coronavirus that weren't using the method they study of biological warfare, which has extended over decades, (shows) that the biological warfare warrior never chooses an (obvious) weapon. They always require plausible deniability...

"...It's ridiculous to claim that only if you used an easily discoverable method of producing a biological weapon would it be successful; or you wouldn't have done it any other way. I mean, it's such a simplistic argument. You wonder, couldn't they have come up with a better argument? Is that all they're left with? Because any scientist could see through it in a moment."
Meryl Nass,
biological weapons,
Telle était la tonitruante affirmation proférée le 26 février dernier par le meilleur infectiologue au monde (selon le classement expertscape), accueillie pourtant avec scepticisme et même sarcasmes par la communauté scientifique. Trois semaines plus tard, la réalité est en train de lui donner raison. Révélant au passage que nous aurions à peu près tout faux face au virus. Ce qui est en fait une excellente nouvelle !

Nous voici donc nous dit-on en « état de guerre ». Nouveauté certes pour nos générations qui (sauf pour les plus anciens) n’ont connu que des temps de paix. L’Europe est sous un quasi-couvre-feu, avec une restriction massive des libertés individuelles et une casse économique et sociale qui promet d’être dramatique. Les discours des chefs d’état s’enflamment à qui mieux mieux: nous sommes « attaqués », l’ennemi est « invisible », « sournois », « redoutable » mais nous en viendrons à bout ! Ce genre de vocabulaire paraît d’un autre âge. La réalité est plus prosaïque : nous subissons la contamination à large échelle par un virus qui est un pur produit de la rencontre entre la bêtise humaine (l’entassement dans des cages d’animaux sauvages de diverses espèces dans des marchés insalubres…) et de l’inventivité du vivant. La bestiole a donc franchi la barrière inter-espèces et s’est propagé à partir de là entre humains. Ce n’est pas une guerre, nous ne pourrons jamais vaincre ou éradiquer cette créature. Nous prémunir contre ses dégâts si, puis nous aurons à apprendre à vivre avec elle. Ce qui réclame une autre intelligence que celle des slogans martiaux sanitaires…
!Précaution liminaire
Je l’ai dit et le répète : en ces temps de mobilisation collective, nous avons tous à respecter scrupuleusement les mesures qui sont imposées. Même si on doute de celles-ci ou qu’on les trouve inadaptées, aucun d’entre nous ne peut se donner le droit de suivre sa propre idée. Cette compliance -que je n’ai cessé de prôner- m’habite inconditionnellement.
Par contre, cette obéissance civile ne doit surtout pas conduire à une interdiction de penser ou de parler. Nous vivons des temps hautement traumatiques, avec des dégâts sur la population qui seront considérables. Donner sens à ce que nous vivons, nous renseigner, oser poser des questions est non seulement un droit inaliénable mais aussi une nécessité vitale !
J’ai lu passablement de commentaires ironiques sur le nombre soudain de virologues ou d’épidémiologies amateurs s’exprimant sur les réseaux sociaux, ce que je peux comprendre. Mais je pense à l’inverse que plus les citoyennes et citoyens s’intéresseront à ce qui nous arrive, plus ils s’informeront ou même se documenteront, mieux cela nous aidera à mettre en dialogue ce que nous vivons, ce qui essentiel à la fois pour notre santé psychique individuelle et notre résilience collective.
On m’a parfois objecté que j’avais une responsabilité en tant que scientifique, que les analyses que je pouvais faire (toutes pertinentes qu’elles soient) risquaient d’être mal interprétées ou pousser les gens à faire n’importe quoi. Je le rappelle donc : nous avons tous à suivre sans discuter les instructions des autorités. Et abstenons-nous strictement de toute automédication, en particulier en ce qui concerne les substances que je mentionnerai plus loin. Utilisées hors suivi médical strict, elles peuvent en effet être dangereuses. Ceci posé, allons-y !
!D’où je parle…
Je suis anthropologue de la santé et expert en santé publique. Mon métier consiste depuis plus de 30 ans à étudier les pratiques des soins et les dispositifs sanitaires. J’arrive à un âge où l’on sait (hopefully) qu’on n’est pas le nombril du monde et (sauf exception) qu’on n’a pas inventé le fil à couper le beurre. J’ai quelques références dans mon domaine, comme celle d’être (malgré  l'embarrassante immodestie de ce propos) un des meilleurs connaisseurs actuels des processus de salutogenèse et de rétablissement ainsi que des déterminants de la santé. Ce qui m’a valu d’être invité à enseigner dans une quinzaine de programmes universitaires et de hautes écoles en santé (Facultés de médecine de l’UNIGE et de l’UNIL, EPFL, IHEID, Universités de Montréal, Fribourg, Neuchâtel, etc.) J’ai exercé ma profession hors des milieux académiques, préférant agir au sein des politiques de santé ainsi que sur le terrain. J’ai créé différents dispositifs socio-sanitaires innovants, en particulier en santé mentale, dont certains font encore référence aujourd’hui.
Je m’excuse pour ce petit étalage. C’est le prix à payer pour me prévaloir d’une (modeste) compétence quant à ce que je vais maintenant avancer.
!Banal ou pas banal ?
Depuis le début de l’émergence du coronavirus, je partage mon analyse qu’il s’agit d’une épidémie  banale. Le terme peut choquer quand il y a des morts, et a fortiori dans la crise sanitaire et la dramaturgie collective hallucinée que nous vivons. Pourtant, les données sont là : les affections respiratoires habituelles que nous vivons chaque année font bon an mal an 2'600'000 morts à travers le monde. Avec le Covid-19, nous en sommes, au quatrième mois, à 9'000 décès, et avec le pays initialement le plus touché qui est parvenu à juguler l'épidémie. Nous sommes très très loin d'avoir un effet statistiquement significatif au regard de la mortalité habituelle et en particulier de la surmortalité saisonnière. 
Je l’ai dit et je le répète : le même traitement politique ou journalistique appliqué à n’importe quel épisode de grippe saisonnière nous terrifierait tout autant que l’épidémie actuelle. Comme la mise en scène (avec décompte en live des victimes) de n’importe quel problème sanitaire d’envergure, qu’il s’agisse des maladies cardiovasculaires, des cancers ou aux effets de la pollution atmosphérique nous ferait frissonner d’effroi tout autant et même infiniment plus !
Nous savons aujourd’hui que le Covid-19 est bénin en l'absence de pathologie préexistante. Les plus récentes données en provenance d'Italie confirment que 99% des personnes décédées souffraient d'une à trois pathologies chroniques (hypertension, diabète, maladies cardiovasculaire, cancers, etc.) avec un âge moyen des victimes de 79,5 ans (médiane à 80,5) et très peu de pertes en-dessous de 65 ans. 
	•	Italy chronic.png
 Les quatre plus grands facteurs à l'origine des maladies chroniques étant :
	1.	- La malbouffe.
	2.	- La pollution.
	3.	- Le stress.
	4.	- La sédentarité.
Les maladies chroniques seraient évitables à 80% si nous nous donnions les moyens de protéger la population plutôt que de sacrifier sa santé au profit d'intérêts industriels. Nous avons depuis des décennies accordé des facilités coupables à des industries hautement toxiques au détriment du bien commun et de la santé de population (pour un développement de ce constat, se référer à l’article suivant).
Il faut oser le dire : ce n’est pas le virus qui tue (il est bénin pour les personnes en bonne santé), ce sont les pathologies chroniques qu’on a laissé se développer depuis des décennies.
!Stats et probas en folie
Il y a un autre problème : les taux en particulier de complications et de mortalité qu’on nous brandit sous le nez jour après jour ne veulent rien dire. En l’absence de dépistage systématique de la population, nous n’avons aucune donnée fiable à laquelle référer les données dont nous disposons (nombre de cas déclarés et de décès).
C’est un classique en épidémiologie : si vous ne dépistez que les morts, vous parviendrez à 100% de taux de mortalité ! Si vous ne testez que les cas critiques, vous en aurez moins mais encore beaucoup plus qu’en réalité. Si vous dépistez beaucoup, vous aurez beaucoup de cas alors que si vous dépistez peu, le nombre de cas sera faible. La cacophonie actuelle ne permet juste pas d’avoir la moindre idée de la progression réelle du virus et de sa diffusion.
Les estimations les plus crédibles laissent penser que le nombre de personnes déclarées est très largement inférieur (dans un facteur allant  selon les meilleures estimations jusqu'à 1/47) au nombre de personnes réellement infectées, dont à peu près la moitié ne se rendra même pas compte qu’elle a contracté le virus. Pour un redoutable tueur, il est parfois plutôt sympa…
Nous n’avons donc à ce stade aucune idée de l’ampleur réelle de la propagation du virus. La bonne nouvelle est que les données réelles (en particulier les taux de complications et de mortalité) ne peuvent être que largement inférieures à ce qui est couramment avancé. La mortalité réelle, comme annoncé dans un précédent article, doit en fait s'établir au plus à 0,3% et probablement encore moins. Soit moins du dixième des premiers chiffres avancés par l’OMS.
Les dernières modélisations évaluent à un ratio minimal de 1:8 (et possiblement jusqu'à 1:47 voire encore plus) le nombre de cas détectés vs non détectés, dépendamment des stratégies de dépistage mises en œuvre selon les pays. En date du 16 mars par exemple, on recensait  167'000 cas déclarés à travers le monde alors que l'estimation du nombre global de personnes infectées s'élevait à plus de 1'000'000.  Une équipe de recherche universitaire américaine m'a fait part qu'ils évaluaient (étude à publier) actuellement à 800'000 le nombre de personnes réellement infectées en Chine (et donc très probablement immunisées) pour 3'118 décès. Soit effectivement un taux de mortalité de 3/1000. 
Des lecteurs m'ont entretemps écrit pour m'indiquer que je m'étais trompé, que le nombre de cas en Chine était de 80'000 et non de 800'000 ! A nouveau, ils se réfèrent au nombre de cas avérés, qui n'est que la partie émergée de l'iceberg. Le taux de dépistage reste faible même dans les pays qui ont pris massivement cette voie. S'il reste impossible de connaître le nombre de cas inconnus (!), on est de toute manière très loin des statistiques disponibles basées sur des données lacunaires.
!Fin du monde ou pas ?!
Pareillement, les projections qui sont faites pour imaginer le nombre  de morts possibles sont rien moins que délirantes. Elles reposent sur un « forçage » artificiel et maximal de toutes les valeurs et coefficients. Elles sont faites par des gens qui travaillent dans des bureaux, devant des ordinateurs et n’ont aucune idée ni des réalités de terrain, ni de l’infectiologie clinique, aboutissant à des fictions absurdes. On pourrait leur laisser le bénéfice de la créativité et de la science-fiction. Malheureusement, ces projections, littéralement psychotiques, font des dégâts massifs.
Mon expérience en santé mentale me fait éviter strictement les expressions toutes faites comme « schizophrénie » ou « psychose », qui sont à peu très toujours utilisées abusivement et d’une manière désobligeante pour les personnes concernées. Médicalement, la psychose se caractérise par des distorsions cognitives, perceptuelles et affectives entraînant une perte de contact avec la réalité. Ici, le terme est hélas pleinement indiqué.
J’en appelle à mes collègues de la Faculté de médecine et autres instituts universitaires pour qu’ils arrêtent de produire et de colporter des modélisations fausses et anxiogènes. Ces experts se protègent en reconnaissant par précaution de langage le caractère outrancier de leurs formalisations, les journalistes le mentionnent scrupuleusement (c’est à leur crédit), on n'en construit pas moins diligemment un sentiment de fin du monde qui non seulement n’a absolument pas lieu d’être, mais de surcroît est lui-même profondément nocif !
On peut certes donner crédit à nos dirigeants d’envisager le pire du pire du pire sur la base de ces élucubrations pour ne surtout pas prendre le moindre risque qu’il se produise. En attendant, on construit une hallucination -collective- sur la base de chiffres qui ne veulent rien dire.  La réalité, à nouveau, est que cette épidémie est largement moins problématique et dangereuse que ce qui est affirmé, le visionnement de la première vidéo référencée en fin d’article donnera au lecteur (ou la lectrice) les éléments nécessaires à comprendre le bien-fondé de cette affirmation.
!Oui, mais tous ces morts et ces services engorgés ?!
C’est hélas le vrai point noir : s’il n’y avait pas ces cas graves, l’épidémie serait insignifiante. Il se trouve qu’elle entraîne des complications rares mais redoutables. Comme me l'écrivait le Dr Philippe Cottet, en première ligne aux HUG : « il faut le dire, les pneumonies virales sont rarissimes d’habitude en Suisse. Elles ont un tableau clinique fruste et d’évolution parfois fulminante, dont les signes annonciateurs sont difficilement identifiables face aux cas plus bénins. C’est un réel challenge clinique, sans compter le nombre de cas simultanés... »
C’est l’existence de ces cas graves (estimés de manière absurde à 15% des cas, probablement en réalité 10 fois moins) qui justifie que l’on ne s’en remette pas simplement à l’immunité de groupe. On nomme ainsi ce processus par lequel chaque personne qui contracte le virus et n'en meurt pas s’immunise, la multiplication des immunisés conduisant à un effet collectif de protection immunitaire…
En l’absence -jusqu’à il y a peu- de traitement pour protéger ou guérir les personnes à risque, le choix de laisser l’immunité se construire en laissant circuler le virus est apparu comme étant trop dangereux. Le risque pour les personnes vulnérables est tel qu’il s’avèrerait éthiquement indéfendable de prendre cette direction, du fait de la gravité des conséquences possibles.
C'est une des difficultés de la santé publique : la médecine comme le journalisme travaillent dans le cas particulier. En médecine, c'est pour cela par exemple qu'il n'y a pas "remède-miracle". Chaque personne sera susceptible de réagir différemment à un traitement. 
En journalisme, on cherche à illustrer une thématique avec des cas particuliers, en montrant donc des images et paroles souvent choquantes. En santé publique, on n'agit pas à ce niveau "narratif" singulier. On collecte des données pour voir les contours exacts d'une problématique. Ainsi en Italie, seuls 7 des 2'500 premiers décès concernaient des personnes âgées de moins de 50 ans. Ces cas existent, mais ils sont heureusement marginaux.
Un possible motif d'inquiétude en revanche est cette affirmation qu'il y aurait des personnes jeunes en quantité non négligeable atteintes de pneumonie et placées sous assistance respiratoire. Elles semblent heureusement survivre, mais c'est bien le nombre de lits en soins intensifs qui est dès lors à risque de poser problème si l'encombrement des services der réanimation se poursuivaient. 
C’est dans ce paradoxe compliqué entre la très grande innocuité du virus pour l'immense majorité des gens et sa dangerosité extrême dans certains cas que nous sommes trouvés coincés. Nous avons alors adopté des mesures absolument contraires aux bonnes pratiques : renoncer à dépister les personnes possiblement malades et confiner la population dans son ensemble pour enrayer la diffusion du virus. Mesures à vrai dire moyenâgeuses et problématique puisqu’elles ne ralentissent l’épidémie qu’au risque de phénomènes de rebond potentiellement encore pires. Et qu’elles enferment tout le monde alors qu’une faible minorité seulement est concernée. Toutes les recommandations en santé publique sont à l’inverse de dépister le plus de cas possibles, et de confiner uniquement les cas positifs le temps qu’ils ne soient plus contagieux.
Le confinement général constitue un pauvre pis-aller face à l'épidémie dès lors qu’on manque de tout ce qui permettrait de lutter efficacement contre elle…
Pourquoi en est-on arrivé là ? Simplement parce que nous avons défailli à mettre d’emblée en place les bonnes réponses. Le manque de tests et de mesures de dépistage en particulier est emblématique de ce naufrage : alors que la Corée, Hong-Kong et la Chine en faisaient la priorité absolue, nous avons été d’une passivité invraisemblable à organiser la mise à disposition de quelque chose de techniquement simple
Les pays mentionnés ont mis à profit l’intelligence artificielle notamment pour identifier les chaînes de transmissions possibles pour chaque cas positifs (avec les smartphones, on peut par exemple faire l’inventaire des déplacements et donc des contacts que les personnes infectées ont eu avec d’autres personnes dans les 48h précédent l’apparition des symptômes).
Enfin, nous avons réduit de manière importante la capacité de nos hôpitaux au cours de la décennie écoulée et nous retrouvons en manque de lits de soins intensifs et de matériel de réanimation. Les statistiques montrent que les pays les plus touchés sont ceux qui ont réduit massivement les capacités des services de soins intensifs.
	•	Hôpitaux suisse.png
Rien de tout ceci n’a été pensé, alors que le risque de pandémie est un risque sanitaire majeur. La vérité, c’est que nous avons été complètement dépassés. C’est évidemment plus facile de jouer sur les métaphores guerrières que de reconnaître notre tragique impréparation…
!Fin de partie ?!
Le premier expert mondial en matière de maladies transmissibles s’appelle Didier Raoult. Il est français, ressemble au choix à un Gaulois sorti d’Astérix ou un ZZ top qui aurait posé sa guitare au bord de la route. Il dirige l’Institut hospitalier universitaire (IHU) Méditerranée-Infection à Marseille, avec plus de 800 collaboratrices et collaborateurs. Cette institution détient la plus terrifiante collection de bactéries et de virus « tueurs » qui soit et constitue un des meilleurs centres de compétences en infectiologie et microbiologie au monde. Le Pr Raoult est par ailleurs classé parmi les dix premiers chercheurs français par la revue Nature, tant pour le nombre de ses publications (plus de deux mille) que pour le nombre de citations par d’autres chercheurs. Il a suivi depuis le début du millénaire les différentes épidémies virales qui ont frappé les esprits et noué des contacts scientifiques étroits avec ses meilleurs collègues chinois. Parmi ses hauts faits, il a découvert des traitements (notamment avec la chloroquine…) qui figurent aujourd’hui dans tous les manuels d’infectiologie au monde.
Le 26 février, il publiait donc une vidéo retentissante sur un canal en ligne (comprenant le mot « tube ») pour affirmer : « Coronavirus, fin de partie ! »
La raison de son enthousiasme ? La publication d’un essai clinique chinois sur la prescription de chloroquine, montrant une suppression du portage viral en quelques jours sur des patients infectés au SARS-CoV-2. Des études avaient déjà montré l’efficacité de cette molécule contre le virus en laboratoire (in vitro). L’étude chinoise confirmait cette efficacité sur un groupe de patients atteints (in vivo). Suite à cette étude, la prescription de chloroquine fut incorporée aux recommandations de traitement du coronavirus en Chine et en Corée, les deux pays qui sont le mieux parvenus à juguler l’épidémie…
La chloroquine est une molécule mise sur le marché en 1949, largement utilisée comme antipaludique. Tous les voyageurs des pays tropicaux se souviendront des comprimés de nivaquine (un de ses noms commerciaux) qui leur étaient prescrits à titre préventif contre la malaria. Ce remède a ensuite été remplacé par d’autres pour certaines zones géographiques, restant en usage pour certaines destinations.
L’hydroxychloroquine (nom commercial : plaquenil) a quant à elle été préparée en 1955 et présente une hydroxylation sur un des deux groupes éthyle de la chaine latérale.
!So what ?!
Pourquoi vous parler de cela ? Eh bien parce que le Pr Raoult et ses équipes sont les meilleurs spécialistes actuels au monde de l’utilisation de la chloroquine. Il avait notamment eu l’idée géniale de l’essayer contre des bactéries intracellulaires (qui pénètrent les cellules comme les virus), en particulier les Ricksettia. L’IHU de Marseille dispose donc d’une expérience clinique et pharmacologique sans équivalent quant à l’usage de cette molécule.
La chloroquine a également démontré une puissante efficacité thérapeutique contre la plupart des coronavirus, dont le redouté SRAS de sinistre mémoire. Raoult trouva donc dans l’essai clinique chinois la confirmation que la chloroquine était aussi indiquée contre le Covid-19.
Il fut toutefois accueilli comme un cheveu sur la soupe, ses confrères dénigrant d’emblée sa proposition. Les journalises du Monde allèrent même jusqu’à qualifier sa communication de « fake news », accusation reprise sur le site du ministère de la santé pendant quelques heures avant d’être retirée.
Le Pr Raoult obtint pourtant dans la foulée l’autorisation de conduire un essai clinique sur 24 patients dans son service et fut appelé à faire partie du comité pluridisciplinaire de 11 experts formé en mars par l'exécutif français, afin "d'éclairer la décision publique dans la gestion de la situation sanitaire liée au coronavirus".
Les résultats de l’essai clinique étaient attendus avec impatience, en premier chef par votre serviteur. Nous savons la prudence requise face à de substances prometteuses et l’importance de ne rien avancer avant que la recherche confirme ou non une hypothèse La science n’est ni divination ni magie, elle est observation, test, puis le cas échéant validation.
Les résultats de son étude clinique sont sortis hier, confirmant l’obtention d’effets thérapeutiques spectaculaires. La méthodologie est robuste, puisque l’IHU de Marseille a pu comparer la négativation du portage viral chez les patients qui ont suivi le protocole avec des patients d’Avignon et de Nice qui n’ont pas reçu le traitement.
« Ceux qui n’ont pas reçu le Plaquenil [médicament à base d’hydroxychloroquine] sont encore porteurs à 90 % du virus au bout de six jours, tandis qu’ils sont 25 % à être positifs pour ceux qui ont reçu le traitement », explique le professeur Raoult.
Mais ça ne s’arrête pas là :  l’IHU Méditerrannée- Infection conseille (comme d’autres) depuis longtemps de donner concomitamment un antibiotique dans les infections virales respiratoires « parce qu’elles se compliquent surtout de pneumopathies. Donc tous les gens qui présentaient des signes cliniques qui pouvaient évoluer vers une complication bactérienne de pneumopathie, on leur a donné de l’Azithromycine. Il a été démontré que ça diminue les risques chez les gens qui ont des infections virales. L’autre raison, c’est que l’Azithromycine a montré en laboratoire qu’elle était efficace contre un grand nombre de virus, bien que ce soit un antibiotique. Donc quitte à choisir un antibiotique, on préférait prendre un antibiotique efficace contre les virus. Et quand on compare le pourcentage de positifs avec l’association hydroxychloroquine et Azithromycine, on a une diminution absolument spectaculaire du nombre de positifs. » ajoute-t-il.
!Portage viral ?
Une étude publiée dans la revue Lancet le 11 mars avait entretemps révélé une donnée nouvelle mais essentielle : le temps de portage viral (durée entre le début et la fin de l’infection- et donc de contagiosité possible) s’avère supérieur à ce que l’on croyait, avec une durée moyenne de 20 jours. Avec l’association hydroxychloroquine / azithromycine, cette durée est réduite à 4-6 jours.
La réduction drastique du temps de portage viral donne non seulement l’espoir de traiter les cas critiques, mais aussi de réduire le temps nécessaire à une personne infectée pour ne plus être contagieuse. Et donc présente des perspectives énormes pour prévenir la propagation du virus. Cette nouvelle est bien sûr la meilleure nouvelle que l’on pouvait attendre. Les autorités et les scientifiques l’ont donc accueillie avec joie penserez-vous…
Eh bien que nenni ! Les réactions qui se sont fait entendre disputaient dans un premier temps la bêtise à la méchanceté.
Certes, ni les études chinoises, ni l’essai clinique marseillais n’a valeur de preuve (« evidence ») selon les critères de la recherche scientifique. Une réplication des résultats par d’autres équipes est requise, sans même parler d’une étude randomisée en double-aveugle, le top of the pop des méthodologies de recherche.
Mais diable ! nous sommes dans une situation d’urgence. La chloroquine est un des médicaments les mieux connus et les mieux maîtrisés (en particulier par l’IHU de Marseille). On peut donc tabler sur une très solide expérience relative au sujet de sa prescription. Se réfugier derrière un intégrisme procédural est éthiquement indéfendable dès lors qu’on parle d’un médicament qu’on connaît par cœur, qui a déjà démontré son efficacité sur d’autres coronavirus, confirmée sur celui-ci par deux essais cliniques, et alors que des vies sont en jeu jour après jour !
Raoult a relevé avec ironie qu’il n’était pas impossible que la découverte d’un nouvelle utilité thérapeutique pour un médicament tombé de longue date dans le domaine public soit décevant pour tous ceux qui espèrent un prix Nobel grâce à la découverte fracassante d’une nouvelle molécule ou d'un vaccin… sans oublier la perspective des dizaines de milliards de dollars de revenus à prendre, là où la chloroquine ne coûte littéralement rien.
!Célébration des soignants !
Depuis quelques jours, la population confinée s’exprime chaque jour pour rendre hommage aux soignants et les soutenir dans les circonstances éprouvantes qu’ils vivent. Il s’agit d’une belle expression de solidarité, évidemment méritée par des professionnel-les remarquables d’abnégation et d’engagement, au front de cette lourde souffrance et de ce nouveau danger.
Dans les cercles des sommités, les choses sont hélas en général moins reluisantes. La recherche et l’autorité médicales sont aussi souvent faites de mesquineries, de manipulations, de malhonnêtetés ou d’abus en tous genres, ainsi que de pitoyables mais violents combats d’ego.
Sur BFM TV, le Dr Alain Durcadonnet cassait aussitôt du sucre sur le dos de Raoult en rappelant qu’une conclusion scientifique se publiait dans des revues scientifiques et non pas par vidéo… Ceci alors, que dans sa communication, le Pr Raoult (le chercheur français qui, rappelons-le, a le plus publié dans les revues scientifiques dans son domaine) venait évidemment de préciser que l’article décrivant son essai clinique avait été envoyé pour publication à une revue à comité de lecture. Cette anecdote montrant le niveau, comme les suivantes.
Le 1er mars, bien après la publication du premier essai clinique chinois, le directeur général de l'Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris, Martin Hirsch, disait ainsi au micro d’Europe 1 : "La chloroquine marche très bien dans une éprouvette, mais n’a jamais marché chez un être vivant", ce qui était déjà parfaitement faux !
Dans les retours de la presse nationale, l’insistance est mise lourdement sur le risque du surdosage avec la chloroquine, effectivement toxique au-delà de 2 gr/jour en l’absence de comorbidité somatique. Les chinois ont privilégié des doses de 2x 500 mg/jour pendant leur essai. Raoult et son équipe, trouvant ce dosage excessif, préférant opter pour 600mg/jour. L’objection est donc d’une consternante vacuité- rappelons que nulle équipe clinique ne connaît mieux cette molécule que celle de Méditerranée-Infection. Cela reviendrait à dire à une équipe de neurologues au sujet du Dafalgan : ouh là là, attention, il peut être toxique s’il est mal utilisé, donc ce n’est vraiment pas une bonne idée d'envisager de traiter les maux de tête avec ce médicament !
On invoqua (si, si, lisez la presse !) les risques liés à une utilisation prolongée, là où le traitement proposé dure en moyenne 6 jours.  L’IHU dispose de surcroît de l’expérience de prescriptions exceptionnelles au long cours (jusqu’à deux ans !) dans le cadre du traitement de certaines bactéries intracellulaires. On a beau savoir qu’il est bon d’être charitable avec son prochain, des fois la bêtise combinée à la malhonnêteté rendent la chose ardue...
D’autres insistèrent (et insistent encore) sur le fait qu’on ne peut tirer de conclusions définitives sur la base d’essais cliniques. Ce qui est tout-à-fait juste dans l’absolu mais s’applique mal au cas présent, étant donnée la parfaite connaissance de cette molécule ! Situation absurde résumée ainsi par Raoult : « Il y a une urgence sanitaire et on sait guérir la maladie avec un médicament que l'on connaît parfaitement. Il faut savoir où on place les priorités. » Face à la réalité de l'épidémie, il préconise d’arrêter de s'affoler et de détecter les malades sans attendre que leur cas s'aggrave pour mieux les traiter.
!Le problème va plus loin…
La solitude de la compétence extrême ?! Raoult explique comment Emmanuel Macron est venu le chercher après sa première annonce publique du 26 février et l’étrange expérience qui a été depuis la sienne dans le cercle d’experts qui conseille le martial président. A la question posée par un journaliste de Marianne : « Y êtes-vous  entendu ? », il répond : « J'y dis ce que je pense, mais ce n'est pas traduit en acte. On appelle cela des conseils scientifiques, mais ils sont politiques. J'y suis comme un extra-terrestre. »
C’est sa certitude, évidemment inconfortable pour les autorités : avec les mesures prises actuellement contre l’épidémie, on marche sur la tête. Nos pays ont renoncé (contrairement aux Chinois et aux Coréens) au dépistage systématique au profit d’un confinement dont le Pr Raoult souligne qu’il n’a jamais été une réponse efficace contre les épidémies. C’est un réflexe ancestral de claustration (comme à l’époque du choléra et du Hussard sur le toit de Giono). Confiner chez eux des gens qui ne sont pas porteurs du virus est infectiologiquement absurde- le seul effet d’une telle mesure est de détruire l’économie et la vie sociale. Un peu comme bombarder une ville pour en éloigner les moustiques porteurs de malaria…
La seule voie qui fasse sens selon lui est de confiner les porteurs du virus uniquement, et de les traiter en cas de besoin soit pour éviter de terribles complications comme celles que l’on voit, soit pour réduire le temps pendant lequel elles sont contagieuses.
En Suisse comme en France (et partout en Occident), la décision prise est de confiner les gens chez eux, malades ou non. Quand ils sont malades, on attend qu’ils aillent mieux puis (du fait de la durée de portage viral), on les laisse ressortir alors qu’ils sont en fait encore contagieux ! Les personnes à risque, elles, développent parfois des complications, en particulier une détresse respiratoire aiguë qui les conduit aux urgences. Elles viennent alors engorger les services de soins intensifs, et, pour certains malades, y mourir alors qu’affirme Raoult, on aurait pu les traiter avant !
Confiner l’ensemble de la population sans dépister et sans traiter, c’est digne du traitement des épidémies des siècles passés. 
La seule stratégie qui fasse sens est de dépister massivement, puis confiner les positifs et/ou les traiter, tout comme les cas à risque puisque c’est possible, comme on le voit en Chine et en Corée, qui ont intégré l’association de dépistages massifs avec la prescription de chloroquine dans leurs treatment guidelines.
Ni Hong Kong ni la Corée, deux territoires qui ont connu les plus faibles taux de mortalité face au Covid-19 n’ont imposé de confinement aux personnes saines. Elle se sont simplement organisées différemment.
!La décadence de l’Occident
Elle est hélas criante et révélée ici dans toute sa crudité… Nous disposons d’une médecine de qualité, mais d’une santé publique moyenâgeuse. Le leadership technologique et scientifique est passé à l’Extrême-Orient depuis longtemps déjà, et notre nombrilisme intellectuel nous fait souvent nous raccrocher aux lanternes du passé plutôt qu’à la science d’aujourd’hui.
Des tests systématiques seraient faciles à instaurer, pour autant qu’on en fasse une priorité sanitaire et que l’on s’organise, ce que les Coréens ont fait en un temps record. En Europe, nous avons été complètement dépassés, comme si nous vivions dans un autre temps. Les autorités comprennent maintenant qu’il s’agit d’une priorité absolue -suivant en cela les recommandations insistantes de l’OMS.
Produire les tests ne présente aucune difficulté :« C’est de la PCR [réaction en chaîne par polymérase] banale que tout le monde peut faire, la question c’est l’organisation, pas la technique, ce n’est pas la capacité de diagnostic, nous l’avons, commente Raoult. C’est un choix stratégique qui n’est pas celui de la plupart des pays technologiques, en particulier les Coréens qui font partie, avec les Chinois, de ceux qui ont maîtrisé l’épidémie en faisant dépistage et traitement. On est capables dans ce pays comme n’importe où de faire des milliers de tests et de tester tout le monde. »
Certes, des régimes politiques plus disciplinés ou même autoritaires ont un avantage de compliance sociale, mais la question n’est pas là. Le problème, c’est bien nous. La France s’enfonce dans des polémiques sans fin avant même que qui que ce soit ait ouvert la bouche, pendant que son jupitérien président s’envole dans des pérorations antiques sur l’« état de guerre » en se contemplant dans un miroir… Dans notre pays, le Conseil fédéral a réagi sans agitation ni malice, mais en donnant comme toujours l’impression qu’on le réveillait déplaisamment de sa sieste.
Bref, pour notre pays qui se targue de sa qualité d’innovation et de biotech, c’est encore un peu la fête au village…
!Le changement c’est maintenant ?!
Heureusement, on peut espérer que le vent change vite et bien. Le ministère de la santé français vient de mandater le CHU de Lille pour un essai visant à répliquer les résultats obtenus à Marseille. Rappelons que des essais probants ont déjà été menés en Chine et en Corée -mais en France on tient en général que ce qui vient de l’étranger est indigne du génie français.  Quelques services hospitaliers et leurs médecins-chefs sont capables d’envisager qu’ils se sont trompés, c’est par exemple le cas du Pr Alexandre Bleibtreu de l’Hôpital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière, qui a tweeté récemment avec humour :
	•	Bleibtreu.png
L’intérêt pour la chloroquine est désormais mondial avec des équipes travaillant aux quatre coins du monde. Si l’efficacité aujourd’hui très probable du médicament se confirme, ce sera un major game-changer.
Une fois les personnes à risque de complications diligemment traitées, les innombrables infections bénignes dues au SARS-CoV-2, que nous serons très nombreux à vivre, pourvoiront l’immunité de masse qui ravalera cette « pandémie » au rang de sale mésaventure.
Le dépistage de masse est désormais enfin une priorité sanitaire. Le temps d’organiser la capacité d’analyses des laboratoires, nous y aurons tous progressivement droit. Le laboratoire Sanofi vient par ailleurs de proposer au gouvernement français de produire gratuitement un million de de doses de chloroquine.
Et si la molécule ne tenait pas ses promesses ? C’est bien sûr une hypothèse possible, même si elle est à ce stade peu probable. D’autres médicaments sont actuellement en voie d’examen, notamment des antiviraux connus (comme le Favipiravir) testé en Chine également avec des premiers résultats cliniques encourageants. Selon une nouvelle tombée ce matin :
"La Chine a achevé une recherche clinique sur le favipiravir, un médicament antiviral présentant une bonne efficacité clinique contre le nouveau coronavirus (COVID-19).
Le favipiravir, médicament antigrippal dont l'utilisation clinique a été approuvée au Japon en 2014, n'a provoqué aucune réaction adversaire évidente dans l'essai clinique, a révélé Zhang Xinmin, directeur du Centre national du développement biotechnologique de Chine relevant du ministère des Sciences et des Technologies, lors d'une conférence de presse.
Le favipiravir a été recommandé aux équipes de traitement médical et devra être inclus le plus vite possible dans le plan de diagnostic et de traitement du COVID-19, a-t-il fait savoir."
Ce qui est frappant autour de la chloroquine, c’est la religiosité du débat que cette option provoque  -un classique toutefois en science. Raoult est décrit comme une espèce de gourou (malgré ses états de service scientifiques remarquables) et on décrit la « croyance » en ce médicament comme étant l’attente d’un « remède-miracle » qui égarerait les gens en faisant miroiter des « espoirs impossibles ».
Heureusement, il reste une démarche qui s’appelle la science et qui vise justement à passer du registre des opinions (chacun voit le monde à sa manière) au savoir (ce que l’on a éprouvé, vérifié et validé indépendamment des opinions personnelles).
Si les résultats obtenus à Marseille et Chine se démentent, alors l'hallucination collective dans laquelle nous sommes engoncés se poursuivra, avec de très lourdes conséquences sur notre société, nos mode de vie, notre santé psychique et sociale. Si en revanche ils se confirment, on aura fait un pas de géant pour sortir de cette lourde gonfle, et ce sera alors bel et bien « Fin de partie ! pour le Covid ». Nous aurons appris bien des choses au passage.
!Hommage aux autorités
Il n’est pas dans mes habitudes d’être complaisant avec les autorités. J’ai trop souvent vu les ravages de la flatterie et de la veulerie (comme de la critique gratuite ou du procès d'intention) pour tomber dans le piège. Ici, on entend bien des critiques qui me semblent injustes. Oui, notre système de santé n’en est pas vraiment un, on a une industrie de la maladie – ce qui n’est pas pareil. Oui, nos réponses sanitaires sont incroyablement poussiéreuses et même dépassés. Oui, le Conseil fédéral a des godasses de plomb -ce a aussi d'ailleurs parfois ses avantages.
Mais je tiens à dire mon sentiment que la réaction des autorités fédérales et cantonales a été proportionnée à ce que nous savions et ne savions pas. Il est facile de dire qu’il aurait fallu fermer les frontières il y a un mois dans un monde où la menace était encore peu visible et où nous aurions été les seuls à le faire.
Tout fermer conduit inévitablement à un désastre économique et social. En l’absence des moyens d’appliquer la meilleure stratégie (dépistage – confinement – traitement), recourir à un « lock-down » est une mesure archaïque et peu efficace, mais la seule qu'il était possible de prendre.
A Genève en particulier, le Conseil d’Etat (avec MM. Mauro Poggia et Antonio Hodgers en première ligne) a été solide, humain, rassurant, et clair, agissant avec calme et un indéniable sens de la proportionnalité.
Une fois l'urgence passée, il faudra bien en revanche que les responsables sanitaires et politiques rendent des comptes sur la manière dont ils se seront révélés totalement pris de court par un risque sanitaire parfaitement identifié, avec une situation en l'occurrence très peu grave par rapport à ce que serait une vraie pandémie tueuse. 
Rappelons que le risque pandémique est redouté depuis plus de 30 ans, en provenance d'Extrême-Orient comme désomais des toundras subarctiques, à risque de libérer d'innombrables variétés de virus jusque là congelées sous le permafrost... 
Un peu donc comme si dans une région à risque de tremblement de terre, on n'avait ni prévu de normes de construction antisismique ni de procédures de protection de la population ! Ceci alors que des cohortes de hauts fonctionnaires et universitaires étaient généreusement payés pour anticiper ces risques...
Il faudra aussi répondre de l'inaptitude à répondre vite et bien (comme d'autres nations) en requérant au besoin de manière contraignante la mise à disposition des capacités industrielles et scientifiques pour faire ce qu'il aurait fallu. Comme me l'indique un lecteur, la France est tout de même le leader mondial de la production de machines d'assistances respiratoires et sa capacité pharmaceutique est puissante.
Un dernière info enfin, qui nous incitera tous je l’espère à la prudence : les dernières données infectiologiques tenderaient à confirmer que les enfants ne sont que très peu porteurs et/ou contaminateurs du SARS-CoV-2. Si cette hypothèse se confirme, la fermeture des écoles ne serait en fait pas une mesure nécessaire. Les données que je relaye ici sont tombées cette semaine. Au moment où la fermeture a été décidée, on les ignorait- comme je le précisais dans mon blog précédent- il s'agissait donc d'une mesure de précaution, dont l'indication pourrait être démentie si les données en question se confirment. 
Soyons donc patients et appliqués. Une fois cette hallucination collective passée, il sera alors temps de faire un rigoureux « post-mortem » des décisions sanitaires et de chercher à comprendre ce qu’il s’est passé pour qu’on génère cet invraisemblable gâchis sociétal…
Coronavirus, analyse des données épidémiques dans le monde : diagnostiquer doit être la priorité, intervention du Pr Raoult du 17 mars 2020.
Résultats de l’essai clinique réalisé à l’IHU Méditerranée-Infection à Marseille, présentation du Pr Raoult du 16 mars 2020
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JD Michel
Jim Humble

Coronavirus Update (COVID-19)


I first discovered that MMS (chlorine dioxide) can help people recover their health, 24 years ago. Since that time more than 2 million people have recovered their health from just about all known diseases, in a total of about 175 different countries. Many people are now using it around the world for a wide range of ailments/disease in a variety of ways.

And now for some good news—two days ago we received word that 14 people who were confirmed cases of COVID-19 (in Europe), took MMS and have recovered their health. All of these tested positive and when re-tested after taking MMS, they came out negative for COVID-19. In addition, we have other testimonies coming in now from various parts of the world, of people with coronavirus who have taken MMS and have recovered. Apart from what has come in directly to me, we have seen other testimonials on web boards and in comment boxes on the internet of people who took MMS and recovered from the virus.

Those of us who have used chlorine dioxide (MMS) over the years certainly expected it to also work with this virus, but we wanted to be sure and now with this data we are confident that the proper mixture of chlorine dioxide (MMS) has every hope of eradicating COVID-19.

The next question that I anticipate is on everyone’s mind is what did these people do for COVID-19? What protocol did they follow? In the reports we have received, people have done different things that have worked. My intent here is to hopefully bring some clarity to this subject.

MMS is an amazing substance. I have set out very specific guidelines in my latest book on how to use MMS, and I personally encourage people to follow those guidelines—but MMS is very forgiving, and though we set out specific protocols for various things, it is important to stay open. MMS is not always a one size fits all deal, nothing health related really is. This is why I highly advocate the Three Golden Rules of MMS. Anyone who has ever heard from me personally knows that I am always pointing people to the Three Golden Rules of MMS, which essentially helps an individual determine the proper dose for them personally.

In brief, the Three Golden Rules of MMS are:

If you are getting better—do not change anything. Continue with what you are doing—keep doing the same dose.

If you are feeling worse—showing signs of nausea, diarrhea or vomiting, reduce your MMS intake by 50%. Reduce, but don’t quit—keep up the hourly dosing.

If you are not getting better, neither getting worse—if there are no signs of improvement, do the next increase or go to the next protocol, increase your intake of MMS.

I have outlined these principles in this letter, because it’s very important to know this and because right now, even in the MMS community, there have been a variety of recommendations on how much MMS to take for coronavirus. Some suggested dosing is rather high dosing, other suggested dosing has been on the lower side, and some more in the middle. All of the various suggestions may be good and all of them may work, but possibly not for everyone. Remember, we are all bio-individual. Each person is different and what may be going on in one person’s body is different from the next person. There are so many variables that enter into the equation. With MMS, some may do better on a low and slow approach, even with coronavirus, and others may need higher dosing.

This is why you must pay close attention to what your body is telling you, and follow the Three Golden Rules of MMS so you can adjust the protocols according to what your own body is asking for, or requiring. So please remember this, I can’t say it enough. If you are taking a certain dosage of MMS and you start to feel worse, lower your dose. If you are taking a certain dosage and you don’t see any results, up your dosage some. Adjust the protocol to what works for you.

Having said this, we have seen over the years, that taking MMS in most any form brings good results in some way. As for my advice, this is what I would suggest for coronavirus:

(Please note, especially if you are new to MMS: Below I talk about 3-drop doses and 6-drop doses of MMS. All MMS doses are made by taking drops of sodium chlorite solution 22.4% in distilled water and mixing it with drops of a food grade acid activator. Usually 50% citric acid or 4% HCl (hydrochloric acid) are used and at these percentages you mix the drops, drop for drop. A 3-drop dose would mean taking a clean, dry glass and putting 3 drops of the sodium chlorite solution and 3 drops of the acid activator in the glass. Gently swirl the drops so they mix together and count 30 seconds. The mixture should turn amber color. Then add 4 ounces of purified water and drink it down. All MMS doses are taken in 1/2 cup (4 ounces/120 ml) of water. When I say a 3-drop dose or a 6-drop dose, it goes without saying that means the drops are mixed as stated above and added to water. Never take MMS drops without adding water. For more details on mixing a dose of MMS and possibly using other acid activators, please refer to the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook for instructions.)

If you have COVID-19:

--Take Protocol 6 and 6 to start. This is one 6-drop dose of MMS, then one hour later take another 6-drop dose of MMS.

--After two 6-drop doses of MMS, go on hourly doses of 3 activated drops in 4 ounces of water hourly. BUT work up to the 3 drops per hour, start with 1 drop for a dose or two, then go up to 2 drops, then 3 drops—that is, if your body is tolerating it, if not, lower this dosing, but keep taking hourly doses for eight consecutive hours a day.

--I suggest that the hourly doses of MMS every day (for 8 consecutive hours) be kept up for a period of 3 weeks (21 days). Even if one feels completely recovered and shows no symptoms, it would be prudent to keep up the 3 week protocol. This is for the purpose to detox the body and therefore strengthen the immune system, as well as guard against relapse.

--After the 21 days is completed if all is well, I suggest going on a daily maintenance dose of MMS. This is one 6-drop dose of MMS daily and make it on-going.

--For children, follow the same instructions as above and cut the amounts in half.

If one does not have coronavirus but knows you have been directly exposed:

--In this case, it may be wise to do the Starting Procedure, followed by Protocol 1000–which is the 3 week protocol taking MMS for 8 consecutive hours every day. This is outlined in my book the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook, available here:

For everyone—if you have not been directly exposed:

--As per the news reports of how the virus is spreading, if you want to strengthen your immune system and take preventative measures, I would suggest taking a daily maintenance dose of MMS. This is one 6-drop dose of MMS daily, be sure to not take this while drinking coffee, tea, orange juice, milk, alcohol and things particularly high in antioxidants. This works well to take first thing in the morning, then wait an hour before drinking or eating anything else. (If too strong on the stomach first thing in the morning, take at another time during the day, but space it out from food and drink.) Another good time to take it is before bed-time.

There is a dosage chart in the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook for guidelines on how to adjust the maintenance dose for children, according to their weight.

Overall, the above suggestions are what I would do for Coronavirus. However, below is another suggestion based on a report that came in this week. It involves taking MMS more frequently. This is something that I have seen over the years—that is, that for some conditions, taking MMS more frequently as in every 10 or 15 minutes for a number of hours is often very effective. Depending on what the condition is, the dose would be fairly low, though sometimes it is needed to be a higher dose, again, depending on the condition. I have done this myself for various things, such as a strong attack of bronchial problems and extreme coughing and difficulty breathing, and the frequent dosing for a time brought quick results. So, I believe there is a time to keep MMS running through your system in shorter intervals of time than once every hour. In my personal experience it was every 10 or 15 minutes. In the testimonial below it was given every 5 to 10 minutes but in smaller amounts as the man was sipping the MMS, not taking a larger gulp or a full 4 ounce dose.

Here is the testimony of a man who was experiencing very serious symptoms of Coronavirus:

The man is 85 years old and was confirmed to have coronavirus. He was quarantined at home, all of his relatives at home were also infected, but the elderly man was in very serious condition and on oxygen—by far he was the most worst off. He was given a 1 liter bottle of water which had 20 activated drops of MMS added to it. He was instructed to take a sip from the bottle every five minutes, but not to let it go past 10 minutes. So every 5 to 10 minutes the man took a sip (not a big gulp, just a sip) from the bottle—that’s all, but he did this faithfully, every 5 to 10 minutes throughout the day until the bottle was finished, just a sip each time. After three days he was noticeably improved and off of the oxygen, so his dose was reduced to 12 activated drops in the 1 liter bottle of water and he drank from it, just sipping it, every half hour. He is recovering quickly—90% improved, has just a slight remnant of cough occasionally. The rest of the family who also took MMS are now fully recovered.

I would suggest this is something one might try, especially if they have an extreme case of coronavirus—I think however, I would alter it to 24 drops of activated MMS in the 1 liter bottle of water. For those of you who are familiar with Protocol 1000, please note that Protocol 1000 is essentially taking 24 drops of MMS a day. (This is eight hourly doses, of 3 drops of MMS each dose.) In the case above, the man was taking nearly the equivalent of Protocol 1000, but I believe taking it in sips and frequently, every 5 to 10 minutes, was obviously a key for him to keep the MMS running through his system at a certain pace. He had a more drastic case of the virus, showed more serious symptoms and it seems taking the MMS in a more constant manner helped him.

In general, I advocate taking fresh made doses of MMS whenever possible. But this does not rule out across the board other possibilities, as in this case, a premade bottle, which worked for this man. There is a lot to be said for hydrating the body, and it is known that hydrating the body works best in frequent smaller sips of water, rather than chugging down your daily water quota in one fell swoop (or two). How much better to hydrate by sipping water more frequently throughout the day, and in the case of wanting to strengthen the immune system, with water that has MMS added.

In any case, this is an encouraging testimonial and definitely something to keep in mind if you or anyone you know has a severe case of the virus. Of course, if the same man would have followed the 6 and 6 Protocol, followed by hourly doses, the results likely would have been the same—though perhaps the sipping in smaller amounts was easier for him. Listen to your body and do as you feel led, if one thing is not bringing results move on to another. As for any other suggested protocols you may receive from the MMS community, again, go with what you think will work for you, but please, please, please pay close attention to the Three Golden Rules of MMS.

If it has been suggested that you use CDS, that’s Chlorine Dioxide Solution, it might be OK and so I would not say don’t try it. But know that CDS is a different form of MMS. We have seen that all forms of MMS help people recover their health, but I and others have concluded that in some cases those who take CDS can tend to come to a stalemate in their health recovery, and they have to either substantially increase the amount they are taking, or go to taking the original MMS1 fresh mixed drops. I would suggest using CDS only if you do not have MMS1 available. Please see the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook, Appendix A, for more thorough details on the difference between CDS and MMS1.

Another point is that some people have asked if MMS2 is effective in eradicating coronavirus. To date, I have not received any reports of people using it with the virus, however, if you have MMS2 and do not have MMS1, it would certainly be worth a try using it, and in my opinion, it is highly likely to do the job. In this case, follow Protocol 4000, which is basically taking 5 capsules (either size 1 or size 0) of MMS2 a day. Take them two hours apart. Fill the capsules with a little MMS2 powder to start, then gradually increase the amount of powder until you reach full if using #1 size capsules, or until you reach ¾ full for #0 size capsules. When taking MMS2, remember the Three Golden Rules of MMS apply, increase or decrease the amount you are taking according to what your body is telling you.

Remember, there are many guidelines to take into account when taking MMS1 and MMS2. This newsletter is already long, so please see the full details on how to use MMS, how to mix up a dose, and do’s and don’ts in the MMS Health Recovery Guidebook. Also available is The Master Mineral Solution of the Third Millennium which gives complete details for making your own MMS solution. Both books are available here:

I hope this helps. Remember, keep doing the right thing and help one another.

To your good health, safety and well-being,

Jim Humble

This is my disclaimer as it seems everyone must have a disclaimer nowadays: I have given certain advice in the above email letter. It is the advice I would follow myself if I were in the same situation. However I do not advise you or anyone, to follow my advice without getting the advice from a professional. Each person must take responsibility for his own health. So, please do what you feel is best.
Wat op dit moment, voorjaar 2020, ontbreekt, is ''Kritisch Denken''.
//Kritisch Denken// is het vermogen om //andere// gedachten te verkennen.
Specifiek, om ideeën die het tegendeel laten zien, te onderzoeken.
Maar vooral om de condities waarin die gedachten 'waar' zijn te onderzoeken.

De 'overheid' blijkt op dit moment géén eigen mening/onderzoek te bieden.
In plaats daarvan worden de gedachten van RIVM/WHO 'overgenomen'.
Achtergrondinformatie legt voor dat WHO door de Gates Foundation 'is overgenomen'.
De bewering dat dit niet zo zou zijn is betekenisloos zolang die niet door onderzoek weerlegd is.

__Kritisch Denken__ is het middel bij uitstek om niet gedachtenloos ideeën van anderen over te nemen.
Veel politieke 'arenas'  zijn verworden tot en marktplaats van welles-nietes meningen opposities.
Bij kritisch onderzoek zou zijn te zien in welke condities dergelijke meningen geldig kunnen zijn.
Zonder die kritische analyse lijken de verschillende meningen even (on)waar; en is geen goede keuze te bepalen.

Politiek is NIET bedoeld 'om de grootste schreeuwer gelijk te geven'.
Integendeel: het is de bedoeling om samen tot de beste oplossing te komen.
NIET, door de oplossing van de ene of de andere partij te verkiezen boven die van een andere.
Maar juist om vanuit die verschillende alternatieven te komen tot een nieuw idee wat 'voor iedereen werkt'.
# Wat is het gepresenteerde idee?
# In welke condities is dat idee geldig?
# Welke andere ideeën bestaan er voor deze situatie?
# Wat zijn de verschillende te verwachten uitkomsten voor elk van die ideeën?
!RIVM 2020.03.25 - Griep: stand van zaken

Afgelopen week bezochten 109 op de 100.000 mensen de huisarts met griepachtige klachten. Daarom spreken we van een epidemie. De incidentie griepachtige klachten is het meest gestegen in de leeftijdsgroep 0-4 jaar. Daarnaast was de stijging van het aantal patiënten met griepachtige klachten voornamelijk te zien in de regio Zuid(zeeland/Noord-Brabant/Limburg), terwijl deze is gedaald in regio Noord (Groningen/Friesland/Drenthe). Er wordt steeds minder influenzavirus gevonden in de monsters die worden afgenomen bij een deel van patiënten met een acute luchtweginfectie. Vorige week werd in 2% van de monsters van patiënten met een acute luchtweginfectie het influenzavirus gevonden. Er waren meer (11%) monsters waarin het nieuwe coronavirus (SARS severe acute respiratory syndrome -CoV coronavirus -2) werd gevonden. Deze positieve SARS-CoV-2 monsters waren voornamelijk afkomstig van patiënten uit gebieden met veel COVID-19. 




!HBO Documentaire - After Truth - Disinformation and the Cost of Fake News

Geloof niet wat je hoort/ziet; 
"Operation Jade Helm 15" in de U$A was een leger-oefening die werd opgevat als 'Lockdown oefening'.
Doordat 'leger-geheim' niet met de bevolking ter plekke werd gedeel 'vulden die de gaten in hun begrip in'.
Iedereen heeft de neiging om dat wat ze kennen, ook hun angsten, te projecteren op wat ze niet weten.
Sommige mensen maken daar met opzet gebruik (=misbruik) van; om mensen op verkeerde gedachten te brengen.

((In India wordt dit beschreven as "zie je het verschil tussen en stuk touw en een slang in the schemering".))
((Als je de omgeving goed kent, en het leefgedrag van slangen, kan het onderscheid veel beter maken.))

Onwetende en naieve mensen hebben weinig vergelijkingsmateriaal om hun onwetendheid aan te toetsen.
Dat maakt ze gevoelig voor onjuiste informatie, vooral als die (('hypnotisch')) keer op keer herhaald wordt.

((De reclame-industrie laat zich fors betalen om 'onjuiste informatie' vaak te herhalen.))
(("Goede wijn behoeft geen krans'; "goede waar verkoopt zichzelf"; "reclame liegt".))

Nieuws is een product dat wordt verkocht; politici 'verkopen verhalen' om verkozen te worden.
Journalisten kunnen verdienen aan sensatie verhaal zijn, of ze waar zijn of niet.

Achteraf is soms te achterhalen hoe een 'False News' verhaal opduikt van de achtergrond naar de voorgrond.
((Vergelijk dit met het spoor van infectie van patiënt_0 naar een epidemie in een infectieziekte.))

De parallel tussen verspreiding van ziekte en (Nep) Nieuws is het beste te zien in (a)sociale media.
in "Facebook" kunnen informatiestromen worden verziek een voorbeeld van 'verzieken van informatiestromen voor (advertentie) geldgewin'.

In verkiezingen in de U$A werden nep advertenties geplaatst 'alsof geplaatst door de tegenpartij'.
Die daardoor naar de kiezers toe als belachelijk werd gepresenteerd, om ze stemmen te laten verliezen.

in principe waren dat de soort technieken voor verkiezingsverstoring waarvan 'Russische Trolls' waren beticht.
Welke technieken overigens al eeuwenlang worden gebruikt; in de (a)sociale media alleen maar veel meer/sneller.

Politliek wordt meer en meer bepaald door gepolariseerde propaganda; hetze bedacht om politiek te ontwrichten.
De documentaire geeft een uitgebreid voorbeeld van de manier waarop dat gebeurt ('tenzij ook dat is geënsceneerd...').

Ondermijnen van vertrouwen gebeurt veel sneller dan het opbouwen van vertrouwen.
(a)Sociale Media zijn privé eigendom, zonder sociale verantwoordelijkheid naar de mensheid.

Alex Jones wordt gepresenteerd als voorbeeld van misrepresentatie fantaseren van feiten.
De reclame industrie, religies en in sommige gevallen corporaties en regeringen, doen soms hetzelfde.


Iedereen heeft een eigen standpunt, letterlijk, en beziet onze omgeving van hun eigen perspectief.
Zolang dat standpunt niet wordt benoemd is het verschil in perspectief ook onbenoembaar.

Waarheid is een waarneming; het is niet wat iemand ziet of zegt of wat een groep meent.
Waarheid bestaat alleen wanneer zonder interretatie iedereen zelf hetzelfde ziet: waarneming.
Interessant artikel van Maurice de Hond met betrekkingtot de vermoedelijke weersomstandigheden die invloedzouden kunnen hebben op de explosieve verspreiding vanhet Covid-19 virus.Dit is geplaatst op internet en hierbij houdt hij een pleidooi voor het instellen van regionaleweersverwachtingen m.b.t. het Corona virus, analoog hooikoorts/copd bulletins.&nbsp;  
#[[Wat is bekend van deze griep?]]
#[[Geldcrisis: gevolg of ... oorzaak?]]
#[[Welke behandeling is er voor 'griep'?]]
#[[Hoe is dit voortaan/verder te voorkómen?]]

[["Welke Crisis?"]]
Informatie over het nieuwe coronavirus (COVID-19) voor zorgmedewerkers binnen en buiten het ziekenhuis.
Verwekker: Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2
Besmettingsweg: Mens-op-mens-transmissie via directe druppelinfectie (hoesten en niezen) en aerosolen tijdens aerosolvormende handelingen
Incubatietijd: 2-14 dagen (gemiddeld 5-6 dagen)
Besmettelijke periode: Nog niet volledig bekend. In ieder geval tijdens symptomatische fase waarna virus nog langer met PCR aantoonbaar kan zijn in de keel/feces
Maatregelen:  Meldingsplicht groep A; bron- en contactonderzoek; isolatie en verdere maatregelen op indicatie
Symptomen: Milde luchtwegklachten met koorts tot ernstige pneumonie en dyspnoe
(Dit dossier bevat de actuele stand van zaken rond het coronavirus voor zover bij ons bekend)
(At the end of December 2019, Chinese public health authorities reported several cases of acute respiratory syndrome in Wuhan City, Hubei province, China. Chinese scientists soon identified a novel coronavirus as the main causative agent. The disease is now referred to as coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), and the causative virus is called severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). It is a new strain of coronavirus that has not been previously identified in humans.)
Shilagit - half pea size in a glass of water
C60 1 or 2 teaspoons on empty stomach
Een Studieproject | //Wie? Wat? Hoe? Waarom?//
2020 'corona virus'
Sucharid Bhakdi is een Duitste arts-specialist in infectieziekten.
"We hebben allemaal coronavirus in ons lichaam; altijd al".
Soms worden mensen er grieperig van, meesal niet.
Nu ontstaat erpaniek over een nieuwe variant van dit coronavirus.
Het aantal sterfgevallen aan deze ziekte varieert sterk van land tot land.
Dat laat zien dat andere factoren de morbiditeit van het virus bepaalt.
De hooste morbiditeit kwam tot nu toe voor in de meest vervuilde landen.
En de mensen die hieraan sterven zijn vooral mensen die al ziek waren.

Doordat mensen weinig ziek worden van het virus draagt het zich vlot over.
In Italië zijn gevallen bekend waarbij de dood van al terminale zieken aan corona virus toegeschreven werd.

VOLUME 3, ISSUE 11, P722-727, NOVEMBER 01, 2003
!Effects of chloroquine on viral infections: an old drug against today's diseases
Dr Adrea Savarino, John R Boelaert, Antonio Cassone, Giancario Majori, Roberto Cauda
Published:November, 2003DOI:

Chloroquine is a 9-aminoquinoline known since 1934. Apart from its well-known antimalarial effects, the drug has interesting biochemical properties that might be applied against some viral infections. Chloroquine exerts direct antiviral effects, inhibiting pH-dependent steps of the replication of several viruses including members of the flaviviruses, retroviruses, and coronaviruses. Its best-studied effects are those against HIV replication, which are being tested in clinical trials. Moreover, chloroquine has immunomodulatory effects, suppressing the production/release of tumour necrosis factor α and interleukin 6, which mediate the inflammatory complications of several viral diseases. We review the available information on the effects of chloroquine on viral infections, raising the question of whether this old drug may experience a revival in the clinical management of viral diseases such as AIDS and severe acute respiratory syndrome, which afflict mankind in the era of globalisation.

Chloroquine is a 9-aminoquinoline that has been known since 1934. Specifically synthesised to be used as an antimalarial agent, chloroquine was subsequently shown to have immunomodulatory properties that have encouraged its application in the treatment of autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. For this specific pathology, chloroquine and its hydroxy-analogue hydroxychloroquine have represented a valid contribution to the available pharmacological tools, since they proved able to slow down the progress of the disease while showing limited toxicity.

Unfortunately, chloroquine is being gradually dismissed from antimalarial therapy and prophylaxis, due to the continuous emergence of chloroquine-resistant Plasmodium falciparum strains. However, the tolerability, low cost, and immunomodulatory properties of chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine are associated with biochemical effects that suggest a potential use in viral infections, some of whose symptoms may result from the inflammatory response.
We raise the question of whether this old drug whose parent compound, quinine, was isolated in the late 19th century from the bark of the tropical cinchona tree, may experience a revival in the clinical management of viral diseases of the era of globalisation.

!General biochemical and cellular effects of chloroquine
Both chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are weak bases that are known to affect acid vesicles leading to dysfunction of several enzymes. Extracellularly, chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine is present mostly in a protonated form that, due to its positive charge, is incapable of crossing the plasma membrane. However, the non-protonated portion can enter the intracellular compartment, where, in turn, it becomes protonated in a manner inversely proportional to the pH, according to the Henderson-Hasselbach law. It is thus not surprising that chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine is concentrated within acidic organelles such as the endosome, Golgi vesicles, and the lysosomes, where the pH is low and most chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine molecules are positively charged.

Chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine is extruded to the extracellular medium mostly by exocytosis and/or through the action of the multidrug resistance protein MRP-1, a cell surface drug transporter belonging to the ATP-binding cassette family, which also includes the more thoroughly studied P-glycoprotein.

It is well established that weak bases, by increasing the pH of lysosomal and trans-Golgi network (TGN) vesicles, disrupt several enzymes including acid hydrolases and inhibit the post-translational modification of newly synthesized proteins. The chloroquine-mediated rise in endosomal pH modulates iron metabolism within human cells by impairing the endosomal release of iron from ferrated transferrin, thus decreasing the intracellular concentration of iron. This decrease in turn affects the function of several cellular enzymes involved in pathways leading to replication of cellular DNA and to expression of different genes.

!General mechanisms of viral inhibition by chloroquine
Chloroquine/hydroxychloroquie can impair the replication of several viruses by interacting with the endosome-mediated viral entry or the late stages of replication of enveloped viruses (figure 1).

Figure thumbnail gr1
Figure 1Steps of the replication of different viruses affected by chloroquine (marked by red rectangles). Chloroquine inhibits the replication of different viruses either at the early or late stages of viral replication.

!Endosome-mediated viral entry interaction
Some viruses enter their target cells by endocytosis. This process targets the virus to the lysosomal compartment where the low pH, along with the action of enzymes, disrupts the viral particle, thus liberating the infectious nucleic acid and, in several cases, enzymes necessary for viral replication. Chloroquine has been shown to inhibit different viruses requiring a pH-dependent step for entry, such as the Borna disease virus,10 the minute virus of mice MVMp,11 and the avian leucosis virus.12 Of particular interest for human pathology is the report that chloroquine inhibits uncoating of the hepatitis A virus, thus blocking its entire replication cycle.13

!Replication of enveloped viruses interaction
For some enveloped viruses, post-translational modification of the envelope glycoproteins occurs within the endoplasmic and TGN vesicles. This process involves proteases and glycosyl-transferases, some of which require a low pH. In line with the pH-dependence of these events, chloroquine was seen to inhibit budding of Mayaro virus particles,14 and to induce accumulation of non-infectious herpes simplex virus 1 particles in the TGN.15 Chloroquine also inhibits the replication of members of the Flaviviridae family by affecting the normal proteolytic processing of the flavivirus prM protein to M.16 As a result, viral infectivity is impaired. Finally, chloroquine induces the production of non-infectious retrovirus particles, as shown with the avian reticuloendotheliosis virus REV-A and with HIV-1.17 The mechanism of inhibition seems to be inhibition of glycosylation of the envelope glycoproteins, as will be discussed below.

!Effects of chloroquine on the immune system
The accumulation of chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine in lymphocytes and macrophages results in anti-inflammatory properties, and has led to its clinical use in conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythematosus, and sarcoidosis, the last being characterised by an overproduction of tumour necrosis factor α (TNFα) by the alveolar macrophages.18 Chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine reduces the secretion of these proinflammatory cytokines and in particular TNFα, as shown in a murine macrophage cell line,19 and in primary cells such as mouse peritoneal macrophages,20 human peripheral blood mononuclear cells,21 and human whole blood.22 Several mechanisms have been evoked to explain the chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine-induced inhibition of TNFα production by monocyte-macrophages: disruption of cellular iron homeostasis,23 inhibition of TNFα mRNA expression,20 inhibition at a pretranslational stage by a non-lysosomotropic mechanism,24 or at a post-translational stage by blocking the conversion from cell-associated pro-TNFα to a soluble mature form. Apart from inhibiting TNFα production by stimulated monocyte-macrophages, chloroquine also decreases the surface expression of TNFα receptors in human monocytic cell lines and, hence, the receptor-mediated TNFα signalling. The results of such an impairment of TNFα-mediated signalling are shown in figure 2.

Figure thumbnail gr2
Figure 2Effects of chloroquine on the immune system. TNFα is produced by activated monocytes/macrophages. Among its multiple functions it helps to activate resting monocytes and favours extravasation of neutrophils by opening tight junctions between human vascular endothelial cells and upregulating leucoyte adhesion molecules (LAM).26 Chloroquine diminishes TNFα production and downregulates the TNFα receptors 1 and 2 (TNFR) on the monocyte cell surface, which eventually results in decreasedmonocyte activation as well as decreased leucocyte extravasation. Red crosses mark the steps directly inhibited by chloroquine.

!Safety considerations
The studies reviewed here show that chloroquine/ hydroxychloroquine has in-vitro antiviral effects and anti-inflammatory properties that may be of interest in those viral infections associated with inflammation and/or immune activation. Before analysing the potential effects of a drug on a disease, safety criteria have to be met, to estimate the risk/benefit ratio.
Chloroquine/hydroxychloroquie has a well-studied toxicity profile. The half-century-long use of this drug in the therapy of malaria demonstrates the safety of acute administration of chloroquine to human beings. The use of chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine in rheumatic diseases and for antimalarial prophylaxis showed a low incidence of adverse events during chronic administration of this drug for periods of up to a few years. In these cases, the most serious toxic effect is a macular retinopathy, which depends on the cumulative dose rather than on the daily dose, and permanent damage may be prevented with regular visual monitoring during treatment.27,  28,  29 A recent study30 provided encouraging results on the safety of a high dosage of the drug (up to 500 mg of chloroquine base per day) even during pregnancy.
We conclude that chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine administration presents limited and well-preventable toxicity and may thus result in a low risk/benefit balance at least when it is used in life-threatening conditions.

Henceforth, we will discuss the potential usefulness of this old drug in the treatment of two infectious diseases posing a serious threat to public health in the era of globalisationie, AIDS and severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). These diseases are both caused by enveloped RNA viruses, and share some clinical manifestations that are likely to be mediated by immune reactions of the host.

!Effects on HIV infection
- Anti-HIV effects of chloroquine
Under testing conditions intended to mimic as best as possible clinical situations, chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine is capable of inhibiting HIV in vitro. This ability was shown either by overloading the cells with high concentrations of chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine before the infection,17,  31 so as to mimic the drug build-up taking place in the tissues of patients subject to chronic treatment, or by keeping HIV-infected cells under constant incubation with concentrations of chloroquine detected in whole blood of individuals chronically treated with this drug.32,  33 The anti-HIV activity of chloroquine has been shown not only in cell line models, but also in peripheral blood lymphocytes and monocytes31,  33—ie, cell culture models in which cellular uptake of chloroquine is closer to the conditions occurring in vivo. Under these conditions, it was possible to obtain levels of inhibition of viral replication above 90%. That hydroxychloroquine has some antiviral activity in vivo has been reported by two phase II clinical trials.34,  35 The first trial was a small randomised, doubleblind, placebo-controlled pilot study on 40 patients (20 patients per arm), 27 of them being antiretroviral treatmentnaive. Hydroxychloroquine administration for 8 weeks resulted in a mean 0·6 log reduction in plasma HIV-1 RNA copy numbers (p=0·02) as well as in a decrease in interleukin 6 concentrations, whereas placebo did not have any effects on both HIV-1 RNA and interleukin 6.34 The second trial was also a small randomised, double-blinded trial, comparing the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine with that of zidovudine monotherapy for 16 weeks in 72 patients, 64 of whom being antiretroviral treatment-naive (35 in the hydroxychloroquine arm and 37 in the zidovudine arm). Hydroxychloroquine again significantly reduced the plasma HIV-1 RNA copy numbers/mL (baseline 39 456 [31 000]; post-treatment 16 434 [11 373]; mean log reduction 0·4; p=0·02), though less than zidovudine (baseline 42 709 [33 050]; post-treatment 11 228 [7459]; mean log reduction 0·6; p=0·01). Since eight of 37 people in the zidovudine group, but none of the 35 individuals in the hydroxychloroquine group, showed an increase in the HIV-1 RNA levels and in the cultured virus levels during therapy, these data are consistent with the hypothesis that resistance to hydroxychloroquine may not easily develop as opposed to the well-known development of resistance to monotherapy with other antiretrovirals such as zidovudine.35 The results of larger clinical trials will be necessary for an accurate analysis of any possible discrepancies between the effects of chloroquine in vitro and in HIV-infected individuals.
Some of us have recently shown that chloroquine, at nontoxic, clinically achievable concentrations, has in-vitro activity against primary isolates belonging to different HIV-1 and HIV-2 clades.33 The mechanism of the anti-HIV effects of chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine is a reduction in the infectivity of newly produced virions (reviewed in Savarino et al2). The antiviral effects of chloroquine are associated with the reduced production of the heavily glycosylated epitope 2G12, which is located on the gp120 envelope glycoprotein surface and is fundamental for virus infectivity.33 These effects are likely to be attributed to the increased pH in TGN, which impairs the function of glycosyl-transferases involved in the post-translational processing of the HIV glycoproteins.2,  17,  33 HIV glycosylation may therefore represent a new target for antiretroviral therapy. As viral envelope glycosylation is mediated by cellular enzymes, its inhibition may explain the broad spectrum of the in-vitro anti-HIV activity of chloroquine against all major subtypes of HIV-1 and HIV-2.33 The effect of chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine on cellular rather than viral enzymes may also result in a low propensity to resistance development.

!Effects of chloroquine in combination with other antiretrovirals
As chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine probably inhibits viral replication by a mechanism different from those of currently used antiretroviral drugs, its application has been studied in combination with other antiretroviral drugs. The use of chloroquine in combination with other antiretrovirals is theoretically supported by the observation that chloroquine also shows anti-HIV activity in vitro towards isolates from patients in therapeutic failure with a multidrug-resistant profile.36
First, hydroxychloroquine has an additive in vitro anti-HIV effect to that of zidovudine.37 Second, chloroquine exerts in vitro an additive anti-HIV-1 effect on the combinations of hydroxyurea plus didanosine or hydroxyurea plus zidovudine in T-cell lines, monocytes, and primary T-cells.2,  38,  39 The didanosine/hydroxyurea/hydroxychloroquine combination, especially attractive for developing countries due to its low cost, was tested clinically in Singapore in an open study. Of the initial 22 patients who started the study, six were withdrawn due to non-compliance. In the remaining 16 patients, HIV-1 RNA plasma levels decreased by a mean of 1·3 log at week 12 and 48.40 In a smaller study, with didanosine/hydroxyurea/chloroqiune, HIV-1 RNA remained lowered by a mean of 2·5 log after more than 96 weeks.41 These open pilot studies do not yet allow a determination of the contribution of chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine to the viral load drop. However, it can be concluded that the addition of chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine to hydroxyurea and didanosine is potentially safe, thus encouraging the design of larger studies with multiple arms.

!Prevention of HIV transmission via breastfeeding
It is possible to hypothesise that chloroquine may find a potential application in prevention of mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) of HIV through breastfeeding, a problem still far from being solved in resource-poor countries.42 One of us reported a 243-fold accumulation of chloroquine in colostrum cells of Burkinabà mothers taking 100 mg of chloroquine daily and hypothesised that such a high degree of chloroquine accumulation in mammary cells actively replicating HIV-1 may allow a decrease in milk viral load and/or infectivity of milk and, hence, may lower the risk of breastfeeding-related transmission,43 which accounts for one-third to one-half of HIV-1 MTCTs.44 Therefore the CHARGE (Chloroquine Administration to Reduce HIV-1 Genome Exposure) study was set up, being a placebocontrolled pilot study in breastfeeding mothers (having received, together with their infant, peripartum nevirapine), that will assess whether daily chloroquine administration compared with placebo administration to the mother during the early months of breastfeeding may result in decreased HIV-1 RNA milk levels and/or decreased ex vivo infectivity of virions isolated from milk.

!Decrease of excessive immune activation
The chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine-induced suppression of the synthesis of proinflammatory cytokines such as TNFα may be beneficial in decreasing the inappropriate immune activation characteristic of HIV infection. This may be particularly useful to people with HIV/AIDS in the developing world, who, probably due to concomitant infections, present higher levels of TNFα production and of immune activation than those from the developed world.45,  46,  47 Chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine should be studied, particularly in areas with high prevalence of HIV-1C, such as southern Africa. Indeed, when TNFα is used for in-vitro stimulation, the rate of transcriptional activation of HIV-1 is higher for HIV-1C than for HIV-1B and HIV-1 CRF_1AE. Such an enhanced capacity to respond to TNFα may be related to the extra NF-kappaB binding site(s) present in the long terminal repeat of the HIV-1C genome.48

!Hypothesis: the case of SARS
Based on the effects of chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine on several enveloped viruses and on immune activation, we raise the hypothesis that this drug might be of some use for the clinical management of SARS. At present, any attempt to treat this disease with known antiviral drugs—namely ribavirin and oseltamivir—has been inconclusive.49 Corticosteroids may be of some benefit in controlling the inflammatory response at the lung level50 but may also cause uncontrolled immunodepression resulting in pulmonary superinfection.
The causative agent of SARS has recently been described as a new coronavirus.51,  52 Recent studies support the idea that coronaviridae infect their target cells by an endocytic pathway and that chloroquine might inhibit their replication.53,  54 Cells infected with the human coronavirus HCoV-229E and treated with nocodazole (a microtubuledepolymerising agent that blocks transport from early to late endosomes) produced decreased amounts of HCoV-229E antigens.53 This result indicates that endosomal transport is needed for HCoV-229E infection. Cells treated with chloroquine expressed decreased amounts of HCoV-229E antigens.53 Preliminary data obtained from our group confirm these reports and show that chloroquine potently inhibits the replication of a canine coronavirus at therapeutically reachable concentrations (C Buonavoglia et al, University of Bari, Italy; unpublished). Although the SARS coronavirus is distinct with unique characteristics, it is tempting to ask whether chloroquine might affect SARS coronavirus replication as well.

The anti-inflammatory properties of chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine should also be considered. The clinical worsening of individuals with SARS in week 2 is apparently unrelated to uncontrolled SARS coronavirus replication but may be related to immunopathological damage.55 A model taking into account the role of proinflammatory cytokines could help interpret this event (figure 3). This view is derived from the effects of the porcine respiratory coronavirus (PRCV), which shares with the SARS coronavirus the ability to cause a disease with similar histopathological features and symptomatology.57 PRCV induces severe lung damage through immune-mediated mechanisms—ie, probably through an increase in the concentrations of proinflammatory cytokines such as TNFα and interleukin 6, whose role in inducing lung damage has been proved using adenoviral vectors in animal models.58 On these grounds, we think that the associations between TNFα and interleukin 6 concentrations and disease severity should also be tested in stored samples from human patients with SARS. If confirmatory results are obtained, then, it would be reasonable to consider chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine to suppress TNFα and interleukin 6 production. For this purpose, efforts to develop an animal model for SARS would be welcome. Such a model would help to clarify the immunemediated component of the symptoms of the disease as well as in testing of chloroquine and other immunomodulatory drugs. These studies could also lay the groundwork for the suggestion that chloroquine be considered for the treatment of other viral infections which involve immunopathology.

Figure thumbnail gr3
Figure 3Hypothetical model for the potential effects of chloroquine (CQ) on the immunopathogenesis of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Proinflammatory cytokines are thought to be important in acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).56 We hypothesise that chloroquine (black arrow), by inhibiting TNFα and interleukin 6 (IL6) production, might block the subsequent cascade of events, which leads to ARDS.
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At present it is difficult to answer the question of whether old chloroquine will be able to live a “second youth”. Due to its main effect—ie, raising endosomal pH—the drug has an exceptionally broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity that could be exploited in many infections. Results obtained in the prophylaxis of Q fever indicate that chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine can be successfully used in the clinical management of infections other than malaria.59 As regards viral diseases, what is clear is that the drug has antiviral and immunomodulatory effects that warrant particular consideration.

The effects on HIV infection are the best studied among the antiviral effects of chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine and are being tested in clinical trials. The anti-HIV effect of chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine is modest by itself but is, at least in vitro, additive or synergistic when combined with selected antiretrovirals. These in-vitro results warrant in-vivo confirmation in HIV-positive individuals by comparing the long-term antiviral effect of highly active antiretroviral therapy regimens with and without chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine. If such studies provide encouraging results, they may lead to a strategy whereby co-administration of chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine allows lower doses of antiretrovirals, lessening cost and possibly toxicity. Costlessening would of course be particularly welcome in developing countries. Moreover, the potential ability of chloroquine to inhibit the replication of drug-resistant viral isolates could be important in the treatment of drugexperienced HIV-positive patients who have developed multiple resistance to antiretroviral drugs and thus have limited therapeutic options. In the developing countries where malaria is endemic, the concomitant administration of chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine to a highly active antiretroviral therapy regimen may result (at least where P falciparum is still susceptible to chloroquine) in a decreased incidence of malaria episodes that have adverse effects in HIV-infected people, especially during pregnancy.60 Moreover, the anti-inflammatory properties of chloroquine may temper the noxious immune hyperactivation that is characteristic of HIV/AIDS.61

Due to its broad spectrum of antiviral activity as well as to its suppressive effects on the production/release of TNFα and interleukin 6, chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine may also find a place in the treatment of other viral infections characterized by symptoms associated with inflammatory processes and/or immune-hyperactivation. We believe that further study should be devoted to the inhibitory effects of chloroquine on the infectivity of flaviviruses, as one of the members of this family, the hepatitis C virus, is of great importance for human pathology and often co-infects individuals with HIV-1. Flaviviridae also include several arthropod-borne viruses such as the yellow fever virus and the West Nile virus, which has recently caused an epidemic in North America.

Finally, we want to share with the scientific community the speculative hypothesis that chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine, due to its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, may have some effect on SARS. We emphasise the need of testing in cell cultures infected with SARS coronavirus the effects of chloroquine, as well as those ofother substances possessing in-vitro activity against members of the coronaviridae family. We should remember that the possibility of new outbreaks of SARS cannot be excluded. In the absence of effective inhibitors of SARS coronavirus, the possibility of an inhibition, at least in vitro, of the replication of this virus would represent a breakthrough in the knowledge of SARS.

!Search strategy and selection criteria
Conflicts of interest
We have no conflicts of interest.
We are grateful to Special Project AIDS, Istituto Superiore di Sanitα, Rome, Italy, for financial support.
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Figure thumbnail gr1
Figure 1Steps of the replication of different viruses affected by chloroquine (marked by red rectangles). Chloroquine inhibits the replication of different viruses either at the early or late stages of viral replication.
Figure thumbnail gr2
Figure 2Effects of chloroquine on the immune system. TNFα is produced by activated monocytes/macrophages. Among its multiple functions it helps to activate resting monocytes and favours extravasation of neutrophils by opening tight junctions between human vascular endothelial cells and upregulating leucoyte adhesion molecules (LAM).26 Chloroquine diminishes TNFα production and downregulates the TNFα receptors 1 and 2 (TNFR) on the monocyte cell surface, which eventually results in decreasedmonocyte activation as well as decreased leucocyte extravasation. Red crosses mark the steps directly inhibited by chloroquine.
Figure thumbnail gr3
Figure 3Hypothetical model for the potential effects of chloroquine (CQ) on the immunopathogenesis of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS). Proinflammatory cytokines are thought to be important in acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).56 We hypothesise that chloroquine (black arrow), by inhibiting TNFα and interleukin 6 (IL6) production, might block the subsequent cascade of events, which leads to ARDS.

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!4 Forms of Intelligence
Gaston Naessens observed this under his dark field microscipe:
Somatite <=> fungus <=> virus <=> microbe.
Depending on conditions the one life form could transform into the other.
Note that this was not only forward (evolution) but also backward (regression).

In our body we experience that we are human.
Yet if circumstances change we fall back on animal/reptilian behaviour.
If conditions change we can even fall back on vegetative/plant response.
Ultimately we, our life, is always based on cellular functioning.

Lynn Margulis postulated that our Eukaryote cell arose from a fusion:
Anaërobic, Hydrobic, Aërobic and Photosynthesising microbes merged 
This 'fused' the capacity to interact with Earth, Water, Air and Light.
In Chinese lore this is called the Dragon, the 'mastery over the  Elements'.

*In our body we experience this at the level of cell communication.

Proteins are the molecules that pertain to physical material structure (classical science)
Enzymes are the molecules that pertain to chemical molecular processes (relativistic science)
Hormones are the molecules that pertain to electromagnetic atomic transformation (probabilistic science)
Pigments are the molecules that pertain to light phase information (unified science)

The level of quantum phase change is 0D
The level of atomic electron leaps is 1D
The level of molecular electron flow is 2D
The level of material electron bonding is 3D

The somatite stage in life development is 0D - point intelligence
The fungus stage in life development is 1D - linear intelligence
The virus stage in life development is 2D - cyclic intelligence
The microbial stage in life development is 3D - integral intelligence

Our forebrain operates 0D point focus intelligence
Our left brain operates 1D linear logic intelligence
Our right brain operates 2D planar perspective/projective intelligence
Our hindbrain operates 3D holographic integral intelligence

System theory, a recapitulation of alchemy, shows this 4D logic.
We see that the somatite, fungus, virus and micribe are our ancestors.
All of these still live/operate in/around our body.
We (can) all process at the spore, fungal, viral and microbial level.

Our body is a Bio-Hologram created/projected by your Zygote.
Peter Gariaev showed that DNA is a compressed 'holographic plate'.
Bruce Lipton showed that DNA accumulates new/ancestral life experience.
Suzy Vrobel suggested that Zygote unfoldment is a Time Fractal.

A hologram is form of 'braided light' - a phrase used by Dan Winter.
A flash is mirrorred, and mirrored again, to form a coherent light beam.
A wave then forms a wave train with a wave envelope forming a soliton.
In a same manner the zygote replicates/unfolds forming (y)our body.

Therein, every cell-division is a cell-decision.
This is not a material mechanical proces but an interactive dynamic.
It is not operated by 'laws of matter' but by principles of information communication ('light').
It operates the essence of life: freedom of choice.

Our body operates at the tipping point of 4D phase change.
It is the 4D equivalent of the Triple Point of water.
It is the 4D Zipper of Manifestation: Photon-leap <=> Electron-leap <=> Electron-oscillation <=> Electron-bonding.
It is the transition/transmulation from quantum to atom to molecule to matter.

Tetryonics shows that only the quantum (phase information in formation) field can form/move matter.
Therefore it is the light field in the body that defines body regulation.
The electromagnetic body regulation defines the body physiology.
The chemistry of physiology determines the physical body anatomy.

The body anatomy is a materialised hologram projected by the body cells.
The body cells are a holographic unfoldment of the Zygote, your first cell.
The fractal unfolding of the Zygote is a holographic projection from DNA.
DNA is a material condensate of your/ancestral holographic life information.

!Cell Electro Magnetic Transmutation
Cells are able to (trans)form molecules.
The previous post describes how they form body materials.
The post before that how matter exusts in 4 Dimensions.
This post addresses how cells (trans)form matter.

Knowledge of Tetryonics is required.
Tetryonics models how quanta form matter.
It shows that matter is formed and moved by quantum (EM) fields.
It shows that this involves linear ("KEM") and circular ("BEM") quantum flux.

Cells are able to operate both forms of quantum flux.
Circular quantum flux is used to reposition Molecules/Atoms/Tetryons.
Linear quantum flux is used to s(p)lice Molecules/Atoms/Tetryon-clusters. describes in detail what principles are at work.


!The Transmutation of Body Materials
All Body Materials are produced by Living Cells.
All body materials serve the optimisation of cell communication.

Body Materials form an extension/part of our 4D Cell Communication.
Our "Body" is the Motherboard for communication of a cell Colony.

Body Language (Cell Communication) is electromagnetic.
Body Materials are all selectively "electro-responsive".

Piezo-electric - pressure <=> electron cloud release.
Liquid-crystal - form-change <=> electron flow
Transistor - electron pressure <=> electron flow direction
Intelligent-gel - electron field <=> structural shape

As the alchemists described: the quintessence is the essence.
The quintessence is the quantum change.
It can cascade from the quantum field ("Fire") to atoms ("Air") to molecules ("Water") to matter ("Earth").
They referred to quantum phase change, atomic ion cloud, molecular electron flow, and material bound electrons.

The Transmutation of Elements is the 4D transformation of phase:

Quantum Phase - quantum charge change (as defined by Tetryonics)
Cycle phase - atomic electron 'orbits'
Wave phase - molecular electron flow cycles
Material phase - change in/of the bound electron lattice

Our "Body Temperature" calibrates our "Body Materials" at the 'Tipping Point' for optimal response/responsiveness for material change (transmutation) in response to changes in the biohelectric-phase-information field.

This is the link between consciousness and body.
It is operated in The PsychoSomatic Principle.

Our body is an electromagnetic-field responsive/interactive structure.
Our body is composed, for this purpose, by/of living body cells.

!4D Body Language
When cells replicate ("divide=multiply") the internal Cell Cycle turns inside-out and becomes Cell Communication.

Molecules therein function as 'messengers' between cells.
Feedforward-Feedback loop-closure therein is called Health.

Each molecule has a physical structure
Each molecule can react chemically.
Each molecule has an electromagnetic atomic spectrum.
Each molecule can change by quantum (photon) change 

The physical structure of the molecule is called Protein.
The chemical effect of the molecule is called Enzyme.
The electromagnetic effect of the molecule is called Hormone.
The photonic quantum effect of the molecule is called Pigment.

The 'physical' protein pertains the level of bound electrons (Matter).
The 'chemical' enzyme pertains the level of electron flow (Molecules).
The 'electromagnetic' hormone pertains the level of electron leaps (Atoms).
The 'light' pigment pertains the level of photon leaps (Quantum Field).

Our body, and our cells, operate the 4D phase change of the universal Electromagnetic Field.
This is the change between quantum-leap <=> electron-leap <=> electron-flow <=> bound electrons ("The Zipper of Manfestation").

The phase change in the Quantum Field is 0D.
The shock wave of the atomic electron leap is 1D.
The traveling wave of the molecular electron flow is 2D.
The standing wave of the material bound electrons is 3D.

!Virus =?= Exosome
Andrew Kaufman posted a video summarising the result of his quest to understand the Covid-19 (Sars-2-19) 'virus'.
(Search for "Andrew Kaufman MD Covid-19 Exosome.)

He found that what is presented as a 'virus' matches, exactly, the description of an exosome.
An exosome is (like a polar body in an ovum, or a protein strand released by a microbe) a Correction by a cell in changing circumstances - an adaptation to stress.

That makes the exosome (thus "Covid-29), a consequence, not a cause.
'Testing for presence of Covid-19' would then only indicate that cells were stresses - by any cause.

This could explain why so many people 'with Covid-19' die, mainly if they have another disease. They die of their existing disease, and the test for 'Covid-19' merely shows cell immune level stress response. It does Not define/identify the Stressor which caused the immune system to 'collapse' resulting in death from their pre-existing disease.

!Solid and/or Soup - a Virus in Water
Biological materials are very different from those studied by Classical Science.

Classical Science started with a very simplified set of assumptions; simply because nature is grand and complex, and it was necessary to ‘find a way in’ by starting to understand some simple issues first.

The assumptions that ‘matter is “inert”’ is perhaps the most crippling assumption still used in society. It was based on the assumption - and imposition – of the idea that the universe is “Invariant”. Inert.

The uniVerse is not Invariant; it is an ongoing process of development.
The uniVerse is neither Inert. Yet it can appear to us as such.

It must be kept in mind, that all we perceive is a mental construct.
“The Collapse of the Vector of State”, as Quantum Theory describes it, is the term that describes that the Observer defines and determines the Observation, by the type of involvement.

Thus the mode of involvement must be explicitly described, in order to be able to study and develop science.
Because, whatever we perceive, it is always the result of an interference pattern; of our state of being interacting with that of our context (of which we form part).

The dynamics of the Collapse of the Vector of State is determined by the model of an Interference pattern.
It is the result – in that model – of Constructive and Destructive interference (of waves) that builds the reality that we know. Our Reality is a Realisation.

What quantum theory describes, if it is to be uniVersally true, must apply to us also.
It must then also be valid for this exploratory study on the nature of the Virus.

We can summarise the findings as follows:
The universe, us included, is a wave field.
Every interaction and relationship is an interference pattern between wave fields in a wave field.

This then must apply to a Virus also.
This is why the study of the Virus here is held do apply to both the bio-organism (virus) and informatics code for computation (computer virus).

The construct of an Interference pattern is a clue to be pursued:
Constructive and Destructive interference leads to an Interference pattern of the Moiré type.

This means that we are dealing with a wave pattern within a wave pattern.
This is the basis for a description of Nesting and Embedding; fitting a part into a whole, i.e. relating an object into a context.

Bear in mind that in this approach there is no object separate from a context.
Every object is one with its context; but surrounded by a collapsed wave field of higher order (called a boundary; an interference pattern of wave fields).

It means that every object is a process (an interference pattern).
The relationship between the object and the relation of the object and the context is an interference pattern (process) also.

What then is object?
What is process?

To study this deeper, look as the relationship between a river and a bedding:
The river shapes the bedding, yet the bedding shapes the river.

Regard the same in the gulf streams of the oceans, and the jet streams of the atmosphere.
Likewise there are ionic currents – like smooth lightning snakes – in our ionosphere.

In an electric conductor we see the same: there are electrons of the current, and there are electrons of the atomic metal lattice. How can you tell them apart?

In water – a fluid crystal – we see the same:
water is coherent in droplets of 59 [nm] and incoherent (‘like boiling water’) in-between.

Herbert Fröhlich applied the understanding of atomic lattices of metal to study this.
He calculated the energy needed to liberate an electron from an atomic lattice.
(See “Herbert Fröhlich, FRS, a physicist ahead of his time, ISBN 0-906370-41-8)

In his studies he showed that we are not only dealing with electrons in a lattice; we are simultaneously dealing with the movement of lattices as a whole. Important is to realise that when particles move in a coherent manner (as fields as a whole) they can travel at speeds faster than light. This is a logical consequence of the phase propagation in and of a coherent field). In the description of materials this is called Superconductivity.

Last night I had a dream in which I was shown the relationship between cubic atomic crystals (such as found in a metal atomic lattice) and the free electrons between them. It was ‘explained’ to me, in my dream (an unconscious mental metabolic process) how the two were related. Upon waking I realised that soup referred to sup-er conductivity.

It is this notion that is relevant for this study of the Virus also.

The virus is a nano-tech antenna.
It functions in a context of water.

This means that the Virus presumably links with, maybe even interlocks with, the droplets of coherent water. I can imagine that the ‘legs’ off the virus connect to ‘droplets’ of coherent water.
The water droplets are like mini computers; they can store close to 1000 different frequencies (see the work of Cyril Smith). These frequencies can be matched as interference patterns (with constructive and destructive interference), thus function as logic gates (AND and OR, NAND and NOR gates).

Virus – in this conceptualization – operate these nano-computers.
They bring local coherence between water droplets: the virus serves a s circuit board in a primordial soup of informatics in water.

It is this kind of concept, in which a virus brings coherence in particular forms of coherence in water, that is to be further explored.

The particular forms of coherence in water, as the 59 [nm] droplets described by Cyril Smith.
The particular forms of coherence of the virus, is the antenna shape, and the near metallic structure of molecular coherence, in the form of the Virus.

What can be shown about the relationship between the Virus, and its presumable role in bringing coherence between coherent droplets of water.
The principles described by Fröhlich, about superconductivity in super-coherence will be valid.
Likewise it will be based on the same concepts as those of the ionic streams in the ionospheric ‘bedding”; and a river and a bedding.

It is the relationship between Potential and Kinetic energy (the coherent water, or molecular ‘boiling’ water) which is found also in the Cosmic Gas Cloud, and the Lightning Charge Discharges that compute the location of the stars.

It is all about the relationship between information and matter.
What we perceive in our living body, must be at the basis of the existence of the virus also…

Thence this exploration:
Is the Virus a primordial form of operator, operating on the information in water, in the coherent droplets described by Cyril Smith?

If so, it is likely that a virus is not a pathogen; because it simply computes and has no own mind or meaning.

What then changed in the development of the virus, that it could encapsulate itself, not in a protein sheath but is a double lipid membrane, to develop into a microbe: the bacterial form? (This presupposes an environment in which fatty soap bubbles could form. And engendered a micro environment in which the virus can compute and replicate by dividing itself.)

More questions
More answers

!Virus - From Physics to Phasics

Let us do a Reality Check

:Let us assume: a virus is not physical, but phasical.
:A form of organisation in phase space: a wave form.

Many people wish to believe that the human body is a kind of machine. It is not.

Modern Medical Science is an obsolete belief system: the body is neither an object nor material. It does not follow the laws of inertial (thus causality, i.e. determinism as postulated by a set of over-simplifications). The body is an information system, in which the internal state is systematically recomputed in respect to the state change of the ambient context. The body adopts and adapts; in ways that no machine can yet do.

:Can computer virus adopt and adapt to the extent that our body can do so?
:Can biological virus adopt and adapt as much, or more, than a computer virus?

Some fundamental questions need to be raised.

We need to be able to relate the processing of information to abilities of adaptation.

We need to correlate changes in degrees of freedom, to changes in patterns of information organisation.

:But more important than that that: we need to reconsider our total conceptualisation of medical science; we need to account for the state change that we see – and experience – in living bodies.

Extensive work has been done towards this. But ‘none’ of this work has yet been incorporated into the studies, or doctrines, of medical science.
Some of these insights will be presented. The following works relate to the electromagnetic dynamics in our living body.
They bring our understanding a lot closer toward the understanding which we now have of computable systems (computers).
They possibly help us to advance our conceptualisation of computer virus, towards the process dynamics that we find in living beings.

*“Electromagnetic Man”, a book by Cyril Smith describes how many people are very sensitive to electromagnetic fields. 
*Robert Becker, in his books “The Body Electric” and “Cross Currents” has shown aspects of the extensive electromagnetic dynamics in our body.
*Bjorn Nordenström described the direct relationship between electromagnetic fields and diseases.
*Herbert Fröhlich described the role of electromagnetic forces in our cellular and molecular dynamics.

These books offer much more insight and depth than summarised above.

There are many other books that are very detailed and explicit in their description of the importance of electromagnetism in our body.

For example:
:Earlier work on electro-magneto-dynamics had already shown that the blood flow in our body needs to include the considerations of flow-induced electric and magnetic fields.
:The mitochondrion, known as the powerhouse of the cell, operates by a ‘cyclotron like’ acceleration of electrons. Our body is able to capture (thus sense and anticipate – beyond Heisenberg Uncertainty) the location and movement of single electrons.
:The materials in our body are piëzo-electric, magneto dynamic, transducer-transponder liquid crystals. Healing processes make use of field changes to affect their properties and dynamics.
:Molecules are – as mentioned before – electromagnetic antennae, and their interactions are not chemical but electromagnetic. But meaningful only to the extent that they integrate information.

It does not make sense to regard our body as if these electrodynamic processes do not play a role.

*    EMG measurements determine the electrical activities in body muscle.
*    ECG (or EKG) do the same for the muscle in the heart.
*    EEG measurements show that our brain also is involved with an electromagnetic field process.
*    EAV, Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll, makes used of electric voltage changes on the tips of toes and fingers to assess internal states in our body.

We have however long since moved out of the era of electrics and electronics into the information era, of computation and informatics. Unknown to many we already likewise have passed through, and deeper into, the knowledge of radionics.
Many of these theories are unknown simply because science has to a large extent become a system of belief. People prefer to disregard and discard a model that ‘their’ model cannot understand, than apply themselves to the art of science: explore and study the unknown.

>    In dealing with our living body we cannot afford to be led by belief; we need to know.
>    We need to understand the basic dynamics of our body.

Science has come to conclude that matter is made up out of molecules which are composed of atoms which are created by interacting subatomic (immaterial) fields.
Information is the basis of our body.
We need to apply and use this understanding.

    We cannot look at the body as if it is based on matter; it is not.
    We cannot hold the body to be a chemical reaction; it is not.
    We cannot even regard our body as based on electromagnetic field interactions; it is not.
    We need to understand our body as an integral field of information integration.

We do not have a body, organs or cells.
All what we experience is based on the interaction and interchange of the fields underlying atoms and molecules that form our body.

From a classical mechanical model of science, we are told that our body is formed out of Neutrons, surrounded by Protons, circled by Electrons, shepherded from one orbit to another by Photons.

Evidently this model is incomplete, or absurd: a photon at full speed cannot hit an orbiting electron, at full speed, with the accuracy and precision by which the electron will hop from one orbit to another. Statistical chances for such full speed particle hits are by far too small.

    The particular view needs to be replaced by a model of waves, in which resonant frequencies are shifted from one harmonic to another, in interactive field systems.

It is this realisation that has been presented before: we need to regard virus as forms of stabilised waves.

However: the notion of solid state, stability, and invariant structure itself need to be discarded. The smaller the scale of detail, the higher its internal dynamics.

    Matter, Molecules, Atoms, and Subatomic Field.

    As the Alchemist described: the more we move into details,
    the more the frequency needs to be raised.

Our body, at the smaller scales, is determined by ever more intense dynamics. It is not an object, process or transformation, but a system of dimensional transmutation.
Our body operates on changes of degrees of freedom. This is what I would expect to find also in any virus.

Virus is therefore unlikely to be a crystalline structure, as it is usually represented.
In fact the definitions of the virus show that crystallisation of the virus is difficult to achieve.

So, rather than regarding the virus as a structure, let us regard it as a process; and a specific kind of standing wave, or rather oscillation, probably even a wave modulation, in which an information field is maintained in a changing context.

    This is what we would seek as the basis of life.

A combination of what we now know of the subatomic dynamics: the oscillations of pure waves of phase. But now, somehow, on a larger scale of manifestation, which could later lead to more elaborate and bulky forms of manifestation: from proteins to enzymes to RNA and DNA; and from virus to bacteria to eukaryote cells…

The hypothesis that I present herewith, is that our body is an electromagnetic process; not as an electronic circuit board but as a system of and for processing information.
Of which, I presume, the virus also is an example.
Which, when understood, can help us understand this.

!The Virus - Shaping a Wave Field?

Is the Virus – A standing Wave?

Perhaps we need to link up the concept of Sacred Geometry,
in/to the understanding of Virus.

    The UniVerse is, as the word proposes, a unified field of waves.
    It is to be expected that the most basic forms of consciousness and life, interact with this wave field.

Minerals do the same; the ordered atomic lattice ‘combs’ the ambient wave field to a coherent interference pattern of waves, around the mineral structure.
Gems, minerals with an atomic lattice with atomic doping, offer multiple different ordered lattices, thus can provide more complex filtering of the wave ambient field.
(They 'operate multiple wave bands', thus 'have more bandwidth'.)

    (Doping is a technical term, for the insertion of – in this case atoms – into an existing substance.
    A schema of “doping” can be visually presented as follows:


    Because of the existence of the ‘o’ atom lattice, the interspersed “X” lattice can be held in place (which otherwise could not exist in nature).
    The result is that the ‘o’ wave field forms the ‘carrier wave’ for the “X” ‘Filter”.
    (This principle is related to that of Holograms: a general and a specific frequency pattern interference.)
    As a result, the “X”-grid can function, and order frequencies of the ambient wave field.)

Sacred Geometry describes the coherence of integral wave field.
The most basic form is that of a Vortex.
This is a basic form that defines dimensional transition.
In a Vortex a volume (e.g. bath), a plane (water surface), a line (vortex funnel) and a point (bath plug hole) are interconnected.

    A (sometimes somewhat controversial) excellent graphic representation of sacred geometric figures is found on

In sacred geometry, the interference of (phase) field is made explicit.
All forms are forms of relationships, forms of transformation, and forms of emergence.
This means that all forms relate to different forms of dimensional coherence.
This is precisely what is to be expected in life forms, which are forms of information, in formation.

In life forms, the essence is the manifestation of Freedom of Choice.
This equates to the ability to change the internal degrees of coherence,
This is expressed in terms of topological changes, between Dimensional States.
Life thus operates Dimensional (de)Compression; Sacred Geometry offers graphic representation.

Sacred geometry shows that a Vortex has an Envelope, a Stellate (star shape) and a Polygon, as equivalent formulations of the same concept.
This is to be expected:

a Vortex is the form that links the dimensional transmutations.
A Stellate is the topological sets of (singularity) points of contacts with the context.
The Polygon is the interface/membrane that can be drawn between the points of the stellate.
The Envelope is the interface where the interference pattern of the Vortex/involution interferes with the evolution of the context. It is field.

What we see is the interference field of interference fields of waves of waves.

Because we too are a field, we can only describe this in terms of field iteractions.
The only effective language for this is Integral Field theory, of which Superstring theory is an emergent example.
Quantum Theory can be used only if formulated in terms of a field, and accounting for human involvement
Relativity Theory can be used only of the limitation of the description is included in the description (The Tiller-Einstein solution of transcending the critical limits).
Classical Deterministic Theory can be used only as specific instance of a momentary perception. It is a frozen image of a film of development determined by observer involvement. This gives it only limited (subjective, personal, momentary, invariant) use. (In general this means it is useless for the understanding of life.)

Sacred Geometry can be regarded as a representation of a wave form. (Regard it as an ongoing film.)
The question is:

    how does the Virus function as a director’s baton; and a magic wand, as antennae for organizing the wave field?
    What is the wave field that results?
    What makes it so stable?
    Is it the basis of the wave field, and life form, of e.g. the microbes?

The answer of this will require precise calculations.

    What is the size and shape of the Virus, as Antenna?
    What is the size and shape of the erected coherent wave field?
    Why is it relevant, of benefit, for encapsulating information?
    How is the stored information of relevant in the ambient field?

Crystallographers, have you done such calculations?
Astronomy antennae experts, can you offer suggestions?

!The Virus - Is it an Antenna?!
The formal definitions about a virus are too vague, to be of value.

    Core concept: the virus is protein;
    Rods of proteins in different lengths and shapes, and
    sheaths of proteins (the capsid).

    Rods and planes …These are the basic shapes of … antennae

Perhaps we can look for a more simple definition of a virus.
If a virus is not alive, nor dead, perhaps is is simply a form of information.
Perhaps it is just a simple form of a program. A form of information
We know it has a form; a form (pattern) of Vibration.
What is the form itself is its 'magic', the purpose and essence of what Virus is?

Let us backtrack:
Hypothesis is that the universe emerged from phase space.
Nothing is the basis of thing. Manifestation is a form of (in)formation.
Big Bang stands between them: and inversion from nothing to thing.

Cosmology is better understood by tracing the history of physics.
Matter was found to exist out of molecules composed of atoms; composed of subatomic fields.
Things were found to be based on no-things.
Another description of the same: Physics is Chemistry is Electromagnetic is Phasics.

Phasics is the clue; and the essence.
Phasics is the nature of Phase Space.
It addresses the essence of coherence, and existence.
Big Bang, Cosmic Gas, Stars and Planets traces the history of matter in inverse.

Big Bang: a phenomenon of Plasma.
Cosmic Gas, as the name spells: a Gas.
Stars, a manifestation as Fluid.
Planets: a Solid form of manifestation.

This was what the Alchemists studied.
Their interest was in Transmutation.
This we call now the transition between Degrees of Freedom.
We now describe this as a Logic of Dimensional Sets,

This is what we need to understand cosmology:
the transition from NoThing to Thing.
from plasma to gas to fluid to structure,
through different forms of manifestation.

This probably is the essence:
The form changes, but the essence does not.
The UniVerse is a unified field of Vibration.
Manifestation is simply an ongoing process of its expression.

Tracing back in time, we see that mater = molecules = atoms = plasma.
The form and nature of matter, is a form of subatomic coherence.
All that we know and perceive, is a pattern of vibration.
All is information in formation.

We see the same in the emergence of life forms.
Minerals lead to plants, to animals, to sapient sapient life forms.
In-between we see (Margulis, 1993) that the eukaryote cell emerged out of the fusion of four bacterial forms:
Earth, aqueous (Water), aerobic (Air) and photosynthetic (light, Fire)

The bacteria is however is already a com-plex.
It contains nuclear plasma, and a membrane.
It is already a form of a cell.
This is a quite complex geometrical form.

    It is essence to find a more basic shape, and function, which is more essential.

    Thence this project: is this more basic shape ... the Virus?

    Is the Virus the more basic form, from which bacteria are a sequel?

    If so, can we find a form of transformation, by which the bacteria was formed out of Virus?

In other words: can we understand the bacteria as a development from the Virus?
Can we explain bacterial vital functions in term of viral characteristics?
Can we find a direct relationship between form and information?
Can we understand the (laws of) forms of transformation of information?

    This addresses the Laws of Form (Spencer-Brown, 1972)

    Thus deals with form of Information (Shannon, 1963)

    This forms the basis of Manifestation (Weinberg, 1977)

    But now as the basis of Life: Creation (O#o, 1982)

The hypothesis is: yes we can.
If we but look.

For this reason this project proposes that we regard the virus as an antenna, a program.
The reason for this is simple:
Experiment showed that electric charge discharge over a primordial soup formed Amino Acids.
What is Amino Acids are the trace of the Lightning, in matter. A Lightning conductor, a conduit, an antenna?

Ken Rand described the lightnings.
Phil Callahan described the antennae

It is known that Lightning is a computation.
It computes the geodesic (optimal pathway) of Charge Discharge.
Lightning links Time-Space. It jumps a fixed distance and waits a fixed time, always, again and again.
Lightning – from the Cosmic Cloud onwards – computes balance.

If Lightning and amino acids are linked; then charge-discharge is linked with a form of manifestation.
The emergence of more complex forms of molecules is then expression of more complex forms of manifestation.Once the lightning conductors have been created, they simply develop.
Let us regard lightning conductors in their more general form: antennae.

Antennae exist in many different forms.
Within them there is a flow of current: electric.
Around them, there is a shape of a field: magnetic.
Both are (inter)linked in the antenna.

In the antenna, there is a flow: a current: a rod…
Around the antenna there is a charge, a membrane…

A virus is a combination of Rods, and Membranes.
Let us simply regard the virus as a construct of antennae.
A construct of antennae: a mini circuit-board, in 3D.
What programs can it contain? What does it compute?

I welcome your suggestions.

Hackers, can you transcribe the shape of virus into ... computer programs?
The lengths of the rods and the shapes of the membranes specify the frequencies that the virus com-putes (integrates).
Integration is the essence of computation.
I presume that the virus hold a wave shape, stabilises electromagnetic vibration, which is significant, and the basis of life.

!Is this "a Virus"? (Wikipedia definition)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In brief, the formulation is that a virus is genetic material in a capsid
    (a capsid is a protein layer, not considered to be a membrane).
    How does the capsid envelope get to be there?
    What distinguishes it from a membrane?
    So, the genetic material ... is considered to be dead?!

This article is about a biological infectious particle; for the computer term, see computer virus. For other uses, see virus (disambiguation).

Virus classification
I: dsDNA virusesII: ssDNA virusesIII: dsRNA virusesIV: (+)ssRNA virusesV: (-)ssRNA virusesVI: ssRNA-RT virusesVII: dsDNA-RT viruses
A virus (Latin, poison) is a microscopic particle that can infect the cells of a biological organism. At the most basic level, viruses consist of genetic material contained within a protective protein coat called a capsid; the existence of both genetic material and protein distinguishes them from other virus-like particles such as prions and viroids. They infect a wide variety of organisms: both eukaryotes (animals, fungi and plants) and prokaryotes (bacteria). A virus that infects bacteria is known as a bacteriophage, often shortened to phage. The study of viruses is known as virology, and those who study viruses are known as virologists.
It has been argued extensively whether viruses are living organisms. Most virologists consider them non-living, as they do not meet all the criteria of the generally accepted definition of life. They are similar to obligate intracellular parasites as they lack the means for self-reproduction outside a host cell, but unlike parasites, viruses are generally not considered to be true living organisms. Among other factors, viruses do not possess a cell membrane or metabolise on their own. A definitive answer is still elusive because some organisms considered to be living exhibit characteristics of both living and non-living particles, as viruses do. For those who consider viruses living, viruses are an exception to the cell theory proposed by Theodore Schwann, as viruses are not made up of cells.
1 Discovery
2 Origins
3 Classification
4 Structure
4.1 Size
4.2 Genetic material
5 Replication
6 Lifeform debate
7 Viruses and disease
7.1 Epidemics
7.2 Detection, purification and diagnosis
7.3 Prevention and treatment
8 Applications
8.1 Life sciences
8.2 Materials science and nanotechnology
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[edit] Discovery
Viral diseases such as rabies have affected humans for many centuries, but the cause of these diseases was discovered relatively recently. In 1717, Mrs Mary Montagu, the wife of an English ambassador to the Ottoman Empire, observed local women inoculating their children against Smallpox. In the late 18th century, Edward Jenner observed and studied Miss Sarah Nelmes, a milkmaid who had previously caught Cowpox was subsequently found to be immune to Smallpox, a similar virus.
In the late 19th century Charles Chamberland developed a porcelain filter. This filter was used to study the first documented virus, tobacco mosaic virus. Shortly afterwards, Dimitri Ivanovski published experiments showing that crushed leaf extracts of infected tobacco plants were still infectious even after filtering the bacteria from the solution. At about the same time, several others documented filterable disease-causing agents, with several independent experiments showing that viruses were different from bacteria, yet they could also cause disease in living organisms. The term virus was coined by the Dutch microbiologist Martinus Beijerinck.
In the early 20th century, Frederick Twort discovered that bacteria itself could be attacked by viruses. Felix d'Herelle, working independently, showed that a preparation of viruses caused areas of cellular death on thin cell cultures spread on agar. Counting the dead areas allowed him to estimate the original number of viruses in the suspension. Finally, in 1935 Wendell Stanley crystallised the tobacco mosaic virus and found it to be mostly protein. A short time later the virus was separated into protein and nucleic acid parts.

[edit] Origins
The origins of modern viruses are not entirely clear, and there may not be a single mechanism of origin that can account for all viruses. As viruses do not fossilise well, molecular techniques have been the most useful means of hypothesising how they arose. Research in microfossil identification and molecular biology may yet discern fossil evidence dating to the Archean or Proterozoic eons. Two main hypotheses currently exist[1]:
Small viruses with only a few genes may be runaway stretches of nucleic acid originating from the genome of a living organism. Their genetic material could have been derived from transferable genetic elements such as plasmids or transposons, which are prone to moving around, exiting, and entering genomes.
Viruses with larger genomes, such as Poxviruses, may have once been small cells which parasitised larger host cells. Over time, genes not required by their parasitic lifestyle would have been lost in a streamlining process known as retrograde-evolution or reverse-evolution. Both the bacteria Rickettsia and Chlamydia are living cells which, like viruses, can only reproduce inside host cells. They lend credence to this hypothesis, as they are likely to have lost genes enabling them to survive outside a host cell, in favour of their parasitic lifestyle.
Other infectious particles which are even simpler in structure than viruses include viroids, satellites and prions.

[edit] Classification
For more details on this topic, see Virus classification.
In taxonomy, the classification of viruses is rather difficult due to the lack of a fossil record and the dispute over whether they are living or non-living. They do not fit easily into any of the domains of biological classification and therefore classification begins at the family rank. However, the domain name of Acytota has been suggested. This would place viruses on a par with the other domains of Eubacteria, Archaea, and Eukarya. Not all families are currently classified into orders, nor all genera classified into families.
As an example of viral classification, the chicken pox virus belongs to family Herpesviridae, subfamily Alphaherpesvirinae and genus Varicellovirus. It remains unranked in terms of order. The general structure is as follows.
Order (-virales)
Family (-viridae)
Subfamily (-virinae)
Genus (-virus)
Species (-virus)
The International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) developed the current classification system and put in place guidelines that put a greater weighting on certain virus properties in order to maintain family uniformity. In determining order, taxonomists should consider the type of nucleic acid present, whether the nucleic acid is single- or double-stranded, and the presence or absence of an envelope. After these three main properties, other characteristics can be considered: the type of host, the capsid shape, immunological properties and the type of disease it causes.
In addition to this classification system, the Nobel Prize-winning biologist David Baltimore devised the Baltimore classification system. This places a virus into one of seven Groups, which distinguish viruses based on their mode of replication and genome type. The ICTV classification system is used in conjunction with the Baltimore classification system in modern virus classification.

[edit] Structure
A complete virus particle, known as a virion, is little more than a gene transporter, consisting of nucleic acid surrounded by a protective coat of protein called a capsid. A capsid is composed of proteins encoded by the viral genome and its shape serves as the basis for morphological distinction. Virally coded protein units called protomers will self-assemble to form the capsid, requiring no input from the virus genome - however, a few viruses code for proteins which assist in the construction of their capsid. Proteins associated with nucleic acid are known as nucleoproteins, and the association of viral capsid proteins with viral nucleic acid is called a nucleocapsid.
In general, there are four main morphological virus types:
Helical viruses

Diagram of a helical capsid
Helical capsids are composed of a single type of protomer stacked around a central circumference to form an enclosed tube resembling a spiral staircase. This arrangement results in rod-shaped virions which can be short and rigid, or long and flexible. Long helical particles must be flexible in order to prevent forces snapping the structure. The genetic material is housed on the inside of the tube, protected from the outside. Overall, the length of a helical capsid is related to the length of the nucleic acid contained within it, while the diameter is dependent on the overall length and arrangement of protomers. The well-studied Tobacco mosaic virus is an example of a helical virus.
Icosahedral viruses

Electron micrograph of icosahedral virions
Icosahedral capsid symmetry results in a spherical appearance of viruses at low magnification but actually consists of capsomers arranged in a regular geometrical pattern, similar to a soccer ball, hence they are not truly "spherical". Capsomers are ring shaped structures constructed from five to six copies of protomers. These associate via non-covalent bonding to enclose the viral nucleic acid, though generally less intimately than helical capsids, and may involve one or more protomers.
Icosahedral architecture was employed by R. Buckminster-Fuller in his geodesic dome, and is the most efficient way of creating an enclosed robust structure from multiple copies of a single protein. The number of proteins required to form a spherical virus capsid is denoted by the T-number[2], where 60×t proteins are necessary. In the case of the hepatitis B virus the T-number is 4, therefore 240 proteins assemble to form the capsid.
Enveloped viruses

Diagram of enveloped HIV
In addition to a capsid some viruses are able to hijack a modified form of the cell membrane surrounding an infected host cell, thus gaining an outer lipid layer known as a viral envelope. This extra membrane is studded with proteins coded for by the viral genome and host genome, however the lipid membrane itself and any carbohydrates present are entirely host-coded.
The viral envelope can give a virion a few distinct advantages over other capsid-only virions, such as protection from enzymes and chemicals. The proteins studded upon it can include glycoproteins functioning as receptor molecules, allowing healthy cells to recognise these virions as "friendly", resulting in the possible uptake of the virion into the cell. Some viruses are so dependent upon their viral envelope that they fail to function if it is removed.
Complex viruses

Diagram of a bacteriophage
These viruses possess a capsid which is neither purely helical, nor purely icosahedral, and which may possess extra structures such as protein tails or a complex outer wall. Some bacteriophages have a complex structure consisting of an icosahedral head bound to a helical tail, the latter of which may have a hexagonal base plate with many protruding protein tail fibres.
The Poxviruses are large, complex viruses which have an unusual morphology. The viral genome is associated with proteins within a central disk structure known as a nucleoid. The nucleoid is surrounded by a membrane and two lateral bodies of unknown function. The virus has an outer envelope with a thick layer of protein studded over its surface. The whole particle is slightly pleiomorphic, ranging from ovoid to brick shape.

[edit] Size
To put viral size into perspective, a medium sized virion next to a flea is roughly equivalent to a human next to a mountain twice the size of Mount Everest. Some filoviruses have a total length of up to 1400 nm, however their capsid diameters are only about 80 nm. The majority of viruses which have been studied have a capsid diameter between 10 and 300 nanometres. While most viruses are unable to be seen with a light microscope, some are larger than the smallest bacteria and can be seen under high magification. Both scanning and transmission electron microscopes are commonly employed to visualise virus particles.
A notable exception to the normal viral size range is the recently discovered mimivirus, with a diameter of 400 nm. They also hold the record for the largest viral genome size, possessing about 1000 genes (some bacteria only possess 400) on a genome approximately 1.2 megabases in length. Their large genome also contains many genes which are conserved in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic genes[3]. The discovery of the virus has led many scientists to reconsider the controversial boundary between living organisms and viruses, which are currently considered as mere mobile genetic elements.

[edit] Genetic material
Both DNA and RNA are found in viral species, but generally a species will not contain both. One exception is the human cytomegalovirus, which contains both a DNA core and several mRNA segments. The nucleic acid can be either single- or double-stranded, depending on the species. Therefore viruses as a group contain all four possible types of nucleic acids: double-stranded DNA, single-stranded DNA, double-stranded RNA and single-stranded RNA. Animal virus species have been observed to possess all combinations, whereas plant viruses tend to have single-stranded RNA. Bacteriophages tend to have double-stranded DNA. Also, the nucleic acids can be either linear or a closed loop.

An electron micrograph of multiple polyomavirus virions
Genome size in terms of the weight of nucleotides varies quite substantially between species. The smallest genomes code for only four proteins and weigh about 106 daltons, while the largest weigh about 108 daltons and code for over one hundred proteins. Some virus species possess abnormal nucleotides, such as hydroxymethylcytosine instead of cytosine, as a normal part of their genome.
For viruses with RNA as their nucleic acid, the strands are said to be either positive-sense (also called plus-strand) or negative-sense (also called minus-strand) depending on whether it is complementary to viral mRNA. Positive-sense viral RNA is identical to viral mRNA and thus can be immediately translated by the host cell. Negative-sense viral RNA is complementary to mRNA and thus must be converted to positive-sense RNA by an RNA polymerase before translation.
All double-stranded RNA genomes and some single-stranded RNA genomes are said to be segmented, or divided into separate parts. Each segment may code for one protein, and they are usually found together in one capsid. Not all segments are required to be in the same virion for the overall virus to be infectious, as can be seen in the brome mosaic virus.

[edit] Replication
Viral populations do not grow through cell division, because they are acellular; instead, they use the machinery and metabolism of a host cell to produce multiple copies of themselves. They may have a lytic or a lysogenic cycle, with some viruses capable of carrying out both. A virus can still cause degenerative effects within a cell without causing its death; collectively these are termed cytopathic effects. Released virions can be passed between hosts through either direct contact, often via body fluids, or through a vector. In aqueous environments, viruses float free in the water.
In the lytic cycle, characteristic of virulent phages such as the T4 phage, host cells will be induced by the virus to begin manufacturing the proteins necessary for virus reproduction. As well as proteins, the virus must also direct the replication of new genomes, the technique used for this varies greatly between virus species but depends heavily on the genome type. The final viral product is assembled spontaneously, though it may be aided by molecular chaperones. After the genome has been replicated and the new capsid assembled, the virus causes the cell to be broken open (lysed) to release the virus particles. Some viruses do not lyse the cell but instead exit the cell via the cell membrane in a process known as exocytosis, taking a small portion of the membrane with them as a viral envelope. As soon as the cell is destroyed the viruses have to find a new host.
In contrast, the lysogenic cycle does not result in immediate lysing of the host cell, instead the viral genome integrates into the host DNA and replicates along with it. The virus remains dormant but after the host cell has replicated several times, or if environmental conditions permit it, the virus will become active and enter the lytic phase. The lysogenic cycle allows the host cell to continue to survive and reproduce, and the virus is passed on to all of the cell’s offspring.

A falsely coloured electron micrograph of multiple bacteriophages
Bacteriophages infect specific bacteria by binding to surface receptor molecules and then enter the cell. Within a short amount of time, sometimes just minutes, bacterial polymerase starts translating viral mRNA into protein. These proteins go on to become either new virions within the cell, helper proteins which help assembly of new virions, or proteins involved in cell lysis. Viral enzymes aid in the breakdown of the cell membrane, and in the case of the T4 phage, in just over twenty minutes after injection over three hundred phages will be released.
Animal DNA viruses, such as herpesviruses, enter the host via endocytosis, the process by which cells take in material from the external environment. Frequently after a chance collision with an appropriate surface receptor on a cell, the virus penetrates the cell, the viral genome is released from the capsid and host polymerases begin transcribing viral mRNA. New virions are assembled and released either by cell lysis or by budding off the cell membrane.
Animal RNA viruses can be placed into about four different groups depending on their mode of replication. The polarity of the RNA largely determines the replicative mechanism, as well as whether the genetic material is single-stranded or double-stranded. Some RNA viruses are actually DNA based but use an RNA-intermediate to replicate. RNA viruses are heavily dependent upon virally encoded RNA replicase to create copies of their genomes.
Reverse transcribing viruses are viruses that replicate using reverse transcription, which is the formation of DNA from an RNA template. Those viruses containing RNA genomes use a DNA intermediate to replicate, whereas those containing DNA genomes use an RNA intermediate during genome replication. Both types of reverse transcribing viruses use the reverse transcriptase enzyme to carry out the nucleic acid conversion.

[edit] Lifeform debate

Multiple rotavirus virions
Argument continues over whether viruses are truly alive. According to the United States Code, they are considered micro-organisms in the sense of biological weaponry and malicious use. Scientists however are divided. They have no trouble classifying a horse as living, but things become complicated as they look at simple viruses, viroids and prions. Viruses resemble life in that they possess nucleic acid and can respond to their environment in a limited fashion. They can also reproduce by creating multiple copies of themselves through simple self-assembly.
Viruses do not have a cell structure, regarded as the basic unit of life. They are also absent from the fossil record, making phylogenic relationships difficult to determine. Additionally, although they reproduce, they do not metabolise on their own and therefore require a host cell to replicate and synthesise new products. However, bacterial species such as Rickettsia and Chlamydia, while living organisms, are also unable to reproduce outside of a host cell.
An argument can be made that all accepted forms of life use cell division to reproduce, whereas all viruses spontaneously assemble within cells. The comparison is drawn between viral self-assembly and the autonomous growth of non-living crystals. Virus self-assembly within host cells also has implications for the study of the origin of life, as it lends credence to the hypothesis that life could have started as self-assembling organic molecules.
If viruses are considered alive, then the criteria specifying life will have been permanently changed, leading scientists to question what the basic prerequisite of life is. If they are considered living then the prospect of creating artificial life is enhanced, or at least the standards required to call something artificially alive are reduced. If viruses were said to be alive, the question could follow of whether other even smaller infectious particles, such as viroids and prions, would next be considered forms of life.

[edit] Viruses and disease
For more examples of diseases caused by viruses see List of infectious diseases
Examples of common human diseases caused by viruses include the common cold, the flu, chickenpox and cold sores. Serious diseases such as Ebola, AIDS, bird flu and SARS are all also caused by viruses. The relative ability of viruses to cause disease is described in terms of virulence. Other diseases are under investigation as to whether they too have a virus as the causative agent, such as the possible connection between Human Herpesvirus Six (HHV6) and neurological diseases such as multiple sclerosis and chronic fatigue syndrome. Recently it was also shown that cervical cancer is partially caused by papillomavirus, representing evidence in humans of a link existing between cancer and an infective agent[4]. There is current controversy over whether the borna virus, previously thought of as causing neurological disease in horses, could be responsible for psychiatric illness in humans[5].
Viruses have many different mechanisms by which they produce disease in an organism, which largely depends on the species. Mechanisms at the cellular level primarily include cell lysis, the breaking open and subsequent death of the cell. In multicellular organisms, if enough cells die the whole organism will start to suffer the effects. Although many viruses result in the disruption of healthy homeostasis, resulting in disease, they may also exist relatively harmlessly within an organism. An example would include the ability of the herpes simplex virus, which cause coldsores, to remain in a dormant state within the human body.

[edit] Epidemics
For more details on this topic, see List of epidemics.

The helical Ebola virus
A number of highly lethal viral pathogens are members of the Filoviridae. Filoviruses are filament-like viruses that cause viral hemorrhagic fever, and include the Ebola and Marburg viruses. The Marburg virus attracted widespread press attention in April 2005 for an outbreak in Angola. Beginning in October 2004 and continuing into 2005, the outbreak was the world's worst epidemic of any kind of viral hemorrhagic fever[6].
Native American populations were devastated by contagious diseases, particularly smallpox, brought to the Americas by European colonists. It is unclear how many Native Americans were killed by foreign diseases after the arrival of Columbus in the Americas, but the numbers have been estimated to be close to 70% of the indigenous population[7]. The damage done by this disease may have significantly aided European attempts to displace or conquer the native population. Viruses also cause some of the most dangerous diseases ever known to man, such as smallpox and AIDS.

The Marburg virus

[edit] Detection, purification and diagnosis
In the laboratory, several techniques for growing and detecting viruses exist. Purification of viral particles can be achieved using differential centrifugation, isopycnic centrifugation, precipitation with ammonium sulfate or ethylene glycol, and removal of cell components from a homogenised cell mixture using organic solvents or enzymes to leave the virus particles in solution.
Assays to detect and quantify viruses include:.

A viral plaque assay
Hemagglutination assays, which quantitatively measure how many virus particles are in a solution of red blood cells by the amount of agglutination the viruses cause between them. This occurs as many viruses are able to bind to the surface of one or more red blood cells.
Direct counts using an electron microscope. A dilute mixture of virus particles and beads of known size are sprayed onto a special sheet and examined under high magnification. The virions are counted and the number extrapolated to estimate the number of virions in the undiluted mixture.
Plaque assays involve growing a thin layer of host cells onto a culture dish and adding a dilute mixture of virions onto it. The virions will infect and kill the cells they land on, producing holes in the cell layer known as plaques. The number of plaques can be counted and the number of virions estimated from it.
Detection and subsequent isolation of new viruses from patients is a specialised laboratory subject. Normally it requires the use of large facilities, expensive equipment, and trained specialists such as technicians, molecular biologists, and virologists. Often, this effort is undertaken by state and national governments and shared internationally through organizations like the World Health Organization.

[edit] Prevention and treatment
Because viruses use the machinery of a host cell to reproduce and also reside within them, they are difficult to eliminate without killing the host cell. The most effective medical approaches to viral diseases so far are vaccinations to provide resistance to infection, and drugs which treat the symptoms of viral infections. Patients often ask for, and physicians often prescribe, antibiotics. These are useless against viruses, and their misuse against viral infections is one of the causes of antibiotic resistance in bacteria. However, in life-threatening situations the prudent course of action is to begin a course of antibiotic treatment while waiting for test results to determine whether the patient's symptoms are caused by a virus or a bacterial infection.

[edit] Applications

The polio virus

[edit] Life sciences
Viruses are important to the study of molecular and cellular biology as they provide simple systems that can be used to manipulate and investigate the functions of cells. The study and use of viruses have provided valuable information about many aspects of cell biology. For example, viruses have simplified the study of genetics and helped human understanding of the basic mechanisms of molecular genetics, such as DNA replication, transcription, RNA processing, translation, protein transport, and immunology.
Geneticists regularly use viruses as vectors to introduce genes into cells that they are studying. This is useful for making the cell produce a foreign substance, or to study the effect of introducing a new gene into the genome. In similar fashion, virotherapy uses viruses as vectors to treat various diseases, as they can specifically target cells and DNA. It shows promising use in the treatment of cancer and in gene therapy.

[edit] Materials science and nanotechnology
In April 2006 scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) created nanoscale metallic wires using a genetically-modified virus[8]. The MIT team was able to use the virus to create a working battery with an energy density up to three times more than current materials. The potential exists for this technology to be used in liquid crystals, solar cells, fuel cells, and other electronics in the future.

The reconstructed 1918 influenza virus

[edit] Weapons
For more details on this topic, see Biological warfare.
The ability of viruses to cause devastating epidemics in human societies has led to the concern that viruses could be weaponized for biological warfare. Further concern was raised by the successful recreation of the infamous 1918 influenza virus in a laboratory[9]. The smallpox virus devastated numerous societies throughout history before its eradication. It currently exists in several secure laboratories in the world, and fears that it may be used as a weapon are not totally unfounded. The modern global human population has almost no established resistance to smallpox; if it were to be released, a massive loss of life could be sustained before the virus was brought under control.

[edit] Etymology
The word is from the Latin virus referring to poison and other noxious things, first used in English in 1392. Virulent, from Latin virulentus "poisonous" dates to 1400. A meaning of "agent that causes infectious disease" is first recorded in 1728, before the discovery of viruses by the Russian-Ukrainian biologist Dmitry Ivanovsky in 1892. The adjective viral dates to 1948. Today, virus is used to describe the biological viruses discussed above and also as a metaphor for other parasitically-reproducing things, such as memes or computer viruses (since 1972). The neologism virion or viron is used to refer to a single infective viral particle.
The Latin word is from a Proto-Indo-European root *weis- "to melt away, to flow," used of foul or malodorous fluids. It is a cognate of Sanskrit viṣh "poison,", Avestan viš- "poison," Greek ios "poison," Old Church Slavonic višnja "cherry," Old Irish fi "poison," Welsh gwy "fluid"; Latin viscum (see viscous) "sticky substance" is also from the same root.
The English plural form of virus is viruses. No reputable dictionary gives any other form, including such "reconstructed" Latin plural forms as viri (which actually means men), and no plural form appears in the Latin corpus (See plural of virus). The word does not have a traditional Latin plural because its original sense, poison is a mass noun like the English word furniture, and, as pointed out above, English use of virus to denote the agent of a disease predates the discovery that these agents are microscopic parasites and thus in principle countable.

[edit] See also

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Chart of viral pathogens which contribute to indoor air pollution
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[edit] Footnotes
^ Prescott, L. (1993). Microbiology, Wm. C. Brown Publishers, ISBN 0-697-01372-3

[edit] References
Icosahedral virus structure
All the Virology on the WWW
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Chronic Active Human Herpesvirus-6 (HHV-6) Infection: A New Disease Paradigm
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|hypothesis: we emerged out of the virus|
|A virus is not a pathogen, but nanoprocessor; and alive. By combining insights of virus and computer virus, can we come to understand life : the integration of information in matter; with freedom of choice. !|

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Das höchste Vertrauen genießt der Weather Channel

13 Prozent der Befragten stimmen sogar der Aussage zu, dass Präsident Trump Mainstreammedien wie CNN, Washington Post oder New York Times schließen soll. Sie hat Donald Trump bekanntlich vor allem als Gegner ausgemacht. Hier stimmen 23 Prozent der Republikaner zu. Allgemeiner gefragt ist ein Viertel der Amerikaner (26%) der Meinung, der Präsident solle die Möglichkeiten haben, Medien, die sich schlecht verhalten (engaged in bad behavior), zu schließen. Unter den Republikanern sprechen sich sogar 43 Prozent dafür aus.

Gleichwohl sagen 85 Prozent, dass die Pressefreiheit entscheidend für die amerikanische Demokratie sei, und 68 Prozent, dass Journalisten vor dem Druck der Regierung und der Wirtschaft geschützt werden sollten. Aber 72 Prozent sind auch dafür, dass Journalisten leichter rechtlich belangt werden sollen, wenn sie wissentlich Falsches berichten.

Am wenigsten vertrauenswürdig finden die Befragten Daily Beast und Breitbart, am höchsten wird der Weather Channel von allen eingestuft, gefolgt von PBS, NBC News, ABC News und BBC. Wenig überraschend ist für 70 Prozent der Republikaner Fox News nach dem Wetterkanal das vertrauenswürdigste Medium. Donald Trump, Fox News, Obama und CNN erzielen die größte Ablehnung. Aber in Bezug auf Medien und Politiker wird die Spaltung der amerikanischen Gesellschaft überdeutlich. Republikaner stehen auf Trump und lehnen Obama ab, bei den Demokraten ist es umgekehrt. Fox News lehnen 75 Prozent der Demokraten, aber 15 Prozent der Republikaner ab, CNN wird von 13 Prozent der Demokraten, aber von 58 Prozent der Republikaner abgelehnt.

Mit zwei Drittel findet die Aussage große Zustimmung, dass Amerika einen starken Führer brauche, um das Land von den "Reichen und Mächtigen" zurückzuholen. Weil die aber nicht genannt werden, sind sich da Republikaner, Demokraten und Unabhängige fast schon einig. Gefragt, ob die amerikanische Wirtschaft auf Vorteil der Reichen und Mächtigen ausgelegt ist, setzen sich Republikaner, die auf den Kapitalismus setzen, doch wieder vom Rest ab. 46 Prozent der Republikaner stimmen zu, aber 82 Prozent der Demokraten und 68 Prozent der Unabhängigen.

Dass sich traditionelle Parteien und Politiker "nicht um Leute wie mich kümmern", darin sind sich alle wieder einig, auch die Republikaner. Unterschiede gibt es wieder bei der Einschätzung von Medien. 59 Prozent kritisieren, dass es den Medien mehr um Geld geht, als darum, die Wahrheit zu sagen. Bei den Unabhängigen sind es 48 Prozent, bei den Demokraten nur erstaunliche 33 Prozent, bei den Republikanern aber 84 Prozent. (Florian Rötzer)   
Gardasil 'vaccine' causes
premature death by injected heavy metals
spore wordt gekraakt, versterkt door squaline versterkt het effect van antilichamen die dan de pathogeen opruimen
| [[Bron 1]] | [[Bron 2]] | [[Bron 3]] | [[Bron 4]] |
(Eliminatie van de hypothesen betreffende de griepoorzaken; Duits)
(Algemene informatie over coronavirus van The Lancet)
The immune response is essential to control and eliminate CoV infections, however, maladjusted immune responses may result in immunopathology and impaired pulmonary gas exchange.
Hartziekten en corona virus
([[Raoult in Marseille geneest Covid-19 met (Nydro)choroquine (6x 2DD 300mg + Azythromycine|Jean-Dominique Michel - Les résultats de Raoult]])
([[Sucharid Bhakdi, infectieziektenarts: Coronavisus hebben we allemaal]])
([[Ernst Wolff - De Geldcrisis achter de 'Viruscrisis']])
Alleen in de provincie Hubei werd quarantaine-thuis ingesteld door de regering van China; omdat de lokale regering te weinig deed.
Onderzoeker Judy Mikovits legt uit wat haar eigen onderzoek verklaart over wat in deze 'pandemie' gebeurt
Arts Buttar vertelt hoe in deze crisis onjuiste informatie wordt gepresenteerd en waar correcte informatie is te vinden.
Robert Kennedy legt uit waarom de vaccinatie industrie en Fauci in de U$A corrupt is.
Een U$A  academische perspectief - illustratief voor overheids-meningsvormings-proces.
"99% van sterften was door al bestaande ziekte en hoge bloeddruk".
In Italië zijn 96.3% van 'corona doden' overleden aan andere doordsoorzaken/ziekten (hartinfarct, longziekten, kanker).
Here is a huge collection of articles, scientific studies, videos, and quotes relating to the Coronavirus. All together, the evidence strongly supports the conclusion that Coronavirus is no more dangerous than a common cold – perhaps even less so. There may be thousand of deaths from something, but not the virus. The data points to 5G electromagnetic exposure. Anyone seeking to gather as many facts on this issue as possible will save at least a month of research time by simply reviewing this huge document.
!David Icke - The Truth Behind the Coronivirus Pandemic
Andrew Kaufman, Md, NY State, legt uit dat wat getoond wordt als Covid_19 is feite een exosoom is.
In China werden bij de uitbraak 7 mensen getest op genetisch materiaal in de long.
Voor de gevonden stoffen werd gesteld dat dit veroorzaakt zou zijn door een virus.
De PCR test toetst niet voor virus, maar voor dat genetische materiaal; wat door andere redenen kan vrijkomen.
Kaufman stelt dat dit geen test is voor een virus. maar voor een longexudaat - waarvoor meerdere redenen kunnen zijn.
De reden dat in China nu geen Covid_19 meer  wordt gevonden, is omdat de test werd veranderd...
In het Westen wordt getest op de Symptomen - in feite 'griep-achtige symptomen'.
Door die aanpak/aanname worden nu stervensgevallen onjuist beoordeeld.
Kaufman wijst erop dat in celaantasting de cell de 'gifstoffen' kan uitscheiden via Exosomen (en Lysosomen, 'Celvuilnisbak').
Hij laat zien dat wat worct  gepresenteerd als Covid_19 in feite het Exosoom is.
Exosoom diameter: 500nm in de cel, 100nm buiten de cel; receptor Ace-2, bevat RNA, gevonden in bronchiaalvloeistof.
Covid_19 diameter: 500nm in de cel, 100nm buiten de cel; receptor Ace-2, bevat RNA, gevonden in bronchiaalvloeistof.
Exosoom respons is een natuurlijke reactie van het cel immuunsysteem; nu gepreeerd alsof het een virus is.
Met andere woorden: Covid_19 is een nqtuurljke imuunrespons van ons lichaam; deel van recycling van genetisch materiaal.
Dit is niet overdraagbaar tussen mensen.
Virus komt je lichaam in door 1) vaccinatie, 2) 5G (het vergiftigt de cel die dan exosomen uitscheidt).
Angst en stress veroorzaken celvergiftiging; wat de cellen ertoe drijft om zich te ontgiften.
Huisarrest veroorzaakt stress, dus celtoxiciteit - welke de PCR-test dan als 'virus' voordoet.
De sterfte in GB is niet hoger dan in 2019 - en de 'toename van sterfte door Covid_19' is daar niet te zien.
Hetzelfde geldt in Europa; ook daar zijn de sterftecijfers niet hoger dan in het vorige jaar.
De symptomen zijn dezelfde als de griep van vorig jaar; maar wordt nu gelabeled als Covid-19.
Alleen mensen in ziekenhuizen worden getest (in NL alleen ziekenhuispersoneel) waar stress exosomen kan veroorzaken.
Des te meer er op Covid_19 worden getest, des te meer exosomen zullen worden gevonden.
Doordat allerlei ziekten gepaard gaan met imuunsysteem-stress en exosoomvorming, zal dit worden gemeten.
De gangbare bewoording is: "de patient overleed nadat Covid_19 werd gemeten"; alsof dat een overlijdensoorzaak was.
In Italia was het centrum can de crisis Lombardije; waar de Lucht zo verziekt is als in China ("Het China van Europa").
Per jaar gaan er 100.000 dood; veel door longziekten door luchtvervuiling - wat nu Covid_19 wordt genoemd.
Het eerstvolgende 'getroffen' gebied in Italia is het sterftecijfer 57.000
In Italia wordt gesteld dat iedereen waar 'cçoronavirus is gemeten' 'aan coronavirus is gestorven'.
De al bestaande ziekte (kanker, andere ziekten) worden zo onder de noemer 'overleden aan Covid_19' geregistreerd.
12% overleed aan 'coronavirus' (de  griep) terwijl 88% aan een-of-meer andere al bestaande ziekten leed; overleegd
99% van 'coronavirus-doden' had al 1 tot 3 gezondheidsproblemen - wat de reden voor hun overlijden zal zijn geweest.
De getallen van de ziekte voorvallen en getallen van stervensgevallen kloppen niet.
Zolang wordt getest op stress, zal - zeker in lock-down - de gemeten exosoom-afgifte uit gestresste cellen stijgen.
5G wordt hier aan gekoppeld - wat in veel landen net geactiveerd werd/wordt/is.
Er is al jarenlang een correlatie tussen 'griep-epidemie' en veranderingen in technologie.
De 1918 'griep' ontstond na massale vaccinatie van soldaten; terwijl ook radar daar werd ingevoerd.
Radar en radiovelden verstoren de elektrofysiologie van ons lichaam.
De spaanse griep begon op militaire radar bases in de U$A; en 'volgde de uitrol van radar elders'.
De 1950 vogelgriep volgde op radiocommunicatie, de 1960 hongkong griep volgde op de invoering van radiosatelieten.
Arthur Firstenberg (2018) "The Invisible Rainbow" beschrijft  ziektetoename door radiostress-toename.
Wuhan was de 1e stad met 5G; 100x krachtiger dan de eerdere radio stress.
Elektrostress tast het imuunsysteem aan - met daardoor natuurlijk ook imuunschade.
Elon Musk wil 42000 satelieten op lage hoogten 5G op de aarde laten instralen in Space-X.
Met 1 miljoen grond-terminals, te worden geïnstalleerd zonder het uitvoeren van gezondheidseffect-tests.
Tijdens deze 'corona virus crisis' zijn allerlei 5G systemen aangezet; in verschillende landen.
{5G is vergelijkbaar met HAARP, 'in je eigen stad'; je leeft in een microgolf oven'.)
Dat is waarom in steden veel bomen werden omgehakt om het 5G veld niet te 'verstoren'.
Terwijl mensen in huisarrest zijn worden 5G masten opgericht in Engeland en elders.
5G voelt alsof je hersenen 'gekookt worden'.
Over hele landen wordt 5G ingevoerd; en terwijl het gebeurt gaat exosoom (covid-19) metingen stijgen.
Bill Gates wil iedereen vaccineren, met een elektronische ID-tatouage om iedereen te kunnen traceren.
Na de U$A is de Gates Foundation de grootste sponsor van de WHO.
In de U$A wordt 5G gebruikt om groepen mensen uiteen te jagen; 'de huid voelt aan alsof die brandt'.
Het lichaam reageert op deze vormen van stralig, door intern (elektromagnetisch) anders te functioneren.
Ons lichaam kan niet functioneren op golflengten van elektromagnetische velden ("Elektrische Tralies").
Naast 50/60 Hz zijn dat ook alle radio/radar/mobiele telefonie en andere radiofrequenties.
Vanzelfsprekend verstoort dat hartritmen, hersengolven en celcommunicatie; dus ons lichaam/denken.
Met inschakelen van 5G in Wuhan kwam imuunrespons (exosomen), wat 'virus' werd genoemd.
Wuhan heeft al lang enorme luchtverontreiniging; 5G verergert een al erge situatie.
Gezondheidinstorting door 5G wordt dan (onjuist) geïnterpreteerd as(of) 'griep.
China heeft ineens geen griep meer en herstelt direct haar economie; en koopt de ingestorte Westerse economie op.
De regeringen hebben onvoldoende weet van wat zich op het moment op de achtergrond afspeelt.
"Earth, ruled by psychopaths and run by idiots"; weinigen weten wat op de achtergrond speelt.
Niet-verkozen Adviseurs, Think Tanks en stichtingen (van corporaties) bepalen (te) vaak regeringsbesluiten.
Miljoenen mensen hebben nu huisarrest omdat enkelingen dat 'besloten' (be-sloten = op slot zetten).
Met als gevolg nu: een samenleving die weinig anders is dan Stasiland, de voormalige DDR.
Voortaan zal een 'pandemie' landen 'op slot zetten'.
Er zal een vaccin worden aangeboden voor dit niet-bestaande virus; met erin nano technologie.
De Chemtrails bevatten ook al langere tijd zware metalen en nano-technologie.
Via het satelietnetwerk van Elon Musk kunnen mensen steeds meer worden gesteriliseerd.
Deze week presenteerde Bill Gates het idee dat iedereen met vaccinatie mag reizen, anderen nirt.
Het project van Bill Gates, GAVI, wordt 'the mark of the beast' waarmee je wel 'mag leven'; 'zonder, niet'.
In de 1990 werd een wetenschapper lid van de CIA en ontdekte dat wat hij deed 'niet klopte'.
Maar kon niet vertrekken omdat hij 'gepatched' was; tegengif tegen een toegedoend gif.
Als hij niet deed wat hem werd gevraagd werd hem het tegengif onthouden en zou hij (gruwelijk) sterven.
Hij vertelde dat toen al (1997) dat nano chips via inentingen worden ingebracht in mensen.
Met als streven dat in 2030 de hersenen van mensen samen een computernetwerk vormen.
Het alternatief is dat mensen zelf samenkomen en zelf de mensheid vormen.
| Influenza | SARS-2 |
| 64/100.000 | 56/100.000 |
Dd 'grote infectie ziekten' o[ntstonden vooral door mishandeling van dieren door mensen.
Daarnaast mishandelen mensen mensen: 'militaire laboratoria maken ziekteverwekkers'.
Veel daarvan wordt geheim gehouden: 'militair geheim', 'staatsgeheim', 'bedrijfsgeheim'.
Door die geheimhouding en door 'nieuwheid' van het virus beleven we '[[Het Onbekende]].

Wetenschap is een instrument om [[Het Onkekende]] bekend te maken; door ervan te leren.
Wetenschap is het instrungent oor "angstreductie' voor de samenleving en de mensheid.
Het eerste wat Wetenschap nodig heeft is betrouwbare informatie gebaseerd op ervaring.
Die is er nog te weinig; in plaats daarvan is er een mediacircus ('wat verdient aan ellende').

Het onbekende maakt veel mensen onzeker; die gaan dan gokken en speculeren.
Daardoor komt veel speculatieve=onzekere=onbetrouwbare informatie in circulatie.
Dat wordt dan vaak opgevat als "Conspiracy Theory" - 'wantrouwen tegen gezag'.
Vaak is dat wantrouwen correct - doordat informatie wordt achtergehouden; "geheim".

Onwetendheid is niet te voorkomen - elke onbekende sit uatie lokt dat uit.
Daatom worden babies niet geboren met kennis maar mwt leervermogen.
We kunnen van [[Het Onbekende]] leren, als/mits/indien we het onderzoeken.
Maar op het moment is te weinig informatie beschikbaar om dat (goed) te doen.

Vandaar dat dit studieproject is opgezet: samen weten we meer dan alleen.
In de [[Vraagpunten]] wordt de aandacht gevraagd voor ontbrekende informatie.
In de [[Voors-&-Tegens]] wordt bijeengebracht wat we nu al wel/niet weten.
De [[Tussenresultaten]] en [[Conclusies]] proberen daar verband in te brengen.

>"//WEEST GEWAARSCHUWD//: er circuleert veel incomplete=onjuiste informatie."

//Zie//: [[Inleiding]]
Besef dat voor iedereen die 'besmet raakte' er velen zijn die al immuun werden, zonder erg ziek te worden.
Dit is niet 'een ziekte die zich door de bevolking heen eet', maar een aanstekingsproces met steeds meer geïmuniseerden.

* "De overheid" 

Eind vorig jaar en begin dit jaar was er sprake van "een influenza epidemie met ongewoon veel sterfgevallen"; 
¿Waarom is er verder zo weinig informatie over deze influenza epidemie?
¿Waarom is er zo weinig werkelijke informatie over deze corona virus?
¿Waarom wordt verzwegen dat in 2015 RAI al liet weten dat 'de Chinezen corona virus kweekten?
¿Waarom de enorme discrepantie tussen wetenschap, geneeskunde, politiek en eigen gezondheid?

¿Wat is er werkelijk aan de hand? (Influenza vs covid19=sars-cov-2)
¿Wat is op dit moment werkelijk bekend? (influenza vs covid19)
¿Hoe (on)betrouwbaar is de huidige informatie?
¿Wie financiert WHO? Benhalve Bill Gates en de U$A?
¿Welke RIVM medewerkers hebben Big Pharma aandelen/belangen? 
¿Is dit een Viruscrisis of een Geldcrisis? 
¿Waarom werkt [[de behandeling van Raoult Marseille|Jean-Dominique Michel - Les résultats de Raoult]] in NL niet?
¿Hoeveel mensen hebben in deze tijd influenza; hoeveel sterven daar nu aan?
¿Wat is de structuur van covid-19? (¿Is dit een man-made virus?)
¿Is intramusculair/intraveneus Vitamine C ingezet? ([[The Lancet]] stelt dat dit helpt.)
¿[[Geactiveerde Natriumdichoriet|Jim Humble]] lijkt   te werken. (Het werkt ook tegen malaria en aids.)
¿Waarom 'verbiedt de inspectie' de werkzame remedie Hydrochoroquine + Zink + Azythromycine?
De meeste mensen grijpen tegenwoordig eerst naar "Google" of "Wikipedia"voor 'informatie'.
Beide platforms zijn onbetrouwbaar.
(Zoek bij Google naar "White Couple with Children", Images; en dat is nietl wat je ziet.
(In Wikipedia redigeren belangengroepen (Skepsis, anderen) stelselmatig de informatie.)

Deze ssRNA virus produceren RNA - afhankelijk RNA Polymerase.
Recombinatie van RNA componenten kan daarbij voorkomen.
Corona virus kan tot 32k basen lang worden.

Corona Viris 2019, civid-19, is ''SARS-CoV-2'' (Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2); een Groep IV virus.
Het is een positief-geörienteerd enkel-strengs RNA virus ("(+)ssRNA virus"); meestal is dat plant-virus.
Dit RNA kan als genoom en als boodschapper-RNA fungeren.
In een gastheercel kan dit worden omgezet in eiwit.
:"Het virus heet 72 uur te kunnen overleven op oppervlakken".
:"Besmetting gebeurt  in circa 5 dagen (tussen 2 en 14 dagen)".
:"Overdraagbaarheid bestaat nadat symptomen optreden; mogelijk al eerder".
:"4.5% overlijdt; tussen 0.2 en 15% - vooral door orgaan-/long-falen".
:"Overdracht gebeurt door druppeltjes door uitademen/hoesten".
:"Het virus is niet overdraagbaar door de lucht".
:"Diagnose is door een uitstrijksel van neusslijmvlies".
:"CT scan toont het beeld van een longontsteking".
[[WHO covid-19 trainingscursus]]
[[RIVM - 'Actuele Informatie']] (5+ links)
Januari 2020 - RIVM - Grote Griepepidemie - 64 per 100.000 (pagina verwijderd)
[[Maart 2020 - RIVM - Grote Griepepidemie - 101 per 100.000]]
De 'geneeskunde' kent géén effectieve behandeling voor 'virus'.
De behandeling van 'bacterie' gebeurt door schimmels.
Bepaalde schimmels kunnen ook antiviraal werken.
[[Natriumdichloriet]] is met succes gebruikt tegen malaria en aids; [[werkt dat hier ook|Natriumdichloriet]]? (JA)

In de natuur zijn Eucalyptus en Australian Tea tree en meerdere paddestoelen (Schimmels) antiviraal.
Farmaceutische antivirale middelen (3-maand-dosis) worden voor $250 gemaakt en voor $200.000 verkocht.
Overheidsbeleid voor omgang met 'virus' is vooral bepaald door grote bedrijven die aan ziek(t)en verdienen.
//Zie verder/:
Deze tekst brengt diverse visies en inzichten samen, uit theorie en praktijk.
Het onderwerp is het 'corona virus' - welke momenteel veel aandacht krijgt.
Het is een speurtocht tussen tegengestelde berichten; vooral: wel/niet behandelbaar.
Deze tekst is vooral bedoeld om verschillende perspectieven te kunnen vergelijken.

Onder de titel "[[Hardop Denkend]]" werden verschillende inzichten samengevat.
Aan de ene kant gedachten over [[Virus]], aan de andere kant over '[[Quarantaine]]'.
¿Is quarantaine een oplossing? ¿Is het in feite nodig virus te leren begrijpen?
Is het niet hoog tijd om virus te leren respecteren; niet als vijand maar als vriend?!

>Andrew Kaufman laat zien dat een 'Virus' in feite een exosoom is; een cel-imuun-respons op stress.
>Arthur Firstenberg laat zien dat elke grote 'griepaanval' volgde na invoeren van radiostralingtechnologie
>Judy Mikovitsh legt uit dat het vermoedelijk gaat om een retrovirus (en niet om een çorona-virus').
>Robert Kennedy legt uit welke geldbelangen op dit moment de WHO 'gezondheidspolitiek' bepalen.
*Vitamine_C helpt doordat het vrije radicalen elimineert en cell-stress helpt op te lossen
*hydrochloroquine en natriumdichloriet kunnen helpen door de cel exosoom/lysosoom reactie te steunen.
*Mondmaskers zullen meestal averechts werken: ze verzorgen ademstress en lichaamsverzuring. 

Wat nu gebeurt is een nog ongekende situatie - de gangbare medische protocollen zijn hier niet geldig.
Het verdienmodel zit hier genezing in de weg - er zijn niet-patenteerbare middelen die kunen helpen.

In veel lanen bestaan (heimelijke) overeenkomsten tussen de regering en de grote bedrijven.
In dit geval moet de regering niet opkomen voor bedrijfsbelang maar de gezondheid van de bevolking.

**Deze tekst is niet een medische of politieke stelling, maar een filosofische overweging.
**Om goed te kunnen handelen moeten we goed kunnen denken - vrij van stress/opinies.